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09 Jul 2014 10:19:40
Heard a rumour that Saints are looking closely at Andy Delort from Tours who could be bought for approximately £5m. From what I've seen of the lad, which admitedly isn't much, I think he's a great prospect at a reasonable price, and perhaps having another Frenchman in the fold would encourage Morgan to stay

St Christopher

1.) Plays with a lot of heart! Lots of pace and very good on the ball! Think he's got a big future hope it's with us!

2.) 09 Jul 2014 11:20:33
Lot of other teams after him too.

3.) I have to be honest I don't know anything about this player but the fact that Leicester might be in for him does that not tell you something?? Is it just me thinking we should and can attract a more high profile player?

Even if it was only one signing and the rest were relatively unknown it would go along way for us to bring in a half decent name like Benteke?



11 May 2014 19:12:11
I have heard a couple of interesting things whilst at the game today from an exceptionally reliable source that I thought I ought to share.

Pochettino is expected to sign a new contract tomorrow. My source said that preliminary discussions have already taken place, and it should just be a case of rubber stamping the deal, but it could be a couple of weeks before the news is released.

Secondly I heard the main reason that Adkins was replaced was that Adam Lallana went to Cortese with concerns regarding the quality of training.

Third of my rumours is that Kelvin Davis has pretty much retired from playing. What I've heard is that he may be used in cup games next year, but will be retained by the club as part of the back room set-up - so expect a new keeper at Southampton this summer.

Finally Saints have no intention of selling any of their wanted players, but there is a feeling that certain clubs could make offers that would be extremely hard to turn down.

St Christopher

1.) That's good drop lallana in it, he's on his way anyway.

2.) Great info St Christopher. You've always had a level head with your posts, so it shall be nice to see this come to fruition. Let's hope Poch gets a nice sum of transfer money to spend alongside that contract.

3.) Lallana spoke to Cortese as captain, so not really dropping anyone in it.

4.) Much as I love Ricky lambert, the last 1/4 against man united he was shattered, how will he cope in all that heat in brazil if picked.

5.) Another post, another account less poster saying lallana is leaving and this time coming back to hammer Lambert. This is getting silly.

Great points St Christopher, thanks for the info. All sounds pretty reasonable. I think the 'big' clubs will be taking the micky a little with their bids, at least at first. We should set high prices for these players because they are worth a hell of a lot to us if we can keep them. Fingers crossed they do stay this summer and Poch's contract is wrapped up soon. Sounds like there is a great vision present here again, let's hope it stays that way.

6.) Hi does this sound likely ED 002?

{Ed002's Note - I can't answer "likely" questions but woud think it is all nonsense.}

7.) I have heard that other clubs are interested in some of our young stars

C'mon we all know that. The real issue will be if we can persuade them to stay.

This will be down to the management team explaining to us the fans, and demonstrating to the current squad that we will improving our team with some quality signings and stating our intention to go for a top four finish.

Am I being over optimistic? Too ambitious perhaps. If we do not get that sort of statement and those new players them Poch, Adam and the rest will be off for sure.

Its down to Liebherr and the new guys. A big moment in saints future is I believe .

8.) Ricky lambert won't come on until late in a game for England. I agree he put so much into Sunday's game he could hardly walk let alone run near the end of the game.



29 Apr 2014 11:55:56
Hi Ed 001 - Keep up the good work!
This isn't a rumour as such - more fishing for information - but I have been hugely impressed by Mats Daehli of Cardiff. I understand he's only a young lad that came from Molde with OGS. and was previously at Man Utd.

Over the years certain players have stood out for me when I've seen them play for the first time. Mats Daehli is one of those that I feel has a huge future ahead of him - so do you know why Utd let him go?

Daehli reminds me so much of Lallana. Great feet, Great balance, and the ability to turn his marker inside out and back to front. With Cardiff likely being relegated, could Cardiff keep hold of him? Do you know of any interest in him from other premier league clubs?

As a Saints fan I certainly wouldn't say no

Cheers Ed!

