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14 Aug 2014 17:14:04
Gardos officially signed, fee thought to be in the region of £6 million

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14 Aug 2014 17:43:27
Who's next in. :)

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Today is a good day

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Yeap, and judging by his first interview he is still carrying an injury/not match fit and will not be starting against Liverhampton on Sunday

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Came across very well in his interview and seems as though he is genuinely super excited to be at Southampton. Does speak good english and does look a good player. Good signing.

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Army Saint! Next up Ron Vlaar Aston Villa me thinks :-)

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15 Aug 2014 07:57:20
From what I can make out Luis Van Gaal is a bit of a bully when it comes to getting the players fit. Luke Shaw has been over trained and done a hamstring but I remember he was always injured or at least carrying one when playing for us. Might have been the best business ever and although he potentially is a top top player that makes no difference if you are always in the treatment room. I have a strong feeling we are going to sign a pacey winger / inside forward early next week, I think Koeman wants Belhanda and is just waiting for them to comeback with the right deal.

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15 Aug 2014 09:24:22
What position will we finish

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15 Aug 2014 09:26:07
Totally agree barnacle about Ron Vlaar even though PL got annoyed that Koeman showed interest in public about us signing him I think he knows that he is going to struggle to keep him. Just feel RK is laying low and hoping towards the end of the transfer window we can jump in and offer a contract that Vlaar can't turn down and jump the queue before the other interested clubs have got time to react.

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No, Luke's just lazy and doesn't care if he gets fined because he's on 100k a week

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14 Aug 2014 15:51:12
Shane long signed on a 4 year contract

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Gardos joins as well. Team depth is finally growing! can't wait for the new season. let's hope they gel well :)

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So that means Liverhampton will sign him next summer for £20 million.

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God help us all I can is I hope they know what there doing? Bye bye jack cork! Very puzzled.

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Let's hope RK can get a better goals to game ratio from him. There's no question about his work ethic but I'd like to see some goals also. Now let's get some others in.
We still need 2 x central defenders, a winger and I think another striker

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14 Aug 2014 16:40:08
On the bright side it's players like Long who have often made a 1-0 saints victory turn into 93 minute 2-1 defeat. So welcome aboard the good ship Southampton FC.

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Do we think Long will get the 7 shirt or will there still be another signing? Still number 5 to fill!

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Re: my last post 1x central defender now that Gardos has signed

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14 Aug 2014 18:11:19
I thought the same thing mate. I think there may be another buy around the corner!

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Keep Jack he's been a loyal servant unlike some who said they would always be here and deserted us. A winger and another defender and striker and we are there. Pretty good wedlock better than last season but need quality in depth.

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14 Aug 2014 18:11:11
Blimey everybody is posting that Cork has gone to Palace. Where have you all got all this information from, don't tell me the newspapers? Far as I can see they are trying to negotiate a new contract for him and then if he doesn't accept it then he might go. Got good feelings they will sort it out. Good player and we need to keep our best players but believe me he hasn't signed for Palace.

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I agree, Corky's very versatile, what about him playing in central defence if needed? He's great as a def Mid and not bad at right back.

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14 Aug 2014 20:28:30
What about Victor playing in central defence if needed and Corky slotting in his place?

I hope Corky stays because he is a talented player and very versatile but he may feel he wants to concentrate on playing regularly in one position and this may dictate a move.

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After netting 90m in sales we should not be playing cork at CB let alone RB.

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To saintsgibbs. I have personal views and some very limited inside info. If my views mirror other peoples is that the end of the world, I am here to post my personal views which I'm sure will use words that others use or believe it or not others might use mine. If you think it's a massive thing that myself and as you have said a reporter used the same words then I can easily see why the Ed's can't be bothered with us. You need to chill out. Really saintsgibbs really!

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Saint Martin, that's another option, big Vic in defence, is he quick enough though?

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You copied several points from an article. re worded it as your own. then told another user not to "just go on newsnow and post" a few hours later. I pulled you up on it because I believe you should practice what you preach. its ok for you to pick at a user but when I pull you up for doing exactly the same as you accused them of I need to chill out and receive condescending posts. really pricky really

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Forestsaint - You are undermining the team when it needs support - suggest you try Pompey if you cannot live with the new Saints - COYR

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Wow you really have no inside knowledge do you saintsgibbs. And that's a fact. Enjoy knocking people and there goes more eds!

