21 Jan 2018 19:56:09
Please no more Gabbiadini is a great striker and lacks service. Complete joke today and looks like a rabbit in headlights in front of goal. Get rid, replace with quality and we will be fine.

1.) 21 Jan 2018
21 Jan 2018 20:51:21
Today was fantastic from saints but I think perhaps you're trying to say that for a striker who's struggled to make 1st 11 today was a chance for him to come in, work his socks off and show us what he is fully capable of. he looked unhappy, short of confidence and perhaps wants out? Other than that I thought we were so much better. tadic was quality looked strong and up for it, Bertrand looked happy and hjobjerg again was good. just wish he had some pace! Haha Haha. I would of taken the point before the game.

2.) 21 Jan 2018
21 Jan 2018 21:28:44
Is this the same gabbiadini who hasn’t started a game in god knows how long! Jesus some saints fans need to get a grip playing someone like him on his own up front isn’t going to get his full potential especially when he’s barely had any game time.

3.) 21 Jan 2018
21 Jan 2018 23:28:09
Hi mad saint, re Gabbiadini Bertrand laid a chance on 4 minutes into the first half, to his feet 6 yards out, he missed completely, he doesn't look like a player who wants to challenge for his place, the idea that he makes all these runs and nobody finds him is laughable, if a team want him now let him go! Where was he when Jwp's free kick came in and Stevens header went wide? He obviously wants to go back to Italy.

Compare him to Harry Kane, Kane always working laying great balls on for Son and Alli and please don't tell me he is a different type of player. Succesful Modern footballers are box to box for 90 minutes, he has no pace, no physical presence, no great touch, yes freezing cold and wet in January not ideal but it's 90 minutes. I can see why MP picks Long even though he doesn't score at least he puts pressure on their defence and works hard. Regards vs.

4.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 06:11:28
It don't matter how long he's been out a premier league striker should be able to come in and make in impact. He's not been injured he's been unable to make our starting 11 and had a chance to prove himself. He didn't take it that's all I was saying. Other than that it was a quality performance.

5.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 10:42:23
VintageSaint you joking? Compare just about anyone to Harry Kane and they come up short. And what the hell do you mean where was he when Stephens header went wide? Watching Stephens miss a good chance like the other 21 players on the pitch. What on earth are you one about.

6.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 14:55:52
Hi saints123,

I want and expect my centre forward to be going for that header, that is his role, not a young central defender, his role is to score goals! That was a near perfect cross from jwp, pelle would have been there, Ron Davies, James Beatrice, I keep hearing on here we don't play to Gabbiadinis strengths, I'm struggling to see what those are, all I saw yesterday was him constantly shrugging his shoulders, ambling around, if the ball isn't placed inch perfectly to his feet then he can't and won't work for it. The early chance that Bertrand provided was practically perfect and he couldn't shift his feet quickly enough. If you watch city, Chelsea players rarely receive the perfect ball, it's hit too hard or fast or they have to stretch for it, they control it and move, his whole body language is petulant and disinterested, maybe VVD wasn't the only disruptive influence mp has to deal with! He offers nothing look at Brightons Glenn Murray constantly harassing opposing defenders to get the ball back. A forward cannot just wait while his team mates do all the work for them to put the ball on a sixpence for him to finish it. Please respond with Gabbiadinis talents and strengths and maybe I'll change my mind.

7.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 15:31:28
That early one was a bad miss - he needed to react quicker but like it or not that IS something that gets better with more game time and match sharpness. I'm not saying that should make him immune from criticism, but it's a fact about strikers than confidence and sharpness are critical.

Your point about the header is absurd, the cross wasn't aimed at him. No Pelle wouldn't have been there, because the cross was for Stephens. If Gabbiadini was there, he'd have just been in the way. You are not making sense on that point at all. And anyway, yes, we all know that's not who Gabbiadini is, so if the point you're making is that you want a target man centre forward then that's legitimate, but that's not at all what you've said and let's not criticise Gabbi for not being something that everybody with two eyes and a brain knows he's never going to be.

As far as Gabbi's strengths, you saw them last year. His strengths are his movement and finishing. He makes good runs in behind, and when players get to the byeline and pull it back he can find the yard of space you need. You saw it yesterday, he just fluffed the finish as you say. Think about Suarez. I'm not saying Gabbi's that good, but the example is still valid. Do you hear people talking about how Suarez isn't winning every header that Pique wins for Barcelona? No, because a) that makes zero sense, and b) because that's not who he is. Gabbi needs to play in that type of team, one that keeps the ball on the ground and doesn't ask him to be something he isn't.

I don't even mean this as much of a defence of Gabbi's place in our team - if we can't play like that then there's no point him being there. But your criticism of him on this thread is absurd. It's like complaining that De Bruyne is rubbish because he's so much worse at tackling than Matic.

There's been a lot of people taking issue with the way I phrase things on here, so to be clear: You're entitled to think Gabbi isn't good and should be sold. I can see why you might - he's not been in the team and didn't play too well yesterday (although I personally disagree with people saying it was for lack of effort) . But I am equally entitled to call the justification that you've posted on this thread ridiculous, because you're comparing players who cannot be compared, and using some situation where a CB heads at goal to inexplicably criticise the guy. That's not fair - looks like Gabbiadini is the latest scapegoat now that MP has earnt a reprieve.

8.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 16:00:06
I’ve being saying since before the season started that Gabbiadini isn’t good enough. His strike rate just isn’t what we need.
He has his purple patch when we first bought him and he was getting the same service from the same players.
He has now got even worse as he looks like he doesn’t want to play for the club.

