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29 Dec 2011 17:36:51
All the Rumors on here are bulls**t, just wait to the day and see who comes and goes. And i personally feel that Lambert will not move to any team because if saints are to get to Premier League i reckon he would rather play with a team were he is a hero to a club. And not going to be a big flop on the bench were he will never get played. Everton what money do they have ? And also for a fan to say about Southampton having no money I do believe we are the 4th richest club in England, Go on Wikipedia and you'll see how much all English clubs have ruffly. Saints have around 3billion to spend on the club, and that is what we herd when we thirst took over by the leiber family.





28 Dec 2011 22:10:46
Wtf would a turkey know about the future of ours and other championship teams promotion hopes ? Obviously u are the complacent one, I shall remind u that Norwich are currently only 7 points clear of a return to the championship... If u have seen it all before then u will have noticed many teams who are clearly not premier league standard get sucked back into the dog-fight after a bright start. As for LAMBERT, hes a scouser for a start, if he goes then EVERTON are likely suitors, we'd be crazy to sell tho. So I guess your psychic instinct may have crossed wires, maybe LAMBERT will go, PAUL that is, when sacked for losing your premier league so hope we exchange leagues next season.





27 Dec 2011 01:22:16
ha you think that you win this league! I'm a Norwich supporter and I can tell you that you will fall away! You will get overconfident and lose your place. You won't even make the play-offs. West Ham and Birmingham will go up automatically and the play-offs will be Middlesborough, Leeds, Cardiff and Burnley. How do I know? I've seen this all before, QPR were lucky and managed to pull a winning streak at winter when everyone else was drawing. If it weren't for that then Norwich would've won the league. You'll come high this year but then you'll fall way next season. I mean look at Leeds they were almost guarenteed a play-off place last year but they ended up finishing 7th because they got complacent. Adkins is getting too big for his boots and he'll get the sack when you finish 8th or 9th. And when lambert gets bought by Norwich, Leeds, West Ham or wherever he's going in January. Then you'll all see what I mean. If you win the league then I'll post a link of my mobile number on here and you bombard me with as much abuse as you want





26 Dec 2011 19:29:22
12 Dec 2011 15:33:43
Sights will be set on Christopher HUMPHREY, Motherwells unsettled Wing man. Its believed that he would be available on the cheap from the SPL outfit. Believed to be the quickest winger in Britain.


Clearly never seen him compared to Walcott and Bale





22 Dec 2011 21:33:22
Wilfred Zaha will be joining the saints.





22 Dec 2011 15:24:39
Bristol city have confirmed on the football league website that Maynard will leave in January because he terminated talks over a new contract. Could we be in for him?





22 Dec 2011 13:22:00
So, with Jason Puncheon wanting to have a clean slate with the Saints and the lack of natural right wingers in the side currently who are fit to play, what do you guys think about giving him another chance?

I personally think we should, as he will now want to prove his critics wrong, thus hopefully giving some great performances in the second half of the season and solving our problem on the right side of the midfield. I thought it was a bit unfair and judgemental when he recieved some stick by the Saints fans everytime he touched the ball on the pitch, and maybe he does have some problems with his attitude.

But, maybe he has grown up a little with the time he spent with Ian Holloway at Blackpool, Kenny Jackett at Millwall and Neal Warnock at QPR, all of which were on loan, and seemingly impressing at both Blackpool and Millwall, with Kenny Jackett and Ian Holloway both admitting that they are following Punch and his situation with us.

It would be like a new signing, without having to pay any money, solving our problem on the right, and potentially allowing us to focus on signing a new striker in the January Transfer Window. Thoughts?





20 Dec 2011 13:18:21
We are not getting Fontaine he failed a medical in the summer. His knee is to risky. Why do people keep mentioning this stupid rumour.





20 Dec 2011 09:21:20
We are not getting Billy Sharp this was made clear in the summer as he wants 40k a week.





12 Dec 2011 18:23:40
Southampton team after January:
Richardson Fonte Hoiveld Harding

Matt Phillips Cork Hammond Lallana

Lambert Austin

Matt Phillips 2m
Austin 3.5m





12 Dec 2011 08:17:24
Billy sharp!!





11 Dec 2011 16:38:28
We should be looking seriously at Jobi McAnuff of Reading, he had great game against West Ham yesterday.





10 Dec 2011 12:09:14
Hi Leeds fan here just watched MOD kickabout, few mins about Le Tiss - how good was he, Brilliant and loyal you were lucky to have him.





06 Dec 2011 11:51:06
Marlon Harewood is set to join saints on a 3 day trial.

Not really when he has joined notts forest!






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