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03 Jul 2014 15:55:13
Apparently we are leading the chase for 23 year old Swedish winger Nabil Bahoui. 4 goals in 11 appearances so far in this season (their league starts before ours) and he has apparently been quite good.


1.) I've never heard of him having said that, that doesn't mean anything. i'm liking Koeman's drive to bring new players in.

2.) He looks quality! Watch the YouTube video of all his best bits - Keen dribbler and crosser of the ball - Reckon he could fit in well :-)

3.) YouTube made Delgado, his mate & Steeeeeve look good too.

4.) I'd rather have grenier

5.) The only thing is he looks good
in that league which isn't that good
but he looks to have a lot of potential

6.) No, we don't want Bahoui.
Way way from the quality we want, rather use some youngsters from U21 instead.

7.) Looks average.

8.) We've just got £60m from player sales so I assumed we would be more ambitious than this

9.) If you think the club will spend all £60 million and won't look for bargain buys who could turn out to be a quality find you're being naive. I know very little about this guy I grant you but the club will seek to be financially successful as well as on the pitch so don't expect them to spend very large amounts. They may spend a fair bit just to rebuild this summer but don't expect them to blow £60million just on transfer fees.

10.) Agreed saint Phil. I think £30m is a figure I wold be pleased with. 3 main targets and a few for more future

11.) We were told that the money received in sales would be reinvested in the squad, I don't expect it to all be spent in one or even in one window but when we've lost players as good as Lallana, Shaw and Lambert we need quality replacements and ambitious signings to convince other players to stay and also to give us something to cheer about, for me this wouldn't show ambition to get to the next level, he may well be quality but for me we were more ambitious with our signings last season when we got Lovren, Wanyama and Osvaldo, ok Osvaldo didn't turn out to be great, but now we have the funds we should be replicating that level of ambition or going further

12.) So we are the same old feeder club we were under lowe. I think we the fans deserve better targets than what we are being linked with! and if we don't have our stripes back.

13.) 04 Jul 2014 08:57:44
SaintGibbs. don't listen to who we are being linked with. just be patient and all will be good PS Lallanas a C##t

14.) Bid for bony campaign on our FB page anyone??

15.) To be fair he's been linked with other PL clubs too like Everton and Sunderland so could be a good signing but I want a bigger name personally so we can make a statement of intent for next season



16 Jun 2014 17:56:26
Question for any of the Eds if you are around and willing/able to help.

Have we put in a bid or even expressed interest in Lukaku?

I have heard that Chelsea want to sell him, not loan him out again, and a source (which I consider unreliable) has told me we have declared interest to buy him from Chelsea following Koeman's appointment. I have failed to gather any further information on this other than Chelsea being more interested in a sale than a loan.

Any note would be greatly appreciated, even more so with some good news on a potential new striker.


{Ed021's Note - This is what an editor wrote on another page 'Whilst efforts are being made to save Lukaku's career with Chelsea after he upset the club, there is interest from a number of sides including Juventus, Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, WolfsburgNewcastle, Roma and Spurs. Shakhtar, Zenit and Everton are interested but probably not options. I suspect the Borussia Dortmund interest has gone. Liverpool has shown no interest to date.'}

1.) Ok thanks for the help Ed, very helpful as always. Hopefully the situation around Lukaku and our own striker interests will become clearer soon.

2.) 17 Jun 2014 01:19:16
I would like to see us sign javier Hernandez from Manchester United don't think his wage would be a problem he wants first team football and he is proven and young



11 May 2014 23:41:37
Hi Eds, the Beeb have said on a few programmes today that we have to sell and players have been agreeing deals with other clubs? Is this actually founded on anything or is it more made up nonsense unsettling us?

I've heard nothing indicating we HAVE to sell as they have indicated and Lallana, as far as his interviews suggest, has not said he wants to leave. He's said he wants champions league but he qualified that by saying he expected he can get it with Southampton.

Any idea where this has come from and if it is well founded Ed?


{Ed001's Note - it is conjecture based on the club saying it is looking for sustainability and admitting a level of debt above what it wishes to have. The club doesn't NEED to sell players, it is considering selling players to raise funds to invest in others. It is a huge difference that seems to have gone right over the heads of the media.}

1.) Good response Ed.

Given that we're due significantly more income this year given the new TV deal (our piece of the pie should rise to 70m+) and league prize money (15.6m up from 9m last year), surely that will lessen the need to sell in order to buy?

