21 Mar 2018 16:14:11
Wondering what fellow saints fans which step they want the board to take next provided we stay up.
Would you rather have Mark Hughes continue what he started as in the scenario above there's a case that he has deserved his chance?
Or do some fans think that he is not the way forward and hope for a change of management next season? If so, then who? Names like Graham Potter, Vieira, Jokanovic, Mihajlovic seems to be bandied around these days. Peter Bosz? Out of our reach probably.

1.) 21 Mar 2018
21 Mar 2018 20:50:23
I would like to see more coaches and better coaches at all levels and a review of the sustainability of ‘the Southampton way’. If we are to develop some of the best young players in the country, we need to support them with the best coaching to match that ambition. Perhaps we could look at recruiting some new players in the youth ranks as well to strengthen the under 18s and under 23s to bridge the gap between the first team and youth teams because at the moment, no-one new is really standing up from the youth ranks and demanding a chance in the senior set-up. Our senior team has young players with great potential that need better coaching to realise it too.

I won’t make any call on MH as the long term manager until the end of the season but what we desperately need now is stability. Ideally a younger, hungry manager who has really kept his knowledge at the forefront of the game and is looking to expand his knowledge and take a fresh approach. That to me is not MH but if he gets the team playing well, I may review this. We’ve been linked with some interesting choices but a new manager with no Prem experience will be a gamble so the board must be certain that he is will get the team playing the brand of football we all are desperate to return to our club i. e, attacking, high intensity, battling, exciting. We don’t need another pragmatist thanks.

2.) 21 Mar 2018
21 Mar 2018 21:04:10
I personally have a mixture of thoughts.

If we play convincingly from now, see a massive change in both the structure and attitude of the team, and get enough points to stay out of relegation, then I would like to see him stay.

If things don't change much in the club, but we scrap our way unconvincingly out of relegation then I would be pleased with that, but I would want a new manager to make sure we achieve the best we can next season.

If we fight hard and show a true determination, however we still get relegated, then I would like Hughes to stay.

Finally, If he is a total flop, we play really crap football with no determination at all and we get relegated then obviously I would like to see the back of him.

3.) 22 Mar 2018
22 Mar 2018 09:54:16
Partly agree with you Saint Bod and excellent points made as always Figo.
Part of me thinks that the reason the board appointed Hughes is more because of his passion before his tactical and management skills. Obviously what the players need now is some fighting spirit instilled and managed by someone who at least thinks he knows what he's doing, and Hughes ticks those boxes. However looking forward we will need more than that.
I suspect if we do stay up then the board will put Hughes position under scrutiny and evaluate other options. Our pace of football has been slow at times, we are too conservative and our forwards get isolated too much. We have speed in the squad in redmond and boufal, our left fullback has a wonderful cross in him, and our right back is very good going forward. We've seen Austin's and Gabs finishing ability as well. The board needs to identify which manager who's style also plays to the strengths to the players we have. If Hughes manages to get the most out of the players then he has a strong case. I wouldn't mind him staying IF there are no better managers available out there (which won't be that hard) .
However, my most concerning matter regarding what step the board will take in future management appointments, is if they are willing to pay compensation to get the ideal right man.