St Christopher

{Ed001's Note - he wasn't getting a chance so wanted to leave and play regular first team football. They would have happily kept him a bit longer. One of those lads that is not happy sitting on the sidelines. Man Utd keep tabs on him, so the new manager might show an interest, impossible to say on that front right now. Spurs were also very interested, but they are in a similar state. The only other team I know of that were keeping tabs on him at Molde were Everton.

As for Cardiff keeping him, if they go down, then it will come down to Tan to put more money in or the club is in serious bother financially. I would expect a few players to become available, certainly I have been led to believe that Medel has a relegation clause in his contract. Apparently that was one of the things that annoyed Tan about his signing so much. I would expect the club to offload a few of their players if they go down, just to relieve the financial burden a little. Hard to know though as it all comes down to Tan's willingness to shoulder the load from his own pocket or not.}

1.) Many thanks Ed 001.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated!



07 Jan 2014 11:38:53
According to Adam Blackmore, the West Ham offer for Rickie Lambert is a whopping £2m.

I wonder how many of you are saying let him go now?

St Christopher

1.) £2m or £3m was the initial figure. Then the London press got carried away, and tripled the figure to £8m or £9m. Which is good money for a player who cost just £1m BUT is not enough for a player who is, let's face it, THE best striker in the world!

Rickie, Rickie, Rickie Lambert!

Big Sam should go for Torres instead.

2.) Does Rickie Lambert play for Saints?

3.) Coarse not 2m he stays 8m he goes bit pointless your post really



17 Aug 2013 19:33:38
I'm hearing the the Osvaldo signing is done and he's agreed to join Saints.

This evening he's been pulled from the Roma team, and is travelling back to Rome.

St Christopher

1.) I also have read this. Very interesting. Hope he does sign, we looked like we needed another striker today as lambert worked incredibly hard all game.

2.) Well if the rumours were true Saints had given roma a deadline for a decision. Fingers crossed.

3.) I'm hearing the same. Fingers crossed that this now can be put to bed.
And, if it does happen, I trust NC/MP that they will have added another player who can take us up another notch. For the doubters, just look at the questions concerning Lovren and the difference he made today.
But then there are still another two weeks and I would expect at least one further addition.

Saint Martin

4.) Yep. He has been dropped from Roma team for this weekends game.

5.) Where are you getting this from I've scoured the net and found nothing

6.) He's left the Roma team apparently due to injury, but further updates are apparently due tomorrow

7.) Why are all those people who said that we didn't want him want him now. I have been informed that all those things he is supposed to have said weren't true and were made up for media headlines. He is a fabulous finisher and we need that. If he does sign and don't rule out Banega signing as well we will be the full package. Maybe then the rest of the football world will notice us. MoPo and NC will be the envy of the Premier League. New stadium within 3 years.

8.) I haven't seen this anywhere, but anyway don't you all think saints looked solid today?

9.) I'm so confused on this. Half the internet's saying he's coming to us the other is saying he's going to Spurs.

10.) Spurs are still very much in for Osvaldo

11.) We looked solid but really never looked like scoring in open play. Need a top finisher.




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14 Sep 2016 20:04:24
Why is it that every season there are so called fans that come on here to slate the Manager/ Owner/ Director, or even all three?
Not only is it really is so very boring, but also its a little embarrassing.

When I hear fans after the first home game saying that Puel won't last a season, I have to ask why all the negativity?

This season, the negative Sayers are far greater in number, but the message is still the same old poison.

Just like last season, we have missed Berttie, which has affected the balance of the side. In fact, it has had greater impact this year, as the diamond formation currently used by Puel requires the width to come from the fullbacks far more than the system used by Keoman.
Numerous players missed large chunks of Pre-season this year, yet after the first game fans are saying Puel will get the sack.

Personally, because the club has got it right for the last few years, since St Marcus bought the club, I feel that I can trust them to choose the right manager (not only that I feel that we ought to be patient) .

As such I personally believe that we will still end up in the top 10 this year at the least.