What's the story with this Shaw bid? Seems a bit of a coincidence that the reported 27m bid just so happens to exactly match the outstanding amounts Saints need to pay other clubs for past transfers. Smells a bit of speculative 'dot-joining' by the Daily Fail and Sly Sports.

Also, surely if Lallana were to go, which I doubt will happen (keen on your thoughts though), it would be for a lot more than the 20m being reported!

{Ed001's Note - the rising income has to take into account the fact that players will all expect to be paid more now. Plus the TV money etc is not just paid in one big lump, it is paid over the course of a season, so the club won't suddenly have a big wad of money sat in the bank. It is correct broadly, that the club have less need to sell to buy than is being made up by the papers though. It is simply a case of selling to fund a larger spending spree, rather than a case of having to sell to buy anyone. Managers always want more than clubs can give them, they always get told that they will have to lose X, Y and Z to provide that kind of money to spend. Usually the club and manager will find a compromise. I expect it to be the same here, though Pochettino knows he is in demand so has a strong hand to play over the summer with the club.

I would say you were absolutely spot on with your assessment of the Shaw bid. We know for sure Chelsea were interested last summer but have since moved on to look at other targets because of the price Southampton were asking. I really don't see Man Utd being willing to meet it, when they are less in need of buying homegrown players than Chelsea. So far there is definitely no agreement reached between the clubs, everyone I have spoken to involved with both clubs is 100% adamant that no agreement is in place, though they all agree that United would love to sign him. They all also believe that the current speculation is partly being seeded by United in the hope of unsettling the lad.

Lallana is unlikely to join Liverpool, he has rejected them at least twice in the past, but stranger things have happened. Currently he is waiting to see what happens with regards to the manager before he makes any decision on his future. Personally I would expect this to drag on throughout the World Cup, unless Poch goes. As for the price, Southampton would be looking for £30m. If Poch stays, I would expect him to stay myself. The lad is very happy at Saints, though it might be different if Everton were challenging for titles and came in for him.}

2.) Great info Ed - thanks for that.

Judging by what Krueger said in his interview about upcoming activity, I suspect that a lot will happen this week - particularly in relation to contract renewals.

I've also heard from several sources that we've pretty much already done a deal for Schmeichel on a bosman free transfer (his contract at Leicester is up). Kind of surprised about this, given Leicester have been promoted. but his manager was very non-committal when asked about Schmeichel's contract situation - basically saying "we want him, but we're not 100% sure that he wants us".

{Ed001's Note - that is perfectly possible as he has been flirting with other clubs all season. To be fair to the lad, Leicester were only sure they could afford to keep him when they won promotion. So signing a contract of more than one year could leave him then being pushed out the door next summer.}

3.) Thanks ed so pretty much if poch stays we will most likely see ads and shaw stay? Hope we give poch funds and a new plan. Kasper would be great. ED

{Ed001's Note - that is the most likely scenario. Obviously someone could come in and offer 50m for one of them and I doubt the club would be able to turn that down. The likelihood is that it comes down to Poch, if he goes, there will be a lot of unrest. If he stays, the players that go will be the ones he chooses to sell, for whatever reason he decides.}

4.) Have we responded to the offers from Liverpool or Man U? I hope they stay with poch and jay ed

{Ed001's Note - I believe the initial offers were below the amount Southampton would consider enough and so were rejected.}



24 Apr 2014 22:09:59
Hearing from Italy this evening that Osvaldo is expected to be joining Juventus permanently the summer with only the nature of the transfer fee still under discussion.

Juventus want a more performance related transfer fee where as Southampton want more guaranteed in the fee, which is the main stumbling block at the moment following Southampton accepting they won't get the price they really want for him.

Expected 'short term fee' is in the region of £6-7 million with the stumbling block being long term assured income. Both clubs appear to be around the same figure of £9-10 million for the overall transfer but Juventus only want this to be paid if Osvaldo performs well over the next few seasons.

Southampton want more of it assured but appear to be more willing to make concessions in order to complete the deal as early as possible.

I will update if I hear anything more.


1.) Am I the only one who's angry we bought this guy in the first place?
Half a season and a huge drop in what we paid for him.
Half the team, and mainly the players who cost next to nothing are being linked with moves away (Shaw, Lallana, Spider, Cork, Chambers, Lovren). We're going to cash in on some off them that's for sure, wipes any debt out.
Doubts over who the manager will be.
Still rumours persist about sale of the club.
What's the team sheet going to look like first game of next season?
St Nicholas

2.) St Nicholas remind me not to come round your house if I ever need cheering up. jeez!

