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08 Nov 2013 23:32:02
Gaston or no Gaston?

As a staunch SFC fan, season ticket holder and ex-player, I originally was excited by Gaston's arrival. However, he has flattered to deceive! Full of talent, yet weak on physic (this may have improved, slightly since arrival of MP), lack of ability to keep the ball in possession and an ability to miss direct shots, and dead balls too long or too high!

This year we have new purchases to compare him against? Albeit in value, rather than position, such as Wanyama, Lovern and Osvaldo, the latter has shown class in (albeit fleetingly) with his touch and work rate. £12 million (alleged purchase price), do we sell, save on salary but make a loss! Or do we? The deal must have been structured? However, I conclude, do we need to sell him? Keep him or buy another AM? Banega, perhaps?

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There's only one person that can answer that question, and that's MoPo. I'm sure that Cortese is asking the question as to whether to stick or twist.

Perhaps he'll go out on loan.

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Good point made on the radio today that the Saints first 11/14 are so good that it makes the other players in the squad look more "ordinary" than they really are. So, IMHO, Gaston needs to show he can be pretty exceptional otherwise he needs to be moved on and another playmaker brought in. Don't think NC will accept Gaston sitting on the bench for the second half of the season if the club are in the top 6 at Christmas and have a chance to progress from there.

Saint Martin

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Would not surprise me to learn that there was an appearance clause in his contract whch could be a factor in all this.
Either way NC is too good a business man to pay over £55k a week to Gaston for very much longer.
Every club has had big signings that don't work out for various reasons including Saints with Augustin Delgado, we must move on.

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08 Nov 2013 19:17:25
Good news always comes in threes.

SRL, Adam and Jay Rod for England.

MoPo manager of the month and.

3 points with 3-0 win tomorrow

Come on you Saints

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08 Nov 2013 18:49:41
Hi guys, Newcastle fan in peace.

I've always supported one team and that's newcastle, but Southampton have always been like a 2nd team if you will. Reason being, I live like half an hour away from Southampton! You are where you should be in the prem, in the top half like Newcastle, your form has been brilliant, and it's proved with THREE Of your players being called up for England, rodriguez, lambert and Lallana, wouldn't mind seeing any of them in a Newcastle shirt! Haha

You shouldn't really worry about a loss to sunderland, Pochettino completely changed your starting 11 and let's face it most of them are average at best, and losing to Sunderland who really needed to win the game isn't that bad when you haven't got your usual 11, no doubt the mackems will be celebrating like they've just won the champions league!

Pochettino I think Is a man who can bring you many years of success and excitement. He's not the best man motivator but his tactics are exquisite. You have a brilliant youth academy and you're good at getting young, talented English players!

All the best for the rest of the season!


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08 Nov 2013 13:50:36
Now its just up to Morgan and Jose to get call-ups and then that's a full starting 11 of international stars!
Can't see why that's not possible?

Plus if we can keep it going in the top half of the table then we will attract more to join us.

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Don't know how Morgan hasn't yet, and the way Fonte's playing he should be in there to at least on the bench

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08 Nov 2013 02:21:21
I still can't stand the jerseys we're playing in home and away I look forward to watching the games every week and then they walk out in these plain and boring uniforms, thank God our form is a lot better than the fashion. I used to love the brand adidas but I just don't understand why they want and need to own 75% of the epl uniforms. I would of liked to have the west brom jerseys in our colour if I had the choice but I think that's stokes anyway I just had to get tjat off my chest sorry if its a bit irrelevant.

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Really, it's starting to grow on me, at least the home kit is anyway

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