Should Mark Hughes should be kept on at Southampton FC for the long term?

14 May 2018 15:54:04
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1.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 13:18:55
Good article Figo, nicely put. The argument against comparing his win % against the others is that he only managed a handful of games. 2 against the top 6.

I personally do not think we should keep him on. I like him and he was brought into the club to do one job, keep us up. And if I'm being honest we got very lucky not to be relegated. The games we won, the team and everyone knew we needed to win them. We played tight and as a group. I didn't see any major changes with our team going forward under Hudges and we're still a few marquee signings away from being where we want to be. I don't he would develop the squad, over a number of seasons. I think we would see a decline if we kept him on. Sure we probably wouldn't get into another relegation scrap but at the same time, I don't think we would witness the attacking that we want as fans.

Although, saying that I don't want him to stay. I also can't see who we would replace him with. The board has got their last 2 managerial appointments wrong. The Leicester fans now have the same issues with CP as we did.

MH offers Premier League stability but not growth. With him, in charge, we would probably be finishing between 8th and 12th and that would frustrate a lot of fans.

My biggest pain this season is that we've dropped so many points. I know it's probably a stupid stat to look at, but if we stopped all games at 80 minutes, we would have 10 more points this season. Including, 2 draws against Man City. We conceded 9 goals past the 80 minutes and only scored 4. 2 of which were in games where the goal didn't affect the result (5-2 VS spurs and 4-1 vs Everton) . This needs to be addressed and ultimately, I think a lot of these goals could have been prevented had the manager made the right call with their substitutions.

Whatever the call I hope the board makes it soon, as we've already seen Big Sam and now Moyes released from their clubs. We either need to say thanks to MH for his hard work but we're going with another signing or give the man a new contract.