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You were knocking people. I pulled you up for it now you are trying to make out i'm the aggressor. nice style.

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14 Aug 2014 15:50:56
Saints official we signed long

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14 Aug 2014 11:45:43
Saints now interested in Solly March an England U21 player who is at Brighton seems similar to Redmond any thoughts?

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Definitely a position we need to strengthen. with poch dislike to wingers I would quite like to see us sign andros Townsend

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I've said this again and again, saints have there own young wingers coming through. (I know he can also play lb but we are also set there) If we were to bring in a winger it would be one ready to go straight into the team, otherwise why bother!

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Highly rated by the u21 staff, could be decent at the right price

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More technical than Redmond - a decent young talent, albeit another left sided attacking player, along with Tadic, Ramirez and McQueen (were he to sign). I would've thought a right sided attacker was more of a priority.

Not sure there's much to this rumour anyway, but I think March is one to keep an eye out for in the coming years.

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Not as good as Redmond in my eyes

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14 Aug 2014 14:43:16
We need to hound the board and owner of our club out of Southampton. Yes of course we are not Man U and never can be. But we have a very solid base line from which to make a step up to okay with likes of Everton, Spurs and the Toon but these guys are wasting that potential and a golden generation of youth talent.


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Tadic right sided so far
Ramires has been playing centrally
Isgrove has been starting on the left for saints

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14 Aug 2014 15:23:39
People can say how the board have been forced into selling our star players. 3 names i'll mention are Baines, Coleman and Barkley. 3 top quality players and Everton have managed to keep all 3!

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14 Aug 2014 16:53:40
Because maybe Baines, Coleman and Barkely did not want to leave and did not force trough a move, unlike our 'star players'

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14 Aug 2014 17:36:12
I suppose no-one has the right to be told they will be guaranteed first team football, but Jack Cork has nothing to prove. Especially not to Les Reed and the Saints fans.

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14 Aug 2014 19:43:53
no need to sign a right winger Sam McQueen looked quality against Swindon and Brighton, much better than Isgrove IMHO and as good as Redmond a name for the future

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Can't agree with you there Zambucco. I was looking forward to seeing McQeen in action after goals and assists in Holland pre-season but I was really disappointed by his lack of pace. A winger with no pace is never going to make it in the PL - Isgrove has the pace but needs to bulk up a bit, he gets run off the ball too easily.
I'd like to see a bid for Townsend, Zaha, Chadli who are all apparently not wanted at current clubs

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14 Aug 2014 10:55:11
if jack cork leaves saints it will show
krueger is telling lies ie no one leaving
everyone knows spider is going despite what the board say
so cork going
spider going
boruc going
j rod when fit going
not looking good is it and being replaced by
mediocre players

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Up until now I have been quite hesitant to criticise the board or Koeman too much. All the other departures whilst sad and unfortunate at least have a little logic attached to them. This has none!
Personally I'd have made him captain this season. He is better than Wanyama but are the board afraid to admit defeat and put the £15 million man on the bench? Who knows. As I say this all makes little sense. Having watched the drivel that was our national side this summer I honestly think he has England potential. £3 million? £3 million?!!!! Congratulations palace you have just picked up the bargain of the summer. Absolutely unbelievable!

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Forest. have you forgot to take the pills today? Lol

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Cork won't be needed esp if the rumours him turning down a new contract and RK wanting Clasie are true. Do you not think there's a reason why Cork is more highly rated by fans than by the people who see him every day? RK doesn't play him and MP never wanted to, says something imo.

Morgan won't be going, seems to have knuckled down and got on with it - will take a huge bid for management to change their stance

Boruc won't be going, he's got chronic back problems, has injections before every match by reports, one of the reasons he hasn't had a new contract is because he's planning on retiring at the end of the season

J-Rod will be here for the season, won't pass a medical until way after the summer window closes and teams will want to see how he does once he has returned, which likely puts any potential transfer back until summer 2015

Who are these 'mediocre' players we've brought in? Everyone we've bought so far is at least as good as what have left.

