05 Dec 2017 22:19:44
there is a rumour that Fernando Torres wants to sign for either Saints or Newcastle on loan. is there any truths in this and also what does everyone feel if this is true?

1.) 06 Dec 2017
06 Dec 2017 08:01:05
Not sure we could afford him but he knows where the goal is and I think it would be a massive boost to our strikers with his experience he could teach a lot. He has won a lot and I think his mentality could either be great for our morale or very bad if we don't perform with him at the club. I personally think it would be a very big gamble in that respect. We can't feed the strikers we have with the right balls just now. Could be a rumour with him having played with both managers before, 2+2 is 4 -1 that's 3 quick maths. Could just be that though a rumour.

2.) 06 Dec 2017
06 Dec 2017 16:09:17
I can see him going to Newcastle . big salary and would suit them. not a typically saints kind of player or transfer.

3.) 09 Dec 2017
09 Dec 2017 08:02:03
I read and posted a few weeks ago, that he had actually been offered to Southampton . How true this is I don't know? Torres ( I hate to Say) was one of my all time favourite players to watch when at Liverpool, Majestic and Lethal and for that reason only, would welcome the signing.