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Review Of The Day 5th December 2018

05 Dec 2018 07:29:10
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 5th December 2018

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Review Of The Day 4th December 2018

04 Dec 2018 15:03:59
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 4th December 2018

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04 Dec 2018 12:28:44
Anyone else looking forward to Ings being back?
Now Armstrng is in awesome form, I reckon we can get a brilliant attacking duo out of Armstrong and Ings!

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04 Dec 2018 14:10:09
A 4-2-3-1 like:
Cedric Stephens Vestergaard Bertrand
Lemina Hojbjerg
Redmond Armstrong Elyounessi
Or even swapping one of the holding midfielder for Gabs into a 4-4-2 looks pretty good on paper.

04 Dec 2018 16:12:06
If Hassenhutl is going to be our new manager then I can see us playing his preferred 4-2-2-2 formation, so that he can have a real taste of what he's working with. If this is the case our squad will probably line up like this

Cedric Yoshida Vestergaard Bertrand
Lemina Hojbjerg
Armstrong Redmond
Ings Gabbiadini.

04 Dec 2018 18:21:22
Agree with your preferred XI Jay, and with Gunn, Stephens, Valery, Targett, Romeu, JWP, Austin, Obafemi, Davis, Bednarek, McQueen, ElYounoussi as backup/ squad members, it’s a nice mix of youth and experience in support.
Can’t help but feel that maybe with a more of an attacking manager, playing two wide men, Boufal might fit into this well if he could get his act together - also seeing Carrillo’s supporting and hold up play at Leganes maybe these two could come back into the fray.
Hopefully if we can move on Forster, Long and maybe Hoedt (seems unlikely) to free up some funds and wages, we could bring in a decent quality defender or attacker in January - seeing as Ralph has worked at the top and bottom of the top two German leagues, maybe an astute signing or two could be found there.

05 Dec 2018 09:18:13
Unfortunately, I don't think we've seen the last of Shane Long, his style of play is something that will suit the new manager. I think we could actually end up losing Austin and Gabbiadini in January. Which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if we can bring in a decent replacement.

That being said even though the board have said they won't bring in any new players, maybe we could reel in some youngsters from Germany on loan? We'll see what happens. Optimistically we're playing 2 teams that will probably get relegated this season in December, if we can win both games, that's one step forward to staying in the Premier League. I think the board will be reluctant to bring in any new players under the manager orders, since MP decided to bring in Carrillo who in return couldn't get into the squad, so that was a waste of 20 million.

I still think we have a quality team and don't actually need any new players, the right system offensively will see us score goals. The right coaching will make our defence stronger, and will help players decision making on game day. A lot of goals we concede you could probably cancel out, if X player didn't do X thing. For example the goals against Man United, Vestergaard and Yoshida were trying to press Lukaku and Rashford way too far up the pitch. There's no need to press a player when they are 40 yards up the pitch with their backs to the goal.

I have faith in this squad and I hope I'm not proved wrong with being overly optimistic again.

Liverpool v Everton - A Liverpool Perspective

04 Dec 2018 07:29:07
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Liverpool v Everton - A Liverpool Perspective

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04 Dec 2018 02:05:39
Might be a bit overexcited and admittedly jumping the gun but I decided to read a bit into reviews on Leipzig's tactics while Hassenhutl was in charge. I have a feeling if or when he does join the setup, Oriol Romeu will be reborn and he will be Ralph's own Diego Demme and be our midfield lynchpin. Aside from that he loves quick players and midfielders who can press and attack so I'm hoping he can squeeze a bit more from Redmond, Lemina, and Armstrong. I doubt that any Leipzig players would follow him here though.

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03 Dec 2018 21:06:48
Mark Hughes’ Next Managerial Job:

So, having been shown the door (and, considering he has 2 and a half year’s on his contract, probably quite a substantial exit payment) only a few hours ago, my mind is already thinking of where Sparky will go next

I’d not rule out him applying for the Manchester United job if/ when Jose Mourinho goes, but I’d fancy a punt at someone like:
Cardiff (obviously Warnock is safe but could decide to move on by/ after the season ends)
Wigan (if/ when Paul Cook gets poached by a bigger club)
Salford Utd (the club owned by the class of ‘92)
Newcastle (when Rafa walks away from it)
Burnley (when Dyche finally moves on)
Wales (When Giggsy replaces Jose at United! )

Most likely it’ll be a Championship club. Not really sure if he’ll ever get his reputation back (following sacked by Stoke and Saints in space of a year)

I hope he does well again though, wish him all the very best and hope he returns to management sooner rather than later at a good/ nice club

Over to you!

