27 Jul 2014 09:01:43
Hi ed any truth in us going after roberto firmino?i no Chelsea and Liverpool looked at him!

{Ed005's Note - Ed2 said that there was no interest from Southampton.}

1.) 27 Jul 2014
Ok cheers, didn't think they would splash that amount of cash

2.) 27 Jul 2014
27 Jul 2014 12:02:41
There are a couple of benefits to our current selling situation.
A. Our youth players will see genuine opportunities for them to play at the top level, they will be applying themselves more than before.
B. Mercenary players will see us as an ideal stepping stone to a "big" club, we can attract some great players at good prices and wages
C. We will have a higher profile globally, our club will be mentioned often and in awe

Excuse the idiom but with correct management, patience, persistence and care we can continue on a superbly managed plan to develop into a European power, with luck and hard work there will be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow we've been chasing for the last five years ☺

3.) 27 Jul 2014
27 Jul 2014 15:02:32
Yeh right.

You need good players tI win games. We dint have that. We did but sold them all. And signed rubbish from abroad.

On a more realistic note u thi j there will be there worse teams this year so unless we get in a bad run we should stay up, just. Ro Ko is by all accounts not a happy man so can't see him staying longer than one season.

4.) 27 Jul 2014
You clearly are unaware what you are talking about Uthmaann. Tadic and Pelle are both very good players in their own rights and we still have many good players in our own ranks. We're not completely ruined yet just looking a fair bit worse for wear.

5.) 27 Jul 2014
So would you say Pelle & Tadic are rubbish from abroad?, have you seen them play?


6.) 27 Jul 2014
27 Jul 2014 15:59:08
We've signed two very good players from abroad who could be better than what we had. The thing is that we all have to get used to the new reality where whatever we have the big boys can take off us. These teams are so in debt that if they were any other company they'd be shut down and if the telly money ever runs out God help them.
We, like Swansea, Villa, Newcastle etc have to bite the bullet and keep rebuilding and hope that our time will come. We are a step ahead by having a great academy where the best will want to develop. What we have to do is keep a good manager and get the players he wants. We can do well against the odds but we have to stick together and then stick it to the top teams.

7.) 27 Jul 2014
St Mark, what you write is a contradiction
A. youth alone will not sustain our 'Top level' position as a club, so you may be referring to this season only
B. where is progression if a club is merely a stepping stone
C. 'Higher profile globally' = as a selling club, so what you're saying is we will have more clubs coming after our players

I think your rose-tinted glasses have effected your thinking

8.) 27 Jul 2014
27 Jul 2014 17:02:29
Radix looks like he can play a bit. Will take him time to settle no doubt and adjust. Let's see. Pelle has barely scored a goal in better leagues and I have seen rubbish cone from that dutch league with similar records such as Ruiz and Altidore. The latter, I mean I can probably control the ball better and shoot better than him. And that's it. I don't belt there will be many more anyway. Would you join us right now if we were a company? I wouldn't.

We have a few good players left I agree and some youngsters who could kick on but the youngsters will take time and the EPL is the hardest league in the world. Every game is tough! We don't have enough established and experienced players. If we lose Spider and Jay especially, and we will lose them. I agree we should have enough to stay up so not ruined and having been there in the last day when we ha've stayed up 3 times I know I can enjoy that too. I won't stop going but I do want us sold to owners who care about football.

9.) 27 Jul 2014
Southampton will never be a European power because Saints will never dislodge Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Man City or Liverpool

However, Southampton can be an established top 10 side, with an exciting and prosperous, sustainable future

10.) 27 Jul 2014
27 Jul 2014 20:23:59
Fat Dave, and that's why all our top players are being scouted by the bigger clubs,just a feeder club really.

11.) 27 Jul 2014
Hopefully mr Veho will buy us :)