St Christopher

1.) 14 Sep 2016 22:02:05
Don't take your frustrations with how this season is going out on us.

2.) 15 Sep 2016 13:32:20
If the system relies on Bertrand and he is not available why still play the system you have to be able to adapt. My main frustration is after years of a target mans rickie and pelle we now didn't buy one and loaned Gallagher out. Doesn't have to be plan a but good as a back up plan.

Little passes and slick movement but sometimes a black over the top or a floated ball to the target man are just as effective. I think we will be ok and it maybe sales have caught up with us this year. If. We are going to be mid table so be it but let's at least blood a few youngsters and get a sight of the future.

I went to Wembley last night as a guest of Nike and the fans I was with were not happy with the Spurs performance at all. So getting there is one thing, performing on the night, another. Monaco's no. 10 was superb.

3.) 15 Sep 2016 19:34:49
good post Saints0001.

4.) 17 Sep 2016 20:19:51
Completely agree St Christopher, same every year despite the proof that it works in the continuous improvement. Maybe we haven't signed a target man as Puel's style of play doesn't use target men? We sign players to fit his system, not just signing a target man because we don't have one!



11 Nov 2014 15:08:03
I see Saints have been picked for 3 games in the latest round of January fixture live on TV. Man Utd away, Newcastle away and Swansea at home.

No other club has been picked for more live TV fixtures, and what is more there is a distinct lack of Liverhampton games.

Looks like someone is starting to take notice!

St Christopher

1.) 11 Nov 2014 19:08:17
The only down side on this is that it was nice to go to football on a Saturday afternoon as it always was in the past. Just hope that we can do the job properly on the telly for once.



02 Sep 2014 16:37:50
A couple of weeks ago, I asked everyone how many points they thought we would get this season. I believed at that time that we'd fall slightly short of our total last year on 53 points, but following the final day signings, I have to say I need to reassess my guess.

Yes it's going to take a little time for the new signings to adjust to the league, but I'd now say that we'll equal, or even beat our point tally this year.
So I believe we'll end up in 7th or 8th place on 58-60 points.

We have a far stronger squad, and I feel we might actually have a stronger team.

Les Reed, Kruger, etc have come in for some unwarranted negativity. They said be patient and judge us on the 1st Sept. Well, most Saints fans have, and the fans are happy.

St Christopher

1.) 02 Sep 2014 23:23:59
i think we done some good business in the window, the new lad mane looks very exciting quick and direct attacking midfielder with an eye for a goal, good business for gaston, don't forget he has been loaned for the season, hopefully he will knuckle down and get a new lease of life at hull and become the player we all think he is and we have a new gaston for next season, I think we have a decent team in the making here boys and girls once the new players have bedded in we will be match for anyone. congrats to ron and yes the board, credit where credit is due, 60million spent that shows massive intent

2.) Its not really 60m spent though. although I won't complain that we may have just banked 100m whilst rebuilding a hopefully just as good if not better squad.



15 Aug 2014 21:03:06
Last season I got lucky and predicted that Saints would end up with 56 or 57 points in 7th or 8th.

This season I predict that we'll do almost as well, and end up on 54 points in either 8th or 9th.

What do you guys think?

St Christopher

1.) Very difficult to say at this stage, especially as we haven't seen the team all together with the new signings and everything. But this team has the potential to do better than last season, but gelling will take some time so I reckon a top half finish 8/9

2.) I'm going to be a bit ambitious and perhaps unrealistic and say 7th 61 points, I think our team is just as strong but we have more depth too, our lack of depth is what cause our bad form after getting to 3rd, but then again it will take our players a while to settle and adjust

3.) 16 Aug 2014 01:01:47
I will be happy with staying up, cause a few upsets and have a run in the cups. consolidate this year and then push on next year



14 May 2014 10:24:31
With all the hype and rumour-mill in full flow, with half our first team and our manager apparently trying to work out how to use their calculators to add up their additional millions in wages, I thought that it was time for a little sensible reflection.

