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15 Jul 2012 20:53:30
Hearing that we are interested in McGeady. Prob nothing in it but would be a good signing if it happens. Can play on either wing and has that something extra that will worry most defenders in the Prem.

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We need a gk and cb soon

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Would prefer Paddy McCourt - class

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Whos paddy mccourt ?

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15 Jul 2012 20:22:33
What happened to the Buttner deal has it fallen though and if not when is it going to happen.

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I thought it would have been done by now, starting to worry its been called off.
Hope not though as i think he can do well at saints

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Have heard the deal fell through, but was restarted. Though not deal will be done till next week. So who knows!

George Weah's cousin

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It would be In papers and on Internet if it was called off, it would seem stupid to end the deal this far into it If they did

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Hey 'George Weahs cousine', or should I call you 'crstig'? It's me COYR hehe.


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15 Jul 2012 18:21:45
anymore news on clyne?

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Or buttner?

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Nope. Just have to wait.


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Nothing keeping us hanging

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I heard some time early this week, but who knows as its all done behind closed doors

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Buttner deal has fallen through, southampton have withdrawn their interest.

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How do you know about the buttner deal?

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He doesn't.


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15 Jul 2012 09:34:24
Guly has signed a 1 year contract extension - chris

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Great no new signings then

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Calm down loads of time

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Guly was awful in the second part of last season he has no pace cant dribble and is lazy was alright at the start of the season but only because he was scoring

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Possibly the worst decision the clubs made all summer cant stand the guy think hes lazy someone needs to give him a big size 12 up his arse

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Stick him in defence coyr

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Gully only plays well when the teams playing well , scores goals but don't think he will feature much now.

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Great news, will do great this year in the prem. He was by far our best player against Anderlecht yesterday.

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Stick him in league1 where he is at his level

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Have any of you ever been to St.Marys, he scored some important goals for us last season.He is frustrating at times,but get a life, Nigel rates him so , trust in him !

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Stop moaning you goons, guly is a saints player

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Why don't you Guly hater's play a new song.

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When Guly is hot he is top shelf class. And he has pace. His long stride makes him look lazy but as a fellow six footer i can tell you it is easy to cover the ground. And he was one the better players in the cup.

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The saints fans slagging Guly off clearly now nothing about styles of football. He is a cultured footballer who had trouble at times in the championship because of the sheer physicality of the league. the premier league is much slower and teams allow each other much more time on the ball ... which will suit Guly to a T !

all part of the plan NA had when he took over ... what has he really got wrong for far ? TRUST IN HIM

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Guly is absolutely awful ... the guys sticking up for him saying he'll do it in the prem need to open their eyes and take a long hard look at the high standard of footballers already there. the guy couldn't trap a bag of cement and scored tap ins that kelvin would of put in now we got him for ANOTHER year .... ppffft great ash cole will be laughing right about now

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To the guy who said Guly scores tap ins ... 30 yarder on the spin against Blackpool ... went past 3 men and slotted in against Bristol Rovers ... 1st time peach against Millwall ... and thats just of the top of my head !

secondly, even if he did score tap ins all the time ... Van Nistelrooy, Raul, Sheringham made a habit of it ... they weren't too bad as i recall?

you know nothing, you are an person. also a fact

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Ur comparing him to the likes of raul? Wow lol wakey wakey he needs sacking off to lazy doesn't care about the team just there to pick his wedge up at the end of the week and snaps lee (no doubt a better player then guly) in training

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That gully is rubbish. we need someone that runs around aimlessly more. I vote we get David Prutton back, i liked the way he clapped the crowd

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