11 Jan 2018 07:58:10
Rumour mill rife this morning;

Theo Walcott (Arsenal)
Mario Balotelli (AC Milan)
Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool - apparently now Transfer Listed. )
Bobby Reid (Bristol City)
Nicolas Gaitan (Athletico Madrid)
Stuart Armstrong (Celtic)
Paco Alcacer (Barcelona)
Stevan Jovetic (AS Monaco)
Manuel Akanji (Basel)
Guido Carrillo (AS Monaco)

The Balotelli thing scares me.

{Ed001's Note - Balotelli is at OGC Nice in France.}

1.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 08:24:35
Arh thanks Eds, managed to think Nice and type Milan, clever!

{Ed001's Note - maybe you just like Milan so thought it was Nice? And I apologise for that gag, it was far from nice!}

2.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 08:56:20
And our of these players which ones would you most like to see at the club.
Theo Walcott (Arsenal) - would be a good story and great to get him back, he has great experience in the Premier League. However, as everyone has already mentioned it would be risky because of his fitness and I wouldn't want pay more than what would be a new club record fee for him.
Mario Balotelli (AC Milan) - one of the only players on this list that has been consistently playing football over the last season. Has a great scoring record for Nice. However, I don't think MP has the managerial experience to tame him.
Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool) - I'd say the same about him as I would about the Walcott. I don't think he would be worth the risk. I also don't think Liverpool can justify the £25m price they've put on him.
Bobby Reid (Bristol City) - He is only 24, looks like he's come into form this season. Could be a good asset if he can make the jump to the Premier League. Maybe would be a good signing in the summer, provided we stay up and BC doesn't get promoted.
Nicolas Gaitan (Athletico Madrid) - I like the looks of this player and it is what we need. However, he doesn't look like he's managed to sustain first team football in the past two seasons. However, signings like this normally do work out for us.
Stuart Armstrong (Celtic) - Another player from Celtic. They seem to be our feeder club. But nonetheless I think he'd be a great addition to the squad. Might spur on the rest of the squad to bring someone in that has played loads of first-team football and is so used to winning.
Paco Alcacer (Barcelona) - He's only 24, he could be a massive flop - but I think could be a good signing if we could get the right price for him. He had a good record at Valencia but hasn't managed to make the jump up to Barcelona.
Stevan Jovetic (AS Monaco) - He seems like a massive flop. Whereas Paco Alcacer still has a lot of years left this player doesn't. Wouldn't want to sign him.
Manuel Akanji (Basel) - This player seems like a no-brainer. Despite the claims, I think we do need another CB and this guy looks like a good fit. I'd also like to see us play 3 at the back, so the need for another CB is crucial.
Guido Carrillo (AS Monaco) - Another player whose record isn't great. I think it would be another risk to bring in someone that hasn't managed to player first team football enough over the past few seasons.

Based on what I've just looked at, I think these 3 would be the best addition to growing our squad.
Nicolas Gaitan
Paco Alcacer
Manuel Akanji

I think if we could get these 3 players in under £20m it would be a great bit of Business. I also don't see MG sticking around for much longer - wouldn't be surprised if a deal was done this month for him. I'd also think the attention of Reid and Armstrong could be good acquisitions in the summer.

3.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 09:06:05
You should be on stage with material like that Ed's :-)

{Ed001's Note - I agree. I am like a cross between Josh Widdecombe and Eddie Murphy....}

4.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 10:03:34
I agree with pretty much all you've said SaintJay, some good points.

I feel a bit in a minority, but think that Walcott would be an excellent addition, on his day he can be formidable as an attacking force and I appreciate that this has been a bit few and far between of late, but am sure with more game time he would improve, I accept also the risk element here.
I couldn't believe the Balotelli rumour, the guy is a crank and listens to no one, he would be hell to try and control. However, he has prem experience and his goal scoring at the minute is impressive.
Sturridge I think we should avoid like the plague, he is always injured and I think is overpriced, there are better options out there.
Bobby Reid, from the point of view of him being an exciting prospect who could do well making the step up, I think he would be an interesting choice, but maybe not now as our priorities surely are more apparent.
Nicolas Gaitan has a good pedigree but hasn't had the game time; I agree he would be a better option than Jovetic.
Stuart Armstrong I'm hearing lots of good things about, Europa League and lots of first team experience, workhorse and determined/ passionate player - he would be on my list.
Alcacer, he would definitely be worth a punt I think; Barcelona experience and plus he is awesome on Championship Manager :-)
Akanji looks the business - exactly the type of player we need, no-brainer!
Carrilo I think is worth a try - I think he was the guy who worked under Pellegrino before so he knows his methods etc. Our strikers right now aren't firing at all (bar Austin) so we need some other options. I think Gabbiadini and Long should go if we get this guy and or another striker.

So in short; buy: Armstrong; Akanji; Alcacer and Carillo if we can afford it!

5.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 11:09:27
Anyone would be a positive right now have a horrible feeling nothing will be done any player signing will be a loan or dependant in us staying up anyway so loan with option is best for all concerned. But only if we take the option this time (Toby)

6.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 11:40:09
I would love to see gaitan, ballotelli, akanji and Armstrong come in.

7.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 15:09:36
I would like a number 10 and a goalscorer. easier said than done and of course not all transfers are guaranteed to be a success but don't think we need much more than that. this feels more than the quality on the pitch. whether the vvd saga did really disrupt or ownership quibbles or coaching issues (eb) who knows.

8.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 04:57:52
I'd be happy if we could land alcacer.