19 Jul 2018 17:26:53
I have a friend who is part of the scouting team at Wolves (which according to him has been made fairly redundant now) and I asked him if Wolves were looking at Danny Welbeck now that Arsenal are looking to shift him on. He said he hadn't heard anything for them, but apparently he heard that Southampton are looking at him, though could be priced out of a move.

This is more or less third hand information but thought I'd pass it on in case it turns out to have any substance. Don't know if the ed's here could expand on it at all?

1.) 19 Jul 2018
19 Jul 2018 19:01:01
Thanks for the info mate and for being up front about potential flaws in the source! Wish more people did that instead of pretending they're Les Reed's best friend lol.

2.) 19 Jul 2018
19 Jul 2018 20:05:06
I'd take him, but only at a VERY reasonable price.

3.) 19 Jul 2018
19 Jul 2018 22:55:17
I wouldn’t take him the guy couldn’t hit a cows a** with a banjo.

4.) 20 Jul 2018
20 Jul 2018 13:41:40
I'm quietly hoping we don't sign another striker and give Same Gallagher a proper go. I think he could be a great striker if given the time, he's already proven himself a goalscorer in the Championship and between him and Austin I can see us getting goals.

5.) 20 Jul 2018
20 Jul 2018 16:57:56
Yeah I would like to see the same thing sham. however I do also think it would be nice to see Gabbi have a good season as well. Between those three we could see a few goals. Still hoping for Long to go though. Just hope Gabbi gets decent service and that Austin stays fit. Have to admit I don't really know much a bout Gallagher though apart from the fact that he's big and can finish quite well. Be glad as for more enlightenment as to the man.

6.) 20 Jul 2018
20 Jul 2018 19:37:20
I disagree with the long out views. I think he was great for us down the left wing. He creates so many problems for defences with his pace, pulling away playwrs allowing a striker to slot home. I don't see him as a goal scorer but that of a problem on the pitch for defenses.

7.) 23 Jul 2018
23 Jul 2018 10:35:32
Yeah brilliant at creating problems and running round like a headless chicken, but his finishing is poor and also seems to create problems for us a well.

8.) 23 Jul 2018
23 Jul 2018 14:30:36
Gallagher is big and he is a strong player, but his height kind of makes him a misleading player. He is absolutely not a big target man type. He is quicker than he looks and it's his tenacity, stamina and persistence that really do it for him, alongside good movement and awareness. He's more like a traditional poacher with the added height.

He's been a fairly regular goalscorer in the champ with teams that weren't great. Give him some good service and I think he's exactly what we're looking for; a Charlie Austin-type whose legs don't fall off every 20 minutes.

No sense in not trying it as it's not like we have to sign him to find out. Keep hearing that we're going to sell him but I think that's something we'd regret if he goes to a team who can get the ball in to him. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be angry if we sold him and replaced him with someone 'better', I just think right now it's a case of the grass always being greener kind of thing, which is not the Southampton way at all.

9.) 25 Jul 2018
25 Jul 2018 06:16:29
6 goals isn't a "regular goalscorer" record. But to be fair that was with birmingham. Scored sweet fa with the dons although he reached double figures with blackburn, just barely. 11 goals is his most prolific record a season and he's reaching an age where I feel he shouldn't be considered a hot prospect anymore. I like the kid but I'm not sure he's going to the player fans want him to be. I'd love to be proven wrong though.