31 May 2018 23:21:49
I seriously hope we don't go for Shaqiri. Feel like it would be a waste of money. Great player on his day, but he's too injury prone and is too similar to Boufal and Redmond in that they aren't productive enough, or consistent.

Promes would be the best signing we could hope to make imo. Pacey winger with goals in his game that would help take the pressure off the strikers.

Sisto would be next best as we massively lack creativity going forward. Feel like he would bring the best out of Gabbiadini again as his movement is great, just needs the service!

Also not seen him linked with us, but I think Zouma would be a great singing if we could make it happen. Not sure if he'd come to us or see Chelsea letting him go permanently. He would give us some sorely needed pace, aggression and physicality at the back, giving Hoedt more protection so he can play the passes. We've also been poor from both defending and attacking set pieces. Reckon Zouma would greatly help us in that area.

A back up right back for Cedric is definitely needed. And the keeper situation is a difficult one for me. McCarthy our best player by a mile last season but can he keep that kind of form going? Forstser's not good enough for first choice.


1.) 01 Jun 2018
01 Jun 2018 07:40:29
I have just heard that they are letting our Cedric backup, Jeremy Pied, leave when his contract runs out, which is soon. This is a bit of a shame as he has gone under the radar quite a bit and he actually performed really well for us.

2.) 01 Jun 2018
01 Jun 2018 09:36:43
I don't think Shaqiri is the answer to all of our problems. He's probably a Tadic 2.0. He's another technically gifted player, but I would question his work ethic. It's cool that the board have appointed Hudges but I don't want him to just buy players from a relegated side that he used to manage in a yard sale.
If I'm being honest I think we'll be in for another underwhelming season - I can't see any signs of appointing fresh players. We needed to try and get some business done before the world cup. At least Promes won't be going to the WC so it's someone we would look to sign. Sisto also has the same qualities as Promes and is younger. However, I think the experience of Promes will make him a better signing if we could pull it off. It is always risky bringing in a player from Russia. A player that I think could be a good swoop is Lallana. I don't think he'll be able to get into the Liverpool squad much longer.
I don't rate Zouma, he had a really bad season with Stoke. I think Jack Stephens is a brilliant young defender. Hoedt also looks good and Bednarek has the potential to be a quality player in a couple of seasons.
Think we should keep McCarthy and have Harry Lewis as a back-up. I think it's harsh to replace someone who had a great end to the season, especially if it was for Hart etc.
Gabbiadini has committed to Saints which is great news, he's a good player who has lost out to a lack of game time and poor rotation from MP.

3.) 01 Jun 2018
01 Jun 2018 11:13:35
Not sure why everyone is so anti shaqiri. He played 36 games scored 8 and assisted 7 in a team that only managed 35 goals. He is only 26 so personally I think he would be a good addition and in our price range. I would also happily take shawcross and zouma.

4.) 02 Jun 2018
02 Jun 2018 11:07:08
Shaqiri? Undecided whether He would be a good signing, But think its wrong to say that he would be a poor signing just because he was part of a relegated team. The Premier League is so competitive these days, there is always going to be Decent players relegated.

5.) 03 Jun 2018
03 Jun 2018 02:50:51
Shaqiri is a very good footballer and is 1 step above any player we have in the creative side of the team. He’d most probably turn us down anyway but I can’t belive the arrogance some saints fans having saying he’s not good enough for us. No wonder we end up with 2nd string. We poorly criticise anyone with undoubted quality because of a bad attitude. (Most good players do something like this as they are frustrated at the lack of quality of some others) Christ you lot would moan about getting MLT because well he’s abit lazy for our side. Absolute joke.

6.) 05 Jun 2018
05 Jun 2018 11:48:53
I'm Undecided, because I havn't really seen enough of him, only at the last Euros, where he looked brilliant, but have read about his inconsistent performances, but that could be the team around him? But reading today, We have put a bid in!