12 Sep 2018 07:14:27
Just been pondering, do you think if we would have kept MP or RK as our head coach and didn't sell our best players that we would be in a similar position as say, Tottenham? Just been looking up our old squads and highlight videos on youtube and made me think.

1.) 13 Sep 2018
13 Sep 2018 01:33:48
Hi Saint
I think the club are in a no win situation, the players want to play at a higher level potentially greater chances to win trophies play European football, earn more money. Without a backer with very big pockets ultimately our realistic goal is to be among the best of the rest. When Chelsea played Newcastle played last week, the average cost of a Newcastle player was £4m, Chelsea player was £34m, our most expensive player is now £21m, Chelsea won 2-1.Sfc try to run a sustainable business which is almost a contradiction in football. Wolves Chinese parent company is worth £70 billion! Buying them for I believe £40m was a drop in the ocean, our way forward and ultimately everyone's is a good youth and scouting policy. Interestingly it's been reported that all the Premier League clubs have been exaggerating their crowd attendances and I believe football is in real danger of pricing themselves out the reach of ordinary families to attend football week in week out. I welcome everones comments. coyr.

{Ed001's Note - the report is nonsense, the attendances have always been reported the exact same way - number of tickets sold. It has never been about number of people actually attending because the attendances are given for tax purposes and the last thing they want to do is report more through the gates than actually are there as it costs them more in tax if they do!

As for Fosun's worth, they did not make their money by overspending on anything. Southampton are like every team in the Prem, even Man City have a long term plan to run as a sustainable business after their initial splurge. That is why they are spending so much on the infrastructure around the ground, as they are looking to recoup it later from them. Even PSG have the plan to be a long term sustainable business. Man Utd, Chelsea, Burnley and a number of others in the Prem are already operating as one. Southampton are not any kind of contradiction, they just look to raise their funds in a different way from some others, by selling youth players, rather than merchandising and prize money.}

2.) 13 Sep 2018
13 Sep 2018 17:05:42
Hi SaintUS - Great topic starter. I like that and respect for having the balls to ask.

Good question and as an optimistic fantasist type of fan, it’s one I’d say a big fat ‘yes! ’ to

We’d be right up there with Spurs. Chelsea, United, Liverpool and City too! We’d ‘do a Leicester’ and do it again and again and again

I’m inspired now to play some FIFA on the Playstayion. Come on you Saints!