27 Jul 2018 14:56:38
-- Bednarek - Vestergaard - Bertrand --
Cedric ------------ Romeu ----------- Targett
---------- Lemina --------- Armstrong --------
-------- Elyounessi --------- Austin ------------.

1.) 27 Jul 2018
27 Jul 2018 19:16:34
Looks pretty good but who would you like to see go through the exit door, and who do you see as the first three subs on Vick, one in each main section
Defence - Mid Field - Forward?

2.) 28 Jul 2018
28 Jul 2018 08:48:28
Agree with that on the whole, although if I was the boss Gabbi would get the nod up front over Austin.

3.) 28 Jul 2018
28 Jul 2018 09:19:23
I'd like to see us on the front foot with
GK McCarthy

CB vestergard
cb hoedt

Rb jwp
Lb Bertrand

CDM hojberg
Cm lemina
Cm Armstrong

Am el yanoussi
Am redderz

At Austin


I think we are an attacking midfield player light even if Sims can have a breakthrough season we are still 1 attacking player light as well as a striker I'd love Rondon and sisto.

4.) 28 Jul 2018
28 Jul 2018 11:19:33
Also the likes of Cedric yoshida etc aren't going to be ready for week1 because of the world cup they haven't even started pre season yet.

5.) 28 Jul 2018
28 Jul 2018 12:14:53
Just realize that I didn't put this as a reply to your post, mate. Pete I'd like to see stephens, Hojbjerg, and gabbiadini to be our main back up options as they are solid players and gabs could benefit from a worn out defense. The central defense back ups will be Hoedt, Yoshida, and Stephens. McQueen and Bertrand can provide cover for targett. Either Reed, JWP, and even Redmond to cover Cedric. I don't think we have any like for like replacement for Romeu in the squad but I think either Reed or Hojbjerg is the most likely replacement, for the more advanced midfielders I reckon JWP, Sims, and hojbjerg can do a job there, and redmond, Gabs to cover up front.
Long, Forster, and Gallagher to depart, and gunn, stephens and hoedt, hojbjerg, and gabs, if they find consistency, could end up as a preferred first choice as well.

6.) 28 Jul 2018
28 Jul 2018 12:48:39
I think that one of Cedric/ Bertrand/ Yoshida will be sold to release funds for a striker. Once a striker is bought then you’ll see Long Gallagher and possibly Austin leave to balance the books and complete the 25 players for the premier league squad.

7.) 28 Jul 2018
28 Jul 2018 20:11:27
Thanks for coming back Vick, - When we start looking through the squad, I'm pretty hopeful of a good year. Just spent the afternoon with my football mate Rob, we have been chewing over the options all afternoon.
Main difference is Redmond, he likes him, I don't. With Bertrand clearly he was not himself last year and I'm concerned Matt Target needs consistent game time, difficult one.
We both think Gallagher has something different to offer, target man and Mo and or Gabbiadini should be able to feed off the system that worked so well when we had Ricky Lamber and Pelle, so either have to buy in a similar player or get Sam carrying out that role.
Where was Lamina today? Not even in the squad. If he is off, then that would free up some funds but would be a great shame.
Any remorse Ed?

8.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 11:03:35
Having read all the line ups posted on here in recent times, I would go with the original one by Vick. The best thing we could do this season is to covert Bertrand to centre back to accommodate Targett and keep Hoedt away from the team. That coupled with playing two up top and I think we can manage mid table.

9.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 12:19:31
I figured Bertrand would do a good job as a left cb in back three as he played there under koeman and he was solid and it brought the best out of targett as well. If we do sign a target man then I don't see a place for Austin in the team. Gabiaddini and elyounessi would profit more playing off a target man in my opinion.