12.) 27 Jul 2014
27 Jul 2014 20:14:59
Hi WillsaSaint, sorry was typing all of that on my phone so I didn't feel like typing an essay or elaborating on our situation, but I'm on my PC now so grab a cup of tea & sit down because here it goes.
A little more than five years ago, we were . well, not doing well, praying that the SISU group (sp?) that later took over Coventry would save us from the brink of bankruptcy. Then along came Markus from no-where, instantly saving the club:
"I believe we have a superb opportunity to rebuild this great Club. Clearly, this will require resources, planning, hard work and patience. We will assemble a strong management team at every level of the Club. We will act rapidly, but also plan for the long term, because I am here for the long term.
"I also look forward to the Club re-engaging with the fans and the local community. We cannot succeed without their backing.
"We should not expect instant success, but our fans, employees and other stakeholders can expect 100 per cent commitment from me and my team."
Success was not instant, it took three years to reach the Prem again, all done in a very controlled and practical way, he did invest, and losses were made, but it was clear we were going places, the St Johnstone final being the highlight.
He passed away that summer, his daughter took over:
“Our CEO and founder of Mali, Mr Markus Liebherr, died on Monday night this week.
“We are shocked by his untimely death. The lack of his presence will be a painful challenge for us all.
“Those close to him will remember him to be modest, quiet, well disposed, intelligent and talented. His professional and entrepreneurial vision was firm; he was committed to this vision tirelessly and selflessly until his last hour.
“Please be assured that we all will continue to carry out his vision. Ms Katharina Liebherr is determined to continue the legacy of her father and his ideas for the future entirely in the interest of servicing existing as well as winning new Mali customers.
For this she receives the full support of the entire Mali team. Please allow us to pause for a moment before we dedicate ourselves fully to you again, our valued customers.
Thank you for your sympathy and understanding.”
But the club was left in Cortese's hands, he did really well.
Promotion came the next season, success took a toll though with Arsenal poaching Alex, our brightest starlet for £12 mil rising to £15, not bad for a newly promoted Championship club.
Once we started in the Championship it was clear that with the squad we had & their attitude we were going to do well. But blow me, instant promotion! And at virtually zero investment in the playing squad with the Chamberlain money being spent well.
Our first season in the Prem was a good account, we played good football (S. buckets of goals at both ends!), then Nigel got sacked, MoPo came in, we got our first league 0-0 in over a year! But he did the job & safety was reached.
Last year was very nearly fantastic, big smiles at Christmas and dreams of the Champions League were becoming frighteningly real, the joke on the cover of "when Saturday comes" was Van Persie's ambition for the season; "United to finish above Saints", loved it.
Then January came around and Cortese got carried away with money that was not his to spend. He could see his vision of correct management of a club, bringing wild success, he really wanted us to drive forward, to break the glass ceiling and for Saints to smash their way into the Champions league. Katharina had the money, he just had to persuade her to spend it, he knew that with his excellent leadership and the belief he instilled in his manager and squad had were justified. The conversation (I imagine :) went something like this;
"Katharina, we stand on the brink of doing the unthinkable we can break into the top levels of football, all I need is about £30 million more and to give all of our best players new contracts, that will seal their loyalty to me/Saints and we will continue triumphant"
"how much?"
"about £30 million, give or take another 10"
"but we're well in the red? and you want more? we discussed this, our new five year plan is in place. we achieve a respectable finish, sell our players only at inflated values, re-invest that money into the club as a whole, we talked about this, we need a bigger stadium if we are to achieve stable growth"
"give me the money or I leave, let's see how well you do without "the prince""
"ok, I can give you £10 mil, let's see how we do with that"
"I need more!"
"let's discuss the terms of your resignation."
In the papers:
Katharina Liebherr's top priority is to bring stability to the club by not selling any players this month, the Saints owner confirmed in a statement.
Saints executive chairman Cortese quit last week after rows over the club's future direction but Liebherr, who inherited the club from her father Markus following his death less than a year after buying the club in 2009, has reassured fans that the club is not about to fall apart.
The Saints owner has no intentions to sell the club or any of the highly rated players such as Luke Shaw and Rickie Lambert in the January transfer window.
Liebherr released a statement on Southampton's official website stating that her priority is to establish the proper running of the club at the top.
It is believed this means she will be recruiting a chief executive to replace Cortese and appointing a full board of directors.
Liebherr will remain in her post of non-executive chairman.
'The past week has been a period of transition for the club,' said Liebherr.
'I wanted to address you [club supporters] directly to clearly set out my position and expectations for the immediate future.
'After the developments of last week, my priority now is to bring some stability and calm to the workings of the club; perhaps a few smiles too.
'I am absolutely committed to ensuring that the club continues this success.'

Of course behind the scenes there was backlash, MoPo made his decision to quit and "promises" of new contracts made be Cortese, communicated by MoPo never materialised, some unhappy bunnies :(
No players were sold in January but our form dipped (with our goalkeepers fittness among many minor reasons), but now we really are selling off the silver.

So now we come to the present, or near present, question is "who do you trust?", I have faith in our current direction and leadership, although we are in a tricky situation, bit of a Pyrrhic victory last season.
So in order to elaborate.

You are a talented young player, what is the best club you could play for?
We/Saints are a really attractive proposition for young talent, especially coming through our youth system, our third signing (to the best of my knowledge) was a 15 year old goalkeeper from Torquay, I bet we have a great scouting network throughout the South.
normally youth players have to go elsewhere to get 1st team opportunities, here we have a whopping great carrot, if you're good enough, you're old enough, we give chances, and don't worry, the guy a couple of years older than you who is now in the first team is probably not going to be there by the time you're ready for 1st team football, keep on working, listen to your coaches, be professional, there is a very real chance, better than at any other club, that you will be playing Premiership football by your 18th birthday. That my friends is one hell of an incentive.

You are an international with European experience, but you don't play in a "big" league so no-one is willing to pay through the nose for you, but you know just how good you are. which is the best club to sign for?
Well we are a pretty good choice! You get 1st team football in a top league, and if you do well enough you might just get the chance to go to that really big club that spends bogwads of money on player salaries. We are a great choice for loads of players! We might be a "stepping stone" but we can get a better quality of player than other clubs for the same money. Being realistic, until we have a "big" stadium with global recognition and following, we just ain't going to have the cash to keep hold of the best that's on offer, we can though use this to our advantage while we build.

