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15 Aug 2014 18:16:57
Van Dijk being heavily linked with Hamburg in Germany. Snap him up quickly RoKo.

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I think vlaar is the better option. we need a bit more PL experience in the squad.

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VVD completely unproven. From what I have seen I'm not sure he would be a patch on vlaar. Pretty sure vlaar is staying with villa, don't you just hate player loyalty!

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I think we need proven leaders in our team and VVD isn't proven at a high enough level for me

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16 Aug 2014 21:11:20
I didn't know much about gardos, but after watching clips and seeing what sb fans have said about him, I think he could be a hidden gem. He looks very comfortable on the ball, technically very good. With fonte being captain, I assume he will be 1st choice. I remember typing similar optimistic comments about lovren b4 last season.

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Vlaar is likely off to united imo.

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17 Aug 2014 06:00:41
Koeman now saying that we are not after another cb

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17 Aug 2014 08:50:12
If Yoshida and Fonte are our only choices at centre back as Gardos is out injured for a while yet god help us. I think they will have to hand out blindfolds when we go through the turnstiles at St Marys. I am a total supporter of the club but just think we have addressed most positions on the field apart from the one we were already weak in even when Lovren was still here. One injury or suspension and then what, Hooiveld??? Scary stuff.

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17 Aug 2014 09:04:23
Can somebody please explain to me why we sold Calum Chambers, watched him play for Arsenal yesterday at CB and he looked very comfortable on the ball. Let's face it he can play anywhere by the look of it. I now think that was the worst bit of business we did this summer especially if you believe the ECHO ( which invariably I don't ) report on Koeman saying no more CB's. However nobody else has reported him saying this. If Chambers was still here he would have been in front of Yoshida by a mile based on his performance yesterday. Getting pretty concerned about our likely goals against column.

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Firstly because he said he wanted to leave.
Secondly because 16m for a player who didn't want to be here, and only had 19 games under his belt was too good to turn down.
Thirdly because he had a clause in his contract.
Fourthly how you going to stop a player leaving when he's going for medals and CL football.
Explained ok for you?

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Would have to agree with both to be fair. Totally agree about our situation with CB but chambers leaving was because we had little choice. What I was told Friday differs from what the echo has said and we are looking at another CB although I believe we have been slow over the summer in an area that needed strengthening

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^^ with whom are we interested in bringing in? Cb that is?

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17 Aug 2014 11:42:32
I understand what you are saying about him wanting to leave, so what is the difference between Chambers and Schneiderlin. Most of you are saying make him stay so why not have made Chambers stay, 16 million pounds is irrelevant if we concede goals by the shed load come the end of the season.

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I'm still wondering why he (CC) was never trialled as a central defender at saints?

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That's just it we never tried him at c and the board probably over looked that possibility

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I was told that Chambers had a get olause in his contract if there was a bid from a CL club - if that's true we had no choice

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15 Aug 2014 13:24:32
Italian media (more than your regular pinch of salt then) are reporting that we are still in for Virgil Van Dijk. Might be recycled reporting but thought I'd mention that it's cropped up again. Van Dijk/Vlaar and another winger/attacking midfielder and I think we're reasonably well placed.

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Virgil Van Dijk and Ron Vlaar will do for me. I think we've got decent wingers with McQueen and Isgrove

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Remy all day long

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Well that's obviously going to happen.

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Any news on vlaar

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15 Aug 2014 19:35:42
Anybody read in to the news that Vlaar is doubtful for Villa tomorrow with a slight knock? Might just be co-incidental that we are almost definitely after him. Seen these mystery injuries happen many times when there is transfer speculation.

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Hi Ed, any news on Ings? He's been spotted several times in Southampton.