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Krueger telling lies? so we bring in a decent keeper like everyone wanted, now Boruc isn't happy and may look to move how can Krueger be responsible for that, Morgan wants out and is doing all he can to do so, what can he do about that. fans preach in RoKo we trust but do half of the fans? season hasn't started yet give him and the board 10 games, if your not happy then scream and moan all you want

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Cork is a fans favourite because he gives 100% every game. It looks like wanyama, jwp and spider will be ahead of cork in the deep cm role. I believe if he was quicker, and scored a few goals he would be more 1st choice. He would be a quality signing for somebody, but koeman is the manager and if he doesn't want to play cork then I trust his judgement. With one year on his contract, it's a big decision for him as a player. He could be 1st choice in many pl clubs. I think that shows our strength in that position, a d that the board will not sell spider this season.

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14 Aug 2014 14:02:37
I think you are spot on Legod. Once Poch left I was hoping the thirst to insist on playing Wanyama ahead of Cork would be quenched. Sadly not!
The 3 million tag though a joke. Is down to the fact he has only 1 year left on his contract. I watched Cork dominate Yaya Toure last season and he's been class for 3 years now. As for Claisse? The only reason we might get him is because of Koeman.

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"Everyone we've bought so far is at least as good as what have left. "

That's a rose-tinted spin if ever there was one.

Bertrand as good as Shaw? The view of his mother, perhaps, but no-one else.

Tadic as good as Lallana? The jury's out on that one, but he's definitely the best of the signings.

Pelle as good as Lambert? Looks a limited lump on the pre-season evidence so far. Pitiful record in Italy.

Taider as good as Schneiderlin (who he's been brought in to replace)? Unlikely.

Gardos (if he signs) as good as Lovren? It'll be a hell of a coup for the scouting department if that's the case - especially as Spurs overlooked him to sign the not-very-good Chiriches instead.

And Chambers hasn't been replaced at all.

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Well I've heard some tosh in my time but this takes the biscuit. medIocre players they are internationals all great players they need to gel as a team and Ron is better thanPoch at that the glass IS half full be patient. :-):-):-):-)

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I'm not being funny but lambert was definitely on his last legs and if you want to talk about pre seasons maybe you should check his out.

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Pelle's link up play is already better than Lambert's, I've seen the english pre season games and he looks less of a 'limited lump' than Rickie did.

Tadic looks superb, everything Lallana was with an eye for goal and some pace on him - looks a real bargain if he really cost less than 10mil.

Forster - future England no. 1, nothing more to say than that

Bertrand looks at home playing in this team - decent going forward, not had a lot to deal with going backwards yet. will take the pressure of Targett this season (who will be as good as Shaw) and then provide decent cover if we sign him permanently.

Taider - changed the game when he came on against leverkusen - tenacious, quick, decent passer, decent shot on him. More forward than Morgan, defo not a replacement for him.

Gardos by all accounts will be an absolute steal at 6mil. Spurs overlooked a lot of quality players to sign what they did, not exactly a good example, are they?

Long - he's the fox in the box striker most have been wanting. Done well at WBA when he had someone to play off of and decent service. 12 million for him isn't bad considering Borini went for 14

maybe give them a chance to show what they're like in the prem before slating them? There's no way I could be a fan of something if I constantly looked at it as negatively as some of you do.

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Have to say I agree with caseysaint. Yes we have lost a decent Manager and pretty much the core of our side. HOWEVER the players we have brought in deserve to have their chance before we start deciding whether we up or downgraded. Give it 10 games and see where we stand before we make a judgement. I seem to remember the same names popping up about the worry of bringing an unknown (in England) manager to replace Adkins. That was 18 months ago and how did that pan out?

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14 Aug 2014 06:28:35
cork rumours are true. gardos and long announced friday.

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What is going on with saints! Cork has been a solid performer for the last few seasons for us and now he's going to palace! Wtf! Just seems to me that you play well you can leave
How about you play well you stay?! Makes more sense to me!

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Cork was unreal at points last season. but we have so many good midfielders its impossible to keep them all happy. corky deserves regular football and Koeman cannot guarantee him that. mutual agreement.