3.) Have you watched Les Reed's interview that Southampton just shared on youtube St Nicholas? That should shut up your false negative ramblings for a few days.

4.) St Nicholas sounds like such a chapel fan! Wow

5.) St Nicholas, cheer up! We've had a fantastic season all you're hearing is speculation, nothing concrete!

6.) I really don't want to be negative but I did say Lallana to Liverpool days ago and Sunday People are reporting it now.
I'd love to say Poch is signing a new 5 year deal and Adam, Spider, Cork, Fonte etc are all signing new contract extensions but they aren't.
Les Read's statement is just bluster to deflect rumours spreading that are spreading because of a lack of action by the club.
I'm sure not everyone mentioned will leave but some will. Les, Ralph and Katerina need to do something not just talk.
If Poch signs, a massive if, maybe he doesn't like the contract on offer, maybe he doesn't like the transfer budget, maybe he wants total control over football issues but he hasn't signed a new deal so yes some of our better players might well think if he's off, I'm off. This could be a domino effect if we're not careful. Selling one player for big money often makes a lot of sense. Can reinvest or pay off some debt and maybe someone else is already in place but if Poch goes Les Read is going to be very busy
St Nicholas

7.) Or if poch is waiting for cortese in summer.

8.) Thats it confirmed then - Sunday People are reporting it - must be true.

9.) It was only a matter of time before you had another curve ball to throw at us St Nicholas. I enjoy your posts for their dystopian nature, but if we're being realistic Saints summer is going to be an awful lot different to your fiction. The reason Les Reed made the statement is because the club is fed up with all the poor inaccurate press which is being continuously written up. Same goes for Poch being asked the same questions over and over about his future. It's clear he's staying, and unless Saints get astronomical bids for the likes of Shaw, Lallana, no players will go.

10.) Poch I think is more likely to stay than not IMO. He has 12 months left so waiting till the end of the season to discuss a new deal makes sense. It doesn't look good on your CV jumping from one club to the next, it looks better when you are at a club for a good period of time bringing sustained success and sustained success is easier to attain while having time to implement your philosophy's. He's got the best young players in the league at his disposal and he would be silly to jump ship so early

11.) This is true but how can he sustain success if even he is but sure what happens in summer, I think he may feel they will cash in on Shaw especially if he has a world cup, if they keep all the players bar obvious and give him a 30m kitty and reassurance of future build poch will stay, another 2yrs experience then he can perhaps look at Real madrid etc but he needs to sort his 'plan b ' out. Rest assured even he will not know what krueger/katrina have planned untill they all sit down in summer like that has been said all along

12.) SaintPhil - you heard anymore?

13.) Ward-Prowse is off, his Step Mum is our midwife. She said he's off to Manchester. Didn't know which one though.

14.) So if Mo Po goes we also get rid of St Nicholas? Might be worth thinking about i'd drive him to Spurs myself, let him go and drive Daniel Levy mad, they are both candidates for the funny farm anyway.

15.) Why has Osvaldo been airbrushed from the Saints website - there's no mention of him under Appearances, Goals or Discipline? I know our experience with him was not so good but rewriting history is a wee bit odd?

16.) Only the first team squad are included in the stats. no on that is on loan has info on there

BTW don't worry about St Nicholas. I would trust Les Reeds statement over someone that reads the people. If Cork and MoPo haven't agreed a contact by the time the WC starts. that's the time to get anxious not with two games to go.

I notice we got a result against Everton and Newcastle have lost 6 on the bounce. its what happens when a club starts worrying about next season too soon




Saintphil's banter posts with other poster's replies to Saintphil's banter posts


07 Aug 2014 13:31:23
Billy Sharp is on the verge of joining Leeds United according to several reports. This is after his failure to impress Koeman in the pre-season so far. Shame really for Sharp but since our promotion things just haven't been working out for him at St Mary's.


1.) He just isn't good enough sad but a fact of life

2.) I think he should have had his chance in his first season with us, as at 26 (then) he could've grown into our side or at least been a good option off the bench, good luck to him though, top bloke



02 Jul 2014 16:28:31
A newspaper is now reporting we will be holding onto Lovren this summer. Nice to see a positive report about the saints for once.


1.) Me again just to say when did you ever believe what the papers say. If their information was accurate it would be all over the media sites by now. It couldn't be our favourite know everything comic the MAIL could it??

