12 Mar 2018 20:55:13
Well that's MP gone! At last. Who's going to save our season? Silva?

1.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 21:21:41
Hope so who ever they get in I hope he plays attractive football and not the shite we’ve watched all season.

2.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 21:44:24
I bet the players are now buzzin now he’s gone they must have known Saturday that a shocking performance would see him off for good.

3.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 22:02:39
Goodbye and thank you for your efforts Mr Pellegrino. Well thank you for trying. Well thank you for being manager of my football club

Right, now that useless sack of nothingness has come and gone, can I say it’s not unlikely to see Sparky in our dug out asap

It’s between him and Silva. Surely Hughes would be the one to pull the players up, give them bite and bark and get them back to scoring ways and winning ways

Then in the summer, consider all options

I’d give it to Hughes (open to suggestions. How about a new name - Jamie Carragher wouldn’t spit at the chance! )

4.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 09:09:29
Sparky would get the players up and fighting and he has a good record when he first goes into a club but it goes stale later. He is British and played for us albeit in the infamous relegation season but still it’s between him and Silva with the prem. experience. But I do think Joko is who the club would like in. If MLT doesn't want to coach get him in for a chat with the players and Frannie. They know what it means to battle relegation every season and survive!