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27 Jan 2013 19:16:57
starting to get the feeling that some supporters are trying to stir the pot amongst us saints fans regarding the whole nigel adkins dismissal and the hiring of Mauricio Pochettino being a foreigner tring to turn us against mr cortese. Personally I feel these fans are just jealous that here at saints we have a good thing going and have a potentially have a great future also think the media are trying to do the same what are your veiws? And for the record I completely trust and back sfc and nicola cortese... up the saints!

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Yeah I have also noticed that we seem to be a hated club now. Although the media seem to be a bit more positive now and the Saints fans seem to be on board with Cortese and MP. I don't mind being hated. Bring it on! I would like Le Tiss to stop with the childish arguments though. I love him but we don't need his constant negativity. I think he's being rather immature to be honest. He has been tweeting things about Cortese all day.

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Whooops! I ment supporters from other clubs. Also Mauricio Pochettino gets my full support.

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Cortese interview on tv very good, i'm glad he has come out & spoken about Adkins etc, he wants saints to be a top 6 side.........let's get behind him & the new manager.

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Whenever we next draw or lose...the media will jump at it as an opportunity to suggest Cortese made a bad decision on sacking Adkins. They love to stir a story just as they have with the Coutinho bidding "war" between us and Liverpool. What has been well proven in that instance is how bitter a lot of Liverpool and other teams fans are about the fact we have simply been linked to such talent, which goes to show how progressive Saints have been. I think it's great to see us getting under the skin of certain clubs fans and seeing the team prove we're a club on the up!

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Yes, Le Tiss is starting to look rather silly. This is a guy who has never met NC but seems to be an expert on him to all the media. Beginning to look like attention/media revenue seeking and he would be better to keep quiet.
As NC has stated (love him or loathe him) it is the club that is important.

Saint Martin

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Saint Martin, They have met before but tbf I ain't bothered. We live in the present and the past is history which we respect and are grateful for. Business is a cruel world but same time very achieving. If I got sacked I wouldn't want my boss to thank me, it's was my job. Therefore don't want people to pity me. Same as NA is probably feeling right now. Business is great just need solid objectives and be bullish.

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27 Jan 2013 19:15:16
Adam Lallana .. I am hoping that new manager can help with AL to progress .. He has come a little bit predictable in his play .. either step over or step back .. almost almost ending in a pass backwards .. rarely a good cross ..
I have no doubt I will be chastised for posting this but it's true! he needs to up his game as Morgan S has !

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Lallana was our best player before he got injured. 5 assists and two goals is not a bad return. I don't know what you're going on about.

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I totally agree he seems to have so much talent in the way he gets to the corner but then either passes to lambert or gets tackled for taking too long. personally i'd like to see him either cross or pass to luke shaw or if neither of those is open then do what he has been doing.

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Exactly ... he seems to get to the corner area with ease and then stops !
does a couple of fancy step overs/back ... and then when he does pass, its the pass he could have made 15 secs earlier .. I think MP will bring the best out of him :-) so 5 assists and two goals becomes 10 assists and 4 goals in the same time !

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Posted a text a few days ago exactly about Lallana. Just wait and see what happens with the new manager regarding our left hand side. We have probably three of the best left sided players in the country with Gaston, Adam and Luuuke, got a feeling Mauricio will get more out of them than NA and by pressing higher up the field will suit Adam more. Got good feelings about this so long as we can keep them fit. Any injuries in many positions we will be in trouble as most of our bench players are Championship standard at best. Just my view but it would be interesting to know what others think.

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I agree .. what a left side .. Saints were on fire when we had Bridge and Marsden on the left .. and Shaw/Lallana can be as good .. and with Ramirez too .. could be something special ... Sad these about these forums is that if you post something slightly negative about a local hero ie Lallana, you get chastised .. his play is VERY predictable and I think MP will make him a much better player. One thing I heard about NA's training sessions was that they were predictable and had become boring .. so maybe AL's progress was being halted by NA character .. dull :-)

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27 Jan 2013 19:02:03
Mauricio Pochettino's red and white army!! coyr's

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27 Jan 2013 18:33:12
Now that we do have a new CB in Forren our priority must be to bring in some pace for the wide areas or an all round attacking MF player. An exciting player in these areas will help the fans get behind the manager and take some of the heat off NC and demonstrate he knew what he was doing letting NA go. We are good going forward but do need more depth as a lot if you have already stated. Lalanna is on the verge of a return but we still have a lot of games to go and you don't know when/if the next injury problem will strike. One thing is for sure, we have to pull our finger out if anything is to happen that isn't a panic buy before the window slams shut.