2.) 02 Jul 2014 19:08:10
Aaah the daily mail. The paper that tells you what to think.

Would love to have lovren stay. Excellent signing who has done well. unfortunately I think he may believe the grass is greener

3.) I didn't say I believed it, just nice to see something which says someone might stay for once. Papers have been doom and glooming us for a while so a positive story is a breath of fresh air. Even if it is irrelevant to the actual situation.

4.) 02 Jul 2014 21:19:30
Not remotely knocking you Phil.
I would love to believe it. Unfortunately the media love a scapegoat and at the moment we have truckloads of players leaving and are apparently doomed to fail forever. bless them

5.) Were we not doomed to fail last year? And the year before too? As are every club outside the traditional top 6/7 that isn't managed by the tax dodging, financially irresponsible mad man who currently runs QPR? Not saying we're a shoe in to succeed but the press is nuts.

And I know you weren't knocking me, just felt the need to clarify my position none the less (FYI not knocking you either).

6.) Now Phil we are talking from the same hymn sheet now! Just to think about the QPR manager makes me want to throw up. I take your point and agree 100%.



30 Jun 2014 19:13:22
Some online article says we've had an offer of 12 million euros accepted for Dusan Tadic. Sounds believable, do people think he would be the right man to replace Lallana?


1.) Jus checked out some youtube clips boy looks class

2.) Also his fifa states are very very good he can do pretty much anything with the ball

3.) I wouldn't necessarily trust FIFA to provide a fair assessment of a player to be honest Ruffhead. But if our scouting pool has picked him out he probably has shown pretty good signs as a player.

4.) He looks the best player we have been linked with.
If he is replacing Lallana then I'm happy.
Rumours of him costing £10m in one of the papers. bargain!



01 Jun 2014 14:39:46
There is an article in a tabloid newspaper (I believe I am not allowed to say its name due to site filters?) today saying that any newly named saints manager will receive a "transfer kitty" of £50million. This figure has been plucked out of the air but it is worth noting that a "large" budget has been offered to the lead manager candidate. The board is in advanced negotiations with their lead candidate and are hopeful of unveiling their new man in the next week.


1.) It's what we offered MoPo, just couldn't match wages with spurs

2.) 01 Jun 2014 17:46:01
yes but where is money coming from ,sale of Shaw and Lallana, what a coincidence their reported fees come to fifty million

3.) Apparently any players going will be added to the fund

4.) The money is not coming from player sales, the budget is a case of a "large" fund plus what is made from any player sales.



18 May 2014 19:11:22
Pochettino is happy to stay at Southampton, but he is playing hardball with the contract negotiations and has been pushing for a larger budget for transfers as he thinks more investment is needed as well as the need to keep players. He appears to want the money to make signings to show serious intent for next season with a conditional budget (along the lines of x-amount plus however much it costs to sign a particular "critical" target).

Pochettino has been holding it in reserve to leak this story into the press to drum up support to force the owners hands, he has also been using other clubs interest in him to try to push Leibherr and Krueger to agreeing to his terms and IS willing to leave if he is not given his way.

I will attempt to keep you up to date on what I hear and to answer any questions you may have.


{Ed002's Note - Try not to mislead people Phil - I appreciate the fans want him to stay but there is interest in him. Pochettino would never "leak" anything to the press and if he did he would be in breach of contract and would quite possibly be sacked by the club.}

1.) This is not as 'misleading' as you might think Ed. I have a reliable and trustworthy source on this who has been useful for me in the past. (Sorry to go against you on this one but my source is very strong).

{Ed002's Note - We should let the club know that Pochettino is intending to breach his contract then - letting down both the club and every single fan. I assume the fans will want him gone if he thinks so little of the club and them. Maybe you could start a hate campaign on Facebook; perhaps daub abuse on the outside of the ground? I had no idea he was such an awful person having been told that he called and politely turned down the approach from another club wishing them well going forward - which really impressed them.}

2.) That seems unnecessarily sarcastic Ed, I'm just following someone else's source of information. I don't mean to be causing you any offence or disrespect. I was just giving information that was passed to me through a source I hold in high regard.

My apologies, if you feel that strongly about this post then please by all means remove it. I had not intended to wind you up at all I was merely passing on what was told to me.