At times like these, as Saints fans we need to put our faith in our owner Katharina Liebher - the daughter of our saviour Marcus. We need to have faith that she has a desire to honour her fathers wishes.

As a Saints fan, all I have heard from the club is a clear message that they want to take Saints forward, to retain the players, and build a squad capable of continuing our recent progress. It's all very well saying take the money from the sale two or three of these players, but who do you buy? New players need time to settle.

Saints are currently at a crossroads. Go straight on, and they march towards their goal of European football. No there aren't any guarantees, but it is plausible. Start selling players, and that goal is at risk. Take Spurs for example, they were far more likely to gain CL footy had they retained Bale. Not only that, can you imagine how much their wage bill has risen? Not only that, it's clear that Spurs are a selling club!

Saints are on the verge of making that next step. However, the sale of our Captain, or the brightest young English star in recent times, or indeed the loss of our manager, would indicate that as a club, we are fundamentally a selling club. Kruger himself highlighted that commercially we need to become stronger, but to achieve this, we need success, not the sale of our international players!

When I look at the success that Liverpool have had this last season, it is clear to me that that success was largely achieved not on the training pitch, but in the Board Room, where they said Luis Suarez is not for sale.

Take note Katharina Liebher, Mr Kruger, Mr Reed. If you wish Saints to grow, and move to the next stage, then look no further than to yourselves.

St Christopher

1.) The biggest benefit is that it's clear these players enjoy playing together. They are a unit, and I for one have never seen a Saints team full of camaraderie as much as we have now. That definitely was started by Adkins and has been developed further by Pochettino.

This was brought up most recently by Wanyama in a interview with FourFourTwo, who again emphasised on the will of the team to stick together and continue their push for Europe.

Of course it's natural for players to look elsewhere if they don't feel they can achieve their career goals at their club. But it's clear from the messages that the players have given in recent months that they want to stay and push for their goals here.

It would be foolish to think that the Southampton board is not thinking about this daily. Of course it's not going to be as easy as buying 3-4 world-class players this summer and instantly the title is within our grasp. There needs to be time to plot this all out, and ensure that the development comes from another of levels, and then success will come along too.

2.) Bang on Chris.

Although I would emphasise the sale of Lallana and the loss of MoPo as THE END of our realistic chances of progression. We couldn't possibly replace them with anyone as good.

It would signal to the other players that we're not strong and ambitious enough. Lovren, Schneiderlin, Clyne, Chambers, Jay Rod etc are capable of playing for top teams and would most likely look to follow them out. The likes of Lovren came to the club with the ambition of progression, now without that, we couldn't sign players of that known caliber again. I wouldn't blame anyone for going if the board do not keep up the momentum.

I think selling Shaw for £30m+ would be acceptable. At the end of the day, champions sell stars for the right price. An 18 year old left back would not be a huge miss and we have a replacement in Matty Target as well as very capable cover from Clyne with Chambers on the right. I would accept this as good business and steadying the ship with funds to strengthen more needy areas. However, I of course would like to keep him no matter what the offer. At the end of the day, we all want the best players, good football and if Katherina is prepared to lose a few million getting us to Europe, we won't be complaining. Just being realistic because she is a business woman.

I am very worried. I think for Lallana to stay, MoPo needs to stay and vice versa, let alone the others. Plus I imagine they'll want a good bumper transfer kitty. I'll be livid if MoPo goes to Spuds - because that should be sideways step at best if our board are on track.

I really do believe if we keep these together, sell Oswaldo and the dead wood, then get some real quality to add - most notably to attack, we really can compete for top 4. I reckon a striker, a winger/AM, a defender and we've got a chance.

Some people (most notably the clueless armchair jockey plastic club kind) would call me deluded, but I ask myself, who has outplayed us this season? How many games did we dominate but fell short of a win for want of finishing a host of chances or conceding from 1 shot or a crazy sloppy goal or terrible refereeing? How many points did we drop when the fixtures came thick and fast right at the same time we had a 3rd choice clown of a keeper in goal and other key injuries? 10 games in, we could have been top of the league ffs. The only club that deserved to beat us home and away was Chelsea.