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03 Dec 2018 22:25:41
Wednesday seem keen - Luhukay is helping them drop like a stone (not unlike MH with us) and they have a decent squad - can see him doing an okay job there.

04 Dec 2018 14:25:32
Probably mid table championship side. Doesn't look good for him but maybe he'll adapt and change his tactics which are, for the most part, outdated.

03 Dec 2018 10:42:16
It's Hassenhutl, Jardim, or Flores for me. Any of those three and I'd be happy. No reed replacement in yet?

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03 Dec 2018 18:01:40
Any one of those 3 but Hassenhuti would be my first choice. Whoever comes in would struggle to do worse than MHs 13.6% win ratio.

03 Dec 2018 20:46:59
Hughes’ win ratio was terrible. I like the bloke so much though so am always going to be slightly biased in my views

As I write this it is assumed RH will be appointed manager within the next 24 hours. Flores (legend, and ex Watford coach) would have made me happy. He was so likeable in his stint at Vicarage Road and has that style, and something about him which would have been easy to get excited about. We probably aren’t rubbish enough or struggling enough to need to turn to Big Sam, and I think a fresh/ cool modern name such as Hazelnut (by the way everyone, that is not a typo or predictive text, it’s what I call him) or Cheeky Sanchez Flores (sic) would be the right person to turn things around and take the club forward. To bring on the youngsters and get back to the magical exciting days we had under Pochettino and Koeman. It’s a shame they’ll just be using us as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, but that’s football. I think LFC and Spurs will be drawing up the contract as we speak LOL.

03 Dec 2018 22:42:04
Apparently Hassenhutl has agreed in principle to become the next Southampton head coach.

03 Dec 2018 10:40:01
Now that MH has been sacked, I find myself in a bit of a quandry. I'm pleased the board are continuing to act decisively with a view to turning things round, but I'm anxious they don't rush the appointment of the next head coach.

They employ a Director of Football/ head of football operations to make the decisions about on-field matters as they acknowledge they don't have the insight to do it. So, are they the best placed to pick the replacement, even on a temporary basis? My thought would be no.

So I am hopeful that this move comes because after 4 weeks of looking, a new DOF has been identified, interviewed and perhaps an announcement will made about that in the coming days. The chosen man has identified in interview the person or a shortlist of head coaches he wants to work with and now the board will pursue those head coaches to work with the new DOF.

We'll find out in due course what will come of it. My fingers are crossed that the board will stick to the plan of pursuing this rebuild in logical order and appoint the football brain to decide the way forward and not try it themselves. The problem is, I've lost a bit of faith and trust in the decision making, as I'm sure many have. They're making the right noises which restores some hope, but the next few weeks leading up to the January transfer window may prove crucial not only to this season but the club moving forward.

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Review Of The Day 3rd December 2018

03 Dec 2018 07:29:14
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 3rd December 2018

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02 Dec 2018 23:48:07
Alarm Bells are ringing! (don't know if this is true) but recently read a post saying that when Garry Monk was captaining Swansea City FC his auto-biography (Chapter7 ) suggests that Paulo Sousa ( who was their coach/ manager at that time) was next to useless in every. respect and seconded by ex Saints player Oakley who was with Laicester City FC when Sousa was appointed manager there.
PLEASE make absolutely sure we are not caught out once again!
Hasenhutti / Sanchez Flores / Jardim still look good!
Keep On Marching!

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03 Dec 2018 03:19:39
Don't know what's up with his record in England but did pretty well with Basel, Tel Aviv and Videoton, also his first season at Fiorentina. Agree with your other suggestions there.

03 Dec 2018 17:48:43
Garry Monk please.

03 Dec 2018 20:55:43
I’d be happy to have Monk or Flores as manager, at any point in the future (or now if Hazelnut has a change of mind) but definitely wouldn’t want Paulo Sousa anywhere near the hot seat. Not a fan of his.


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