02 Feb 2018 21:35:49
Please don't shoot me down as I'm just asking questions. my facts might be wrong so please put me straight. but am I missing something with Silva? I mean he's a talented young coach. relegated in the 5 months he spent with hull then sacked from Watford because he wasn't professional enough after Everton were sniffing around? Doesn't scream life saver and reliable to me.

1.) 03 Feb 2018
03 Feb 2018 09:39:59
Totally agree Rayzer.

2.) 03 Feb 2018
03 Feb 2018 09:50:09
I personally wouldn’t want him as a long term appointment because of his clear desire to manage a big club. However, it may be that the Watford sacking has given him a bit of a reality check and a little humility. Who knows? Only MS really.

It’s a little disingenuous to say Hull were relegated under his stewardship. When he took over from Mike Phelan in January, Hull were rock bottom of the league with a record of 3 wins, 4 draws and 13 losses. 13 points in total. Hull also sold two of their best players – Jake Livermore and Robert Snodgrass in January. Silva took over a club that had learned how to lose, was a defensive mess and blunt in attack, sold its best players and he had to manage what was left and a number of loan signings brought in.

Hull won 6 and drew 3 of their remaining games under Silva, notably taking all 3 points against Liverpool. They lost the other 9 games but 21 points from 18 games saw them move up to 18 and miss out on relegation by just 6 points by the end of the season. Their turnaround under Silva was remarkable given the first half of the season and the consensus was that if he had been at the helm all season, then they probably would have stayed in the league.

Prior to this, Silva had managed Estoril (win % of 47 %) winning the league and coach of the year, Sporting (59%) winning the league, and Olympiacos (79%) winning the league.

At Watford (who had finished 17th in the league, one place above Silva’s Hull) he continued to work wonders, seeing his team to a blistering start to the season and sitting in 4th place in the Premier league this season before Koeman was sacked by Everton and they started to show an interest in him. 15 points from those first 8 games and losing only one. As we all know, from that point, things all went a bit pear shaped as Watford lost all semblance of the team they had been. It wasn’t a gradual erosion, it was an overnight thing. Hence the widely held agreement with Watford’s statement after Silva’s sacking that he had lost focus following overtures from Everton. They turned Koeman’s head so we can hardly blame Silva that he saw Everton as an exciting opportunity. But the timing was all wrong for everyone and in the end, it hurt Everton, Watford and Silva.

When focused, he has proved he can manage big teams and little teams to a very high standard. If he could turn Hull’s and Watford’s fortunes around, he could do the same with us. The real question is whether he could commit himself to a club of our size. The realistic answer is no, not for the long term, but he may be willing to take the opportunity to remind everyone what he is capable of after such a poor end to his Watford career.

3.) 03 Feb 2018
03 Feb 2018 11:52:23
Today's game will be crucial but I think if we lose
He's gone
I'd have silva to get us out of this mess eve.

4.) 03 Feb 2018
03 Feb 2018 14:54:43
At least he has fielded an attack minded team, would have preferred Gabi alongside Carillo with kept on bench in a 442 formation. Good luck you reds.

5.) 03 Feb 2018
03 Feb 2018 15:58:43
I think Gabi has a knock.

6.) 03 Feb 2018
03 Feb 2018 17:20:33
Its wonderful to win and to jump back up the table. Things are still ridiculously tight and we a tough game against Liverpool coming up but then a few more winnable games after. We have to take the positives from this good result and build on it.

Also, if the commentary I heard was correct and that our fans booed Long when he came on and cheered sarcastically when he missed a simple header on goal, they need to shut the F up. His confidence is already shot to bits and it doesn’t help if the first thing you hear when you step on to the pitch is your own fans booing you and then jeering every miss. He’s our player coming on the pitch to do his best . Life is so much easier for players if they step out on the pitch and feel the supporters behind them, rather then tension, anxiety and anger directed at them and their teammates. We can’t afford the relationship between players and fans to break down.

7.) 04 Feb 2018
04 Feb 2018 00:17:01
Figo, there were boos from West Brom fans for long, didn’t hear to many from saints fans. If there were then of course I agree, they should shut it.