The league table is not a true reflection of our capability at all. A bit more depth to cover injuries and perhaps a tiny bit of justice instead of consistent bad refereeing, and it would have been oh so much better. Next year our players will only be better - that little bit more mature, settled and experienced.

It's been very exciting times, I hope our dream aren't shattered.


3.) Agree 100% St Tony

4.) Completely right St Tony, I think we all can see it going one of 2 ways either retaining all and progressing further up the table next year or loosing a lot of key players and the manager, I think if the manager stays it will indicate that we have an ambitious board who want to push on and keep improving, but if he doesn't it sends out a clear message that they don't but we'll see, hopefully exciting times ahead still!




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19 Aug 2015 11:40:07
Perhaps VanGaal wants to do his old Buddy Ronald a favour? lol

St Christopher



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19 Aug 2015 11:39:09
Sounds extremely unlikely

St Christopher



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30 Jul 2015 00:35:29
I personally don't think we need another CDM, as we have one already in Harrison Reed. Reed, in my humble opinion is going to become a formidable player, but he does need game-time. JWP will go on to become a top player, as could Targett.

My one worry this season is what happens when Jose Fonte (Baby) gets injured. It seems to me that our captain fantastic has become the one player that you can't leave out of the team.

As for Ramirez, I guess we'll look to move him on due to his high wages, and lack of results. He's just not worth it

St Christopher



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20 Jul 2015 19:38:56
From what I have heard, Elia wants to move permanently to Southampton.
Koeman likes Elia, and believes he has talent, but the club is generally underwhelmed by Elia's performances. Saint's are averse to doing a deal, but they feel that his parent club want too much money.
I did hear that Saints offered around £3.75m which is £1.75m less than his club are prepared to let him go for.

St Christopher



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12 Jul 2015 22:52:27
If we were doing business with Napoli, why on earth would we have people in Napoli tracksuits parading around outside the stadium?

St Christopher




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21 Mar 2016 10:20:09
What a strange game. If there was ever a game of two halfs I think we saw it yesterday. I do agree that the substitutions we made a big impact. I think that it was more than that though.
In the first half, we kept throwing everyone forward. It was like watching a kids football match! Yes, Liverhampton were incisive, and had quality up front, but they were helped by our inept performance.

Second half, different story.

You have to hail RoKo's genius to lull them to such a false sense of security.


St Christopher



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18 Jan 2016 00:01:38
If we loose Gaston this month, we won't be paying out much more in wages after Austin has come in.

St Christopher



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18 Jan 2016 00:00:32
Yup Bertrand played as a centerback, with Target a fullback in both Watford and Baggies games.

St Christopher



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14 Jan 2016 20:08:20
How any Saints fan can promote risking the clubs future on pushing a dream is beyond me.

Were you still in nappies when Marcus rescued the club? We were within 24 hrs of being liquidated!

It may not quite be as exciting, but operating the way we do does secure the clubs future. Besides, recently we have seen some of our summer window signings coming good. Classie looked like a top class player last night. Martina, Cedrik and Romeu have all been doing well, and for once it looks like we might actually have a decent squad.

Lets wait and see how we get on before we start screaming about getting rid of Katharina. After all, there's an old saying. Be careful what you wish for as it might come true. Hell we could end up with someone like Woopert, or some of those so called owners that they had down the road.

St Christopher



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09 Oct 2015 00:01:13
Hi Guys,

Good post Chrisdownj.
The one thing that gives me a little confidence about the future of the club, is that they have set the Champions league as a target. Now I'm not saying that we'll get there any time soon, but the one thing that the management of the club has done since St Marcus took over the club is be true to their words time and time again. Hell, most fans were ridiculing Cortese when he came out and said that we wanted to be challenging in the premier league, when we were in Div 1.

I for one have faith in the club management, and while it would probably be the biggest challenge of all, there is hope that we may eventually get there.
Keep Calm
Support the Saints

St Christopher