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{Ed001's Note - he has family there.}

16 Aug 2014 08:21:07
This is my first ever post I normally just read them. Seriously Steve0 drop the ings thing. You know he is from Southampton. You have been told many times. Stop with the annoying questions. That along with some nasty comments are what scared off ed002. Even though he was a little blunt in his delivery sometimes everything he said came true

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16 Aug 2014 11:09:14
Dear Lord. Is the Ing thing still rearing its head

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16 Aug 2014 18:30:59
Ings actually said he wanted to stay with Burnley and Southampton never made enough interest in him to make a claim for being interested. Fantastic player along with vokes. Would love to see them both but this site is about posting rumours and actual possible targets for people who want to know, not about people stating what they would like. It's a transfer rumour site. I'd like to think people would post real rumours and targets not feelings or wants.

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Were linked to everyone so therefore free to talk about any.

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15 Aug 2014 10:50:39
Italian media sayimg we are in pole position for alvaro gonzalez from Lazio I believe it is. didn't train with the team on wednesday.

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Different type of player but I would rather lulic.

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Need a CB not another midfielder!

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Where should we finish

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I can't see it happening but I feel we still need another striker. we have sold 41 of 54 last seasons goals and our only 2 real options are long and pelle. why not try for remy.

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You mention we only have Pelle and Long as options but what about Gallagher? He's had limited chances but when he's been on the pitch he's looked very promising and hasn't really put a foot wrong. We need to utilise our academy, we have one of the best.
In an ideal world I'd like to see us still bring in a CB, RB, wide midfielder and striker but realistically I think just a CB and RB. Even with Gardos now in we look short at CB as we are missing a solid, influential figure there ( Vlaar?)Jos isn't up to this level, gardos is an unknown, jury still out on Yoshida and Fonte is decent but not exceptional. If Clyne gets injured we are stuck at RB too so hopefully we can get Byram from Leeds. An attacking mid would strengthen options and a promising young striker to push the other three particularly Pelle and Long.
It is heartening that we have brought a few in but the squad has merely gone from anorexic to thin! It's a long old season, a strong squad is critical 3-4 more before the end of the window please.

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15 Aug 2014 13:14:46
Completely agree with the Remy point, going to Liverpool for 8.5 mil it would be an absolute steal. Although I could imagine his wages being huge

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Although this guy is a midfielder, he's also played a fair bit at RB for Lazio - So you can see RK mindset here. Potentially one player to cover numerous roles.

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I agree Legod, we need to keep bringing through our talented young players, it looks as if we've got a terrific generation of players coming through, if you think about Shaw, Chambers (both gone but still), JWP, Gallagher, Reed, McQueen, Stephens, Turnball, Target, Sinclair, Rowe, McCarthy you'd think all have the potential to make it into the first team in the future from one age group! Maybe we'll utilize Stephens at CB this year, McCarthy at RB and then use Rowe/Sinclair at RW, we already know that Reed, McQueen, Isgrove, Gallagher, JWP will first team regulars anyway

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15 Aug 2014 19:38:26
Remy failed a medical with Liverpool. I am sure this would have some bearing on his price.

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15 Aug 2014 21:36:25
Loads of you were posting about squad numbers earlier. No. 20 which was Lallana is still free so I think there is more to come. No. 14 also free, not sure but I think the last player with this number was Dean Hammond. Any ideas guys?

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Great fan of Gallagher. he needs a real confidence boost by scoring lots of goals in the reserves and some cup activity. The next big thing!

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15 Aug 2014 10:24:03
Saints will bring in Ron Vlaar today. Also possibly of a swap deal involving Kyle naughton and Andros Townsend coming in for die hard want away judas schniderlin

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15 Aug 2014 10:55:10
Now that would be good if true.

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15 Aug 2014 11:05:18
That would be a good deal, if he doesn't want to play get the best deal

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Vlaar rumour may well be true. The No 5 shirt filled at last!! Personally a good buy for season 2014/5 if he can keep fit!

No way Spider will go now. We do not want to do any business with Spurs, ever!

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Vlaar a possibility but poochy said Townsend wasn't for sale yesterday.

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I hope so

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If vlaar signs today I will wear a west ham shirt when we play millwall in the cup.