{Ed002's Note - I feel strongly about gross misconduct and manager's who plot to do what you say Pochottino is planning on doing. It is clearly a kick in the balls for the club and fans by him. I don't ever recall meeting him but recently I was told, by the person who took the offer to him from another club, that she thought he was an absolute gentleman over it by calling up as he did.}

3.) Bar the leaking of the press suggestion, surely what SaintPhil is saying about Pochettino wanting a larger budget is realistic of what the situation may be in terms of negotiations currently with the club? Would that not be true Ed?

{Ed002's Note - I am appalled by what he is suggesting.}

4.) Hope you guys show this much passion in the bedroom =P

5.) This story makes less and less sense the more I read it. It sounds like a layman's understanding of how football works. I think you've been had Phil.

6.) Someone's been playing too much football manager

{Ed002's Note - He should join my appreciation society on Facebook: }




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Gone to Hull on loan? What on earth? Unexpected to be honest and not sure what the intentions are there. Wonder if they want him gone for good or if this is an attempt to get him more PL experience?




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I think this is just lazy journalism to be honest. Anything so they can continue to claim we are definitely going down and are in a shambles when actually it's all been an over-reaction (or at least it appears that way).




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Don't apologise for the information Ed007, interesting to hear how Celtic is being run at the moment. Do you think the lack of competition from Rangers is responsible for the board not being too bothered about the players in the team as they see the SPL as won before it even starts?

Good luck for the season and champions league and fingers crossed at some point your board starts to get the message soon and does start to add quality as well as profitability.




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Thanks for letting us know Ed007, and hey not all bad news up there in Scotland after all, reinstated into the next stage of the Champions League and a fairly large fee to build a stronger side.


{Ed007's Note - I'm just praying that we don't play as bad as we did against Legia. The problem is our board and CEO aren't reinvesting in the team, we made a £21 million profit last year and and we're screaming out for a couple of quality additions. We do very well out of buying young players, improving them and selling them on at a good profit but sometimes you just need to pay the going price for proven quality rather than raw talent to help the team improve, we had Alfred Finnbogason lined up last summer, we lost Gary Hooper, Wanyama and Kelvin Wilson for circa £20 million, but the board baulked at the £4.5 million price tag, a couple of seasons playing well in the CL for us and he would have easily been worth £10 - 15m going by the way we are pricing (and getting paid it) for our players.
Sorry, I'm rabitting on here and probably boring you to death lol Enjoy your season, Phil.}



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That question was asked very quietly, I replayed that several times. I think he was talking about Florin Gardos (CB for Steaua București) but I can't be sure. Still, quite a reassuring press conference, would have been happier if they'd announced Cork with a new contract as well but can't have it all my way.





Saintphil's banter replies


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I'm guessing no reasonable offer came along for him, shame for him as he has many good years ahead of him. Great for saints though as we have 2 very good keepers now.




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If we have these options to buy and these players perform well I'd love to see Alderweireld and Bertrand made permanent in January. Both add an awful lot to our team on the face of things but still need a little time to properly evaluate them.




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Squad is looking okay at the moment, should easily be able to achieve a survival season as it is, if we hold players and maybe bring in the right one or two additions we could be in for another exciting season (but without much chance of Europe coming from it unless we get a cup run).

I am pleased with the way we are shaping up. It's been a difficult summer but Morgan now looks focussed on saints again after a great display and we have seen some good work from the whole team. Perhaps the board's gamble will pay off, make us profitable, then build and fight the hard way for our place in Europa in the next few years. We have to have faith in our owners, particularly as their supposedly 'torn apart' team just played that well at West Ham.

I still have some worries about the prolificness of our strikers, but that was a worry last season too with many spurned chances. We look to be in good shape. The next few days will clearly be spent watching tv and on the internet eagerly awaiting our final few new faces to boost us going into the break.

Please reserve judgement for the squad come midnight on Monday though, we have still time to make signings and this squad already looks fairly capable.




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They haven't said nobody else will be sold. They said they were not going to sell Schneiderlin and Rodriguez as they felt they were part of our 'core' and as such necessary to keep. I don't remember them saying no more sales at least (although I do believe I read an article which had a headline stating that was what we said with the quotes only stating Spider and Jay Rod would stay, because news outlets feel no need for things like evidence or the truth).




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I get the feeling Long has been a long term back up plan who turned into a panic buy. We needed a Rodriguez replacement (which I am not sure Long really is as Long doesn't seem too comfortable wide left) but he is still an important part of the team. Plus with the amount of money clubs think we have we aren't exactly going to get any bargains.