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I'd say more importantly we need a defensive midfielder to replace cork as when the ball goes to either him or schniederlin in and attacking position they're useless. As schniederlin is making more of an impact defensively i'd say its cork that's got to go.

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27 Jan 2013 17:43:31
Really hoping Southampton do a bit more business before the end of this window. We need a few more supporting players as I feel we're a bit light in terms of rotation options. Here's hoping for a busy last few days.

- TJ

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To be fair, I was actually enjoying the last few months, thought we had really go something going and given me hope that we could survive the season. I for one would not be disappointed if there were no more signings, we have Lallana coming back soon as well and then Jose Fonte will also be back to see some of the season. Come on you Saints

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Liverpool big club courtinho must be thinking what have I done can't even beat Oldham lol think the lad has made a bad career choice mine you those benches do look very comfortable!!!

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27 Jan 2013 17:04:53
Paulinho is very good

young and talented

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27 Jan 2013 16:59:51
We should not give Cortese stick.

He helped us get bought and saved us

He made the choice to sack Pardew and look where we are now

He brought in Adkins

He helped us sign quality players like Ramirez

Lets thank not hate

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27 Jan 2013 16:56:40
Southampton manager Pochettino originally travelled to Barcelona as he wanted the chance to bond with the team properly and though taking the lads on a holiday to the place he called home for so many years could help him to get to know them.
However thank to Cortese it also could turn out to be to give a new face the chance to settle in with the club, the media are not going to be allowed in the training area tomorrow having been given almost open access today which is rumoured to be to allow a new signing to train with the squad before being unveiled later in the day.

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The 'training area' is called Staplewood as they came back today!

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The players actually arrived back in England yesterday so why are you making up complete rubbish?

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I'd be happy if the media turned up. Could have great fun watching us ininvisible mode.

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27 Jan 2013 16:50:40
Priority Signing positions:

Striker-In case Lambert gets injured and also a striker for the future if Lambert loses his form for next or the season after)

Centre Back-cover for our other defenders or starting in defence

CAM/Winger-a playmaker in case someone gets injured and possibly to provide competion and bolster our attack

Less priority positions:

Left back-In case Shaw gets injured because Fox is not premier league

GK-cant see this happening because Boruc is good but maybe a GK as cover or for the future

I know not all will happen

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Centre back, we've already signed Forren, doubt another will happen or even be looked into.

Striker, Possible I guess, but only if the right one were to appear at the right price.

CAM/Winger, would be good, we could do with a good player to just flare up the attacking ranks.

'Less' Priority options;

Goalkeeper, I can't see it happening. Boruc is a very good keeper and Gazzaniga looks a hot prospect.

Left Back, not sure we'll see anything in that department till the summer, not sure who would be happy to join us either as they'd be playing second standard to Shaw for a LONG TIME.

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Id say cork needs to be replaced as he just doesn't have enough going forward

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Everybody is entitled to their opinion but have you ever watched Saints play ? Cork without a doubt has been one of the two players that have stopped us conceding goals over the last few weeks due to his tremendous work rate and tracking back. Still can't believe you posted that. What do the rest of you think maybe it's me.

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27 Jan 2013 16:31:49
I can't help thinking if we were buying a player from Spain we should have heard something official by now? Maybe we are not getting anyone this window but I agree we need a good finisher. Maybe the intense training in Barcelona will improve the players.

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Agreed. Doesn't bode well. However. I think a lot will depend on whether NC had a back up plan to courtinho.

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Got a feeling NC has already got a player or 2 sorted, don't think any announcement will be made till at least Wednesday so as to stop any other clubs trying to jump in. No info on this but just a guess, anybody agree?

