02 Feb 2019 16:56:24
Normal service is resumed. Still unable to hold on to a lead. Could have pulled well away from the bottom 3 with a win but yet again ship a goal right at the death.

1.) 02 Feb 2019
02 Feb 2019 17:17:36
Absolutely livid. WHAT WAS STEPHENS DOING. No need to put your hands up there unless you’re trying to stroke Crouch’s hair. Ridiculous. Get Yoshida back into the team as soon as he’s available. Maybe even put Target to RWB if Bertrand comes back into LWB. Still, if Cardiff lose tonight, and we beat them, it’s probably going to be an eight point cushion. That’s the big game - I wasn’t expecting a win today but to be that close is infuriating. Hopefully Ralph soon sorts this mentality out because it’s a worrying trend.
The positive news is that it looks like Fulham and Huddersfield are probably now falling too far behind and with poor defences I doubt they have a chance now, so it’s one from about five and I don’t think we will be the bottom of this mini pack with CAR, BUR, CRY and NEW.

2.) 02 Feb 2019
02 Feb 2019 17:49:52
Knew we would concede as soon as they sent crouch on. That 3 points would have been massive, Cardiff now a 100% must win. No excuses. Seems we played well, rode our luck a little but gradually dropped further back as we tried to hang on. Again, a point better than nothing. But disappointing to be so close to such a big result.

3.) 02 Feb 2019
02 Feb 2019 22:25:35
Beating Cardiff now becomes essential. If we lose that game and Burnley beat BHA we're back in the relegation places.

4.) 03 Feb 2019
03 Feb 2019 08:47:35
Get a grip we haven’t played well last two and drawn both times crouch win the ball it was a foul we will be ok and next season will be a transformation of the squad.

5.) 03 Feb 2019
03 Feb 2019 13:39:16
build up to the penalty stephens was fouled, doesn't excuse putting his arm in the air but possibly couldn't be helped.

Played well 2nd half yesterday, deserved more than a draw. Definitely stay up if we keep playing like that. Can't see us needing more than 10 more points.

6.) 03 Feb 2019
03 Feb 2019 18:26:35
Guys, have a read of my article on handball interpretation posted above for my thoughts on the Stephens penalty from yesterday.