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Poch did say that Townsend was not for sale, but we also said that we wouldn't sell anyone at the start of the summer! Just a ploy to get the best deal. It could happen.

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@gtsaint, Gardos has been given the number 5 shirt. Source - Saints official twitter. This was announced alongside the 7 going to Long

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15 Aug 2014 13:24:36
Cant see vlaar signing today.

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That would be a good deal, but I doubt Naughton would want to come to sit on the bench, which is why a young developing player is good to slowly put into the first team

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Saintsgibbs - looks like you won't have to fork out on a Hammers shirt bud :)

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15 Aug 2014 21:48:36
Don't know about you lot but I'm not sure I want Schneiderlin to stay here just because we won't let him go. Can't see it will help the rest of the squad knowing there is a player that is probably not going to give 100% on the field. To me it makes sense to get the very best price and let him go, if it is to Tottenham then WOW what a reception he would get when they come to St Marys.

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I think a lot of you may under estimate just how good spider is and just how vital he is to our style of play. look at the list of Tottenham midfielders and MoPo still wants him there. surely that speaks volumes. highest interceptions and tackle rate rate over the last 2 seasons. If I was Ron I would be doing everything I could to keep him and get him happy. For spider its about international football not $ (who can blame him for wanting to play for his country). the Euros are still a way away yet as well so there's still time for him.

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16 Aug 2014 10:40:43
Saint Gibbs I am not under estimating Schneiderlin in any way in fact he was probably our best player over the last couple of seasons. Just don't know how it can work with a player that wants away. I can see it from both sides, from his point of view he has done his apprenticeship and has now been offered the top job elsewhere. From our point of view he signed a long term contract so he should honour that. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that in football and I still expect him to go if not in this window the one in January.

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Tottenham a top job ahaha. the way I see it is if Koeman says he is good to play (which he has) then I trust that spider has accepted to stay and play. If he still wants to move in the summer he will have to play well. no one will want him if he sulks and ends up not playing. he still has to continue to prove himsellf.

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Chris you have asked why we sold chambers - he didn't want to be here. Then you have commented that spider should go if he doesn't want to play for the club. This is a contradiction as it is a very similar situation.

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18 Aug 2014 09:55:00
Difference to me Gregg is that at no stage did any of us have any clue that Chambers wanted to go in fact it was a bit of a shock, well it was to me. Schneiderlin to me is slightly different as he has quite openly told the whole world that he doesn't want to play for us anymore. You say I'm contradicting myself but what I meant was if we sold CC just like that, why the big stand off with MS. Understand your point but I was just trying to reason why one situation was different to the other. We as supporters never knew that Calum was capable of going straight in to one of the top clubs in the country as CB. It is frustrating when you think of our very weak backline and all the time we had player that would have fitted the bill. Just can't see why he was never tried in that position especially when Lovren was injured and we were playing Hooiveld ( God bless him ). Just seems very odd.

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Hi Chris, sorry I understand what you are saying and totally agree. Having spoken to CC on a number of occassions he was always so confident he would go on to bigger and better things quite quickly and Arsene was in contact long before he made his debut.

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18 Aug 2014 11:06:27
Think we both sort of agree with each other on this. CC came through the academy and in some sort of way people might say he used us to move on. However as we know in these days of agents and massive financial incentives the player rarely has a choice of what happens next. Just seems a bit odd that he was totally commited to us from interviews he gave just a few months ago. So do you think he had as they say in the trade " been got at " by the" time share type " agent that saw a very big earner coming their way out of this?

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15 Aug 2014 09:53:31
According to the daily echo we are looking to sign solly march from Brighton

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*according to the echo we are not looking to sign him despite reports.

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Echo being the Echo has now changed it's mind.

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Did the same about Cork as well and are now reporting that there have been no bids for him, now Pulis has left Palace they won't sign anyone until a new manager is in

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15 Aug 2014 12:49:57
Did the Echo headline have a question mark after it like it usually does? If there is a worse local paper in the world. I'll be shocked.

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Vlaar on his way unless Man u get him first

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