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27 Jan 2013 14:45:24
Benali is banned from st marys he had a big fallout with chairman over a house he was renting from francis and there was moneys owed!!!it all ended up in court
and turned very nasty i'm sure the chairman would say it had something to do with the match fixing rumours when francis was captain at the club!

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27 Jan 2013 14:20:42
just watched the Cortese interview, looks like someone knows how to be professional & adult, its not good for ex-players to bad mouth.


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27 Jan 2013 14:06:09
Just watching this Ponchiatto interview, could you shead any light why Francis Benali is banned from attending St Marys?

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He had a legal battle with Cortese. Cortese was renting one of his properties and Benali sued over some kind of alleged damages and unpaid rent.

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27 Jan 2013 12:24:35
we needa marque signing like wellington nem or callejon. I think we need another cb as cover. possibly a cover(not starting) lb. a striker if lambert gets injured and a winger/cam which would be welling ton nem.

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We have a good strong defence now, Forren was our new Centre back signing, we have options around the field I think we just need one or two new players to add a bit more flare to the side. We already are looking good but with maybe a new winger or striker we could prove much more effective. But I don't think a marquee signing is necessary in our current state.

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27 Jan 2013 12:20:06
i think we should go for wellington nem young and very talented. better than coutinho. also callejon would be good. wot happened to astori.

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Astori fell through I think Forren was our replacement for taking him. If we will take Astori it'll be in the summer if at all.

Wellington Nem has no real substance to it as a rumour but he would be an incredible signing. I'm confident he was made up by someone as a signing but I would love to see it happen.

Callejon I can't see happening either considering he is at Real Madrid and probably on a wage far above what we would be willing to offer.

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27 Jan 2013 07:45:50
P.S we still need a decent signing or two.

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I think our club looks good as it is, one or two signings would improve us maybe but we are not in desperate need to bring in new faces. I would love to see more quality players join but it is not necessary to keep us up.

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WRONG! We need a good finisher to put away the many chances we create. We should have been out of sight against Everton and you haven't been watching footie long enough if you are under the illusion that the squad strength is anywhere it needs to be for Cortese's plans. Saints fans need some common sense and look at things more in the long term. I for one fully trust The Don to bring in the right faces. I'm sure there'll be minor mistakes or misjudgements along the way but his vision is top six consistency with a possible ground expansion. With the squad as it is this won't be possible. I'm sure he isn't simply looking at survival this season, he wants more and I'm sure we'll finish comfortably but not with the current resources on the field/bench. Look at West Ham, great start but no strength in depth and it caught up with them early on. They could beat the lesser teams but not the big boys, except Chelsea, but on the whole they are struggling for form. Don't kid yourselves, we aren't there yet.

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Not for Cortese's plans yet, but this season isn't about Europe, this season is about consolidation. Our current squad really should be enough to keep us up and the financial injection at the end of the season should provide us the resources to buy the players to push towards Europe. But for this season, our current crop of talent is enough to achieve our simple objective of survival. Perhaps would be nice to get one or two new faces but it is not NEEDED.

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Said it before but 1 or 2 injuries we would be struggling. Cortese knows that and will sign somebody. Still think Billy Sharp should still be here, Nigels fault. Sorry.

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27 Jan 2013 07:42:08
What did you think of Nicola Cortese's interview on tv this morning? I was gutted that he got rid of Nigel but I do think Nicola wants Saints to be a successful club. He has done good so far, so let's him a chance now. In Nicola and Mauricio I trust. COYS!

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Proof that Cortese knows how to handle the press.

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27 Jan 2013 01:34:04
Ed, I don't know who your source was regarding the supposed Saints bid for Coutinho, but I think he/she was having a laugh. There have been absolutely no confirmed reports of Saints being interested in him. It's the same as all the rumours about us raiding Espanyol. Our club has been linked with anyone who is either Argentinian, or who has played under Pochettino before, or who is currently playing in Spain and looking to move. If we do sign anyone else, they won't fall into either of these categories. {Ed001's Note - right, ok, whatever.}

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27 Jan 2013 01:23:58
Does anyone know why the davide astori rumours dried up so quickly?

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Because we signed Vergard Forren and it's unlikely we'd go for 2 new Centre backs at a time where our defence has tightened up anyway.

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