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This has been a frustrating summer for Saints fans! Get rid of Cork and Spider and and we will have reached the bottom of the barrel! Only one way to go now and that's relegation.

Just shows, public support means nothing.

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14 Aug 2014 08:08:44
As much as I'd hate to see Jack Cork leave, if RoKo can't find room for him, he deserves a chance to hold down a first team place elsewhere. Yes, £3m does seem laughable, but he's only got 1yr left on his contract.
As long as the replacements are at least the equal of the players leaving, we shouldn't worry, and I see no reason to worry.
If we can fight hard to bring in Jordy Clasie as a replacement for Jack Cork and with Gardos coming in to replace Lovren, we are starting the new season in an albeit new and untested, but stronger position that last year.

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You're dreaming if you think Clasie is coming in to replace Cork.

They won't replace him at all.

When it all shakes out and Schneiderlin gets his move, Wanyama will be Saints' only viable option as a defensive midfielder.

Krueger's waffle about increasing the "roster strength" is as hollow a promise as everyone suspected it would be. The squad going into this season will be weaker than last season's. Weaker in numbers, weaker in quality.

Looking forward to hearing how the chairman spins what a raging success this transfer window has been, on September 1st.

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Can I tell you lot something saints are doomed way to many strange discussion's are being made.

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14 Aug 2014 09:32:48
I was talking to a retired internationally capped football player yesterday who has managed 4 clubs in the last 10 years, he said that it's widely known that Forster is the best English keeper and a really level headed bloke. He also said the Shane Long is a fantastic player but his goal ratio of 1 in 4 has prevented him from signing for a top 4 premiership team. He thinks Saints will be fine. won't score lots of goals but won't concede many, he predicted circa 12 th place in PL this season. Lastly, he said that agents are becoming so manipulative that a lot of clubs are experiencing difficulties with players demands so don't think the player exodus is solely down to mis management.

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James ward prowse plays DM for England u21. He sits deep a d receives the ball, makes interceptions, abd he can shoot. That is his natural position, with wanyama, taider, a d Davis. We are not short of players that cab play DM.
Reed: cork, here is your new contract
Cork: ok, well I want to be playing 1st team football
Koeman: sorry I can't do that
Cork: well I'm not signing then
Reed: well with only a year on your contract, we are going to have to let u go

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14 Aug 2014 10:56:40
It's strange how the fans love him but neither RoKo or Poch rated him as highly. We have a large mid-field contingent and this could be something to do with giving Reed a break into the first team.
RoKo looks happy to build his own team and I'm happy to give him the chance. We were happy when he was appointed so let him manage.

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Saintsmiff that's exactly my thought. Big Vic as the water carrier and JWP pinging the passes around. If Cork goes he will be a forgotten man in 6 months time as JWP will surpass him. And I'm a Cork fan

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I am a cork fan, he would be brilliant in a packed midfield. Keeps possession and reads the game well. Koemans preferred choice of 4-3-3 leaves no room for a cork type player. Taider, spider and jwp are cm players who offer something defensively and offensively.

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14 Aug 2014 16:38:13
Well, Saint Gibb, your sauce seems to have gone off pretty quick!
Long already announced, not Friday.

No disrespect to you as your posts are still useful compared to the absolute rubbish on here from some persons, who need to take a look at RoKos comments re Long. We have a manager who talks a lot of sense and should be listened to. Long reminds me a little of Suarez in the way he runs the channels and puts defenders under constant pressure. I think he will be a really good investment. I like the way the new squad is taking shape and if we can strengthen one or two other positions in the next couple of weeks we could have a very exciting season-but we will need to be patient and positive because RoKo has a difficult task and will need support from us because the media will just love it if we have a difficult start.

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Both announced and now read in some articles that no bids for Cork have been made, as Koeman wants to keep him to cover RB too, instead if signing a player

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Saint martin - I was told tomorrow, I work nights. both signed today, take what you want from that. did you really just compare shane long to luis suarez?

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14 Aug 2014 20:17:28
SaintGibbs-you can obviously read my post, I would suggest you know exactly what I said, so why try the trick of putting your own words into it? A job vacancy is awaiting you in Westminster!

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Hopefully. wouldn't have to do these night shifts anymore.

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