Ok so it's the Champions league/Premiership, on telly, in. let's say , Korea, the pundits want a story (everyone loves a story) "Shaw vs Lovren" or "Chambers vs Lalana" or "Chamberlain vs Ricky" or "Bale vs Theo", Southampton football club is going to get mentioned a lot, all because of our successful "alumni" all playing at the top level (where we want to get to).
Believe it or not there are a lot of people across the world who have not heard of Southampton, now they will & link it to "S. hot footballers", then watch a few more Saints games than they might of. It is really important if we want to ever become a player in European football that we have this appeal & coverage, really important.

There are two ways of achieving success in football, the Man City style (chuck money at it until you win something, then chuck more at it), or the Everton /Arsenal way (need a new stadium? You better watch how much you spend & be prepared to sell your best players).

I actually prefer the second way, it's honest and requires real football knowledge.
And yes, I really believe that we are saving for a new stadium, and that the next instalment of the saints project will end in European football, and when we get there we will stay there, because we did it the right way.

13.) 27 Jul 2014
My disagreement about being a stepping stone team is that mercenaries do not act as a team. Consistency and teams win things. Not individuals. History is littered with teams like this.
I have no problem with players wanting to move on. I have a problem with no back ups. We have made amazing money for players who in the main are not worth it or have had one good season. We have bought in two potentially amazing buys. I do think more will come but the next two weeks are important to show intent.

I do not think the board are as bad as people say. They have shown some good management. I do think money will be saved from the sales. As it should be. However. It is not to scr@w the club. What is the point of asset poor but cash rich. That does not help saints as a brand or a team.
People need to learn temperance.
Ron will be made aware of most things happening. He is a massive coup for us and will be kept on side.
I think the silence is making us all twitchy. And it makes sense. We love our club passionately and want the best. Why do we think the board doesn't.

I hope I am right and in two weeks time people will have an idea of what I mean

14.) 27 Jul 2014
Thanks for taking the time to post that, most informative. On the strength of your views do you feel we could buy a few older players with experience at lower prices to ensure premier league survival. This would also help the youngsters come through. At the same time expand ( or build a new one ) the stadium. Makes sense to me.

15.) 28 Jul 2014
Can't see them building a whole new stadium I'd imagin st Mary's was built with the ability to expand it

16.) 28 Jul 2014
28 Jul 2014 06:32:28
I agree with both magiccabbage & chrisdownj. Looking at Osvaldo does show you take a risk with players who are either here for the money or have egos. I hope that we have learnt from that. Mercenaries is accurate but perhaps not polite, my point is that we can be the foot in the door for many players good enough for champions league football but not high enough on the list for a champions league club (that pays silly money to players). Our situation requires diligence.
I would love us to get an "old boy" or two, players with major experience at winning top prizes, my worry would be that they would be here for one last paycheck, depends on their personality. That said I think there are some who want an introduction to coaching, ex-captains too, they would be the ones I want. I love the thought of a big "global" name" arriving

17.) 28 Jul 2014
Hi St Mark, thanks for the thesis of a response (no sarcasm intended). I think magiccabbage succinctly summed up my feelings at the mo regarding the goings (not necessarily comings) at saints, it's frustrating and a highly emotive subject but great to hear and share other saints fans views.
My disgruntlement is about the way the board have gone about their business, definitely the buying, we aren't a sunday league team, we're playing in one of the toughest leagues in the world and replacements should have been sourced and near to signing following a departure. I've bought into the vision (I'm not interested in looking backwards, the Lowe era makes me shudder) I want to look forwards with hope and optimism.

18.) 28 Jul 2014
St mark, your post makes sense, however my concern with it it as follows.
Surely borrowing for a stadium and using the model of paying it off over a few years albeit at a relative interest rate and to the detriment of the valueless "but we aren't in any debt" statement is pointless and at most an incredibly dangerous gamble which us saints fans only know to well, I still have the TShirt. Creating a great team and selling it off at the end if the season only to hope that it can be replicated the following season and furthermore until you have enough to buy a stadium needs only one slip up to confine us back to the championship and then league 1 and pot even lower still if we go the same way as Pompey. I remember that moment when Lowe was desperately trying to avoid paying for players and scrapping through the relegation battle season upon season and how crouch received a pass from neimi with seconds to go on the click at home to Everton, the score was 2-2 and he tried to dribble the ball, list possetion and we conceded a fatal goal to root us to the bottom of the league and that simple mistake, had it been avoided, wouod have secured us the 2 points necessary to enjoy premier league football again. I can't watch that happen again, it's like having a lift on the top floor that you KNOW needs servicing and money being spent, just to leave it tgere and hope it just gets better itself. When it goes, it REALLY GOES! We need to spend money, simple as that. There is no club in the premier league that has ever received as much money from players out as we have this season and not spent most or more of it and stayed where they were. That philosophy just simply will not work.