9.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 16:41:19
Saint 123,

The idea that the cross was aimed for Stephens is absurd, you want your crosses in the 'corridor of uncertainty' where the goalkeeper hesitates to come out and the defenders struggle, your idea that your main forward is watching that ball is ridiculous! He should be pushing his way through everyone for him to head, that is one of his supposed strengths, why do you think Harry Kane scores so many goals because of his movement! Jack Stephens lost him yesterday and Spurs scored. Hernandes got 2 goals against us inside the 6 yard box. This is not a witch hunt but we are in a desperate situation and we need everyone committed to the cause and it was obvious yesterday that everyone else was giving everything and he just does not want to be here.

10.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 17:00:53
Easy 123. VS has a regular bee in his bonnet about our players not being committed and playing for the shirt which is aroused whenever a player does not play to his full potential, chase down every single ball, close down the opposition every time they have the ball and play with either a smile or with gritted teeth depending on the result of the game. In my view it tends to bear little relation to context, personality, role or position. Its more a general ‘isn’t working hard enough’ kind of vibe in VS’s own personal opinion. It is usually coupled with a ‘sell the player’ and ‘bring in someone who will play for their place’ comment, so every box ticked here. I’m only slightly disappointed that this time, VS hasn’t stated that the club should sign a Championship player to replace Gabbi, although he does mention Glen Murray who is effectively the same thing so…. Please don’t take offence VS, I’m only joking.

For what its worth VS, it was Tadic who played in Gabbiadini and yes he did swing and miss but he is low on confidence, has not been getting regular starts and he was under considerable physical pressure from Jan Vertonghen. Plus it was very early in the game. I note that no-one has chastised Michael Obafemi missing an even easier chance later in the game which is to your credit given his age and this being his debut. If we factor in those points about Michael, should we not factor in the same about Manolo? I’m certain all those critical of his performance yesterday will say no. It seems a little unjust to me. I’ve seen Sergio Aguero swing and miss at crosses more than once before, so I guess he must be a) . rubbish or b) . not committed. Rayzer, I expect better from you. Just because a player is good enough to play in the Premier league does not mean he deserves criticism for every misplaced pass, missed tackle, missed goal scoring opportunity or game where he doesn’t play to his full potential.

Oh, and on our goal, you may not have noticed but Gabbi was the one making the run across Vertonghen that Bertrand was actually aiming for.

You ask where Gabbi was when JWP whipped in the free-kick that set-up the Stephens missed header. He was attacking the near post but stayed on the floor as the ball was over his head. However he remained alert and watched the ball, ready for any rebound that may come his way. Whilst you may want your striker to be on the end of every single cross, that is rather unrealistic. Was Harry Kane on the end of every Tottenham ball into the box? No. What an empty shirt he is. You also seem to be ignoring the fact that when a team has an attacking free kick or corner, they send their tallest players up to attack the ball, usually, their centre-backs. Have you ever wondered why that might be? If not, the answer is that to give your team the best chance to win the aerial duel for a cross into the box, you should have your tallest players attack the ball. Indeed, those very people are often the target for the cross and that is very likely the reason Stephens went forward for the free kick and why the cross was placed in a position for him AND HIM ALONE to attack. However, we won’t criticise Stephens for missing the header despite it being unchallenged, the perfect height and pace and him only being about 7 yards out because he is young and he is a centre back. We’ll tut at Gabbi for not being the one on the end of it, despite it possibly being a training ground move.

I also note that no-one has criticised Jack Stephens for the goal we conceded yesterday despite clearly being given the task of man marking Harry Kane and making a mess of it. I’m not inviting or expecting anyone to criticise him either. He played pretty well otherwise but had he done better on that occasion we may well have won. If you are to criticise Gabbi for not scoring at one end, you must do the same for anyone at fault for conceding at the other.

Gabbi didn’t have his best game yesterday its true but he is at his weakest when he is isolated, as he was in the second half of yesterday’s game and for the most part whenever he has played this season. He is not a target man or a lone striker so expecting him to control long balls pinged at his head or his chest and hold off the opposition whilst waiting for support is unrealistic. For most of the second half, he would receive the ball and it would take several seconds for another Saints player to appear on screen. That gives Tottenham’s two centre backs and their defensive midfielder ample time to not only close him down but outnumber him. There is no player in the Premier League who could consistently outmuscle 3 defenders at once without anyone in support. Plus, you keep going on about Shane Long but in his spell in the first team, he has equally missed crosses and failed to score when opportunities were put on a plate for him. Better opportunities in my opinion than the one that Gabbi had yesterday. Still, no-one gets on his back which I assume is because Shane Long isn’t in the side to score goals, but rather to run around a lot. Even though he’s usually utilised as a striker. Back to Gabbi, I think if we were to bring another pacey winger like Promes in who could support attacks and aid a quicker transition from defence to attack, we would see better performances from Gabbi.

11.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 21:27:47
Well put figo, and completely agree that somone like Promes would be a great addition, for Gabbi and for the team. To me the criticisms of Gabbi are unfair, and just scapegoating him because he has quite a nonchalant manner about him. We can surely all see that Long as your key striker and goalscorer is simply not an option? I love him for his work ethic, but he's just not good enough in my opinion. Keep him for bursts of energy and pace as a sub, sure, but he should be nowhere near the starting 11 (only exception I'd make would be as winger/ second striker against the top 5 - he can chase them around all day and he does have pace on the break) .

VS, you really should drop the Stephens thing! Can't really add to figo's extensive breakdown, but you're just wrong on that. Players attack different channels, with key men like Stephens and Hoedt as the main targets Ward Prowse would be aiming for.