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17 Jun 2013 20:45:01
Another player is close to agreeing a deal with Saints, rumoured to be Davide Astori or Gonzalo Bueno.

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Doubt we'll get Astori now, could well be Bueno or even Banega?! source?

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Hopefully Bueno. Astori is a good defender but I'd be worried about some of the fees that are being rumoured. Not sure £12million is really worth it having signed Lovren. Bueno looks like a good player and probably would be worth around £10million to sign to give more options to our wings.

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It could be Ever Banega as well

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Hope we don't sign Gonzalo Bueno - there is a 20minute clip on you tube dedicated to him falling over. Watched the first 3min, can't have seen more than 1 goal. And about 15 clips on him on the floor. Even De Ridder had a better set of you tube clips.

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Astpri fro m, e is a doubt bnow with lovren got enough cb's to chose from maybe its banega or maybe beuno could be anyone we all know what corteses like secretive probably someone taht hasn't been rumord but who knows

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Yoshida is decent, fonte is average and jos is not up to the premiership, to push forward we need to improve our centre backs. If we have to spend 12 million so be it!

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It is most likely Banega? I don't think it will be the other two to be honest :L

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I'm fairly sure we can sign another defender who is a considerable improvement on Hooiveld for considerably less than £12million. Plus supposedly Forren should be able to show us whatever he can do next season.

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That's it judge a player based on youtube clips.

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^surprised no one has judged them by fifa ratings yet!

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17 Jun 2013 19:48:09
Hi Ed, i'm being told that Gary hooper is going to Southampton? i'm aslo aware Billy Sharp has failed a Medical at Reading?

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Frazier Richardson failed a medical not sharp

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For the last chuffin time, Sharp failed the medical.

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17 Jun 2013 17:55:41
Jose fonte and Billy sharp fail medicals at reading today.

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I don't think Fonte failed a Medical at Reading. Reports seem to indicate the Sharp part in this is true but there's been no indication Fonte has been arranged to move.

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Any idea why he failed? That's a bit worrying for the lad.

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Cos he's fat?

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Never hurt le tiss ;-)

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17 Jun 2013 17:54:16
Southampton fc have had a 8 million pound bid rejected for Matej Vydra from Udinese. They are now expected to table a bid for Gary Hooper from Celtic, thought to be 8.5 million.

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Southampton to announce the signing of Davide Astori within 24hrs.

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Oh my god!! astori is with italy at the confederations cup! how is he close to joining? jesus.

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17 Jun 2013 13:30:56
Saints lining up Austria Wien Striker Philipp Hosiner.

It is understood that Hosiner was first choice, however Saints are exploring the option of bringing in a cut-price Gary Hooper who only has one year remaining on his contract at Celtic. If Hooper can't be brought in at a bargain price, expect Saints to go back to Hosiner and secure his signature.

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Pretty prolific striker, but like Gary Hooper could he cut it in a truly competitive league? Wouldn't mind if we brought in Hosiner for 2-3 million as that would be good cover, but anything beyond that would be extortion.

- TJ

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We have had a £8m bid turned down today by Udinese. He is the guy who scored a load on loan at Watford last season.

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I really do not see us ever signing Gary Hooper. He's just not in the mould of what we want.

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No we didn't. That was reported as 'a prem club' officially. Rumours are that it was West Brom.

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How do you know we are the club who have bid?

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Matej Vydra? Why did you put that as a reply on this thread?

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For Vydra? I struggle to believe that we would bid that much again for a Championship proven player.
He was a good goal scorer, but couldn't do it for Watford when it mattered in the Play Offs

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Wasn't Saints - it was Sunderland.

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St Ripper. Arsenal payed that much for Theo, Tottenham payed that for bale (at the time) and The Ox -league 1 - went for 12-15million. Vydra was one of the best players in that league last year. To write him off when you consider where our team has come from is very arrogant and ignorant. I trully hope that we are not turning into "Arsenal" fans.

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Not really, whoever you are that thinks you should have an random poorly thought out pop at me and other Saints fans.
The three Saints players that you refer to were outstanding talents at 16. They have no serious injury history, like Vydra who has just come back from an Anterior ligament injury.
However we did pay a good sum for Rodriguez, who scored freely in consecutive more challenging Champ seasons, playing for a poor side.
Vydra scored in one season in a team loaded with Pozzi linked loanees in a weak Championship, won by Cardiff, who weren't much more than cloggers the season before. Basically, Vydra would be a big risk, especially at 8m.
Now who is the arrogant, ignorant one? You I think

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I ahve to agree with the above post. Writing off a player who has just had a great season is slightly arrogant. and it is creeping in more and more amongst saints fans that I speak to. Considering that we have signed J Rod and Clyne from the championship and lallana, morgan and Lambert were in the lower leagues with basically one full season in the championship. would we have accepted 8million for them? Would have been a balls up if you ask me, and considering what they are worth. There are some top class players in the championship these days. I think we proved this season, with a largely championship team, what you can do with Championship team of the year players. I dread where we are going in terms of fans who lose knowledge of the lower leagues and make comments that we have been on the receiving end of for years, above all other things, we should have learnt to be respectful to clubs currently below us in the pecking order, just like we can now give it large to the fans that have given us stick for the last X years.

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I totally agree with your point. All players should be judged on their merits and can only play the opposition in front of them.
However, I would assume that we would be looking to sign the next AOC equivalents that we see in the Champs or below at best, 16-18 year olds. Otherwise, though we have money to invest, I think we will focus on developing our own players where we can. Instead of generally spending large sums on other clubs equivalent young players.
That's always been the plan

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17 Jun 2013 13:02:16
So does anyone know if we are actually interested in Hooper or is it just paper talk? Just that on newsnow there are a few links to sites that say we are.?

Hamble Chris

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I hope This is not true as I do not rate Hooper as highly as some of the other players we are currently looking at.

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Just paper talk, there hasn't been any interest since Adkins.

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Hooper is incredibly overrated. Hope to god we don't sign him.

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I would be surprised if this was now true. We were only initially linked with him when Adkins was manager as he used to play for him at Scunthorpe. I wouldn't expect MP to have the same targets. Just because you can score goals in the spl doesn't mean you are good enough for the prem. kenny miller and Scott McDonald weren't prolific in the championship.

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Hooper is decent don't know why everyone is moaning for!

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Its not a guarentee that Hooper is good enough. There is no doubt that he is a good finisher but I think saints will need more than that. Otherwise they would have given Sharpe more of a go.

Rumours are that a fee has been agreed with Reading, who funnily enough are also looking at Sharpe

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It's paper talk. Nothing more I suspect. They just don't have much news on the Southampton front to report so they recycle old stories they find even vaguely believable.

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Yes reading may of had a bid accepted but I put money on it another team that is in the prem will have a bid accepted and he will choose the prem team
or he would not of gone from the championship to spl to go back to championship
as so many lower league clubs learn
we had same thing
buttner, coutinio, hooper
not said in disrespectful way just sayin how it is seen

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Sharp on the other had I believe he should have been given the chance to prove himself
so I think would be a good move to a club with a good chance of a return to the top flight
good luck adkins and sharp
deserve a break
saints fan

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17 Jun 2013 10:53:51
southampton reported to bid 9.5 million for valencia and argentina international ever banega (tv news)

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7.5 mill

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9. 5 Million Euros - 7. 5 Million Pounds :)!

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9. 5 Million Euros - 7. 5 Million Pounds :)!

surely that equals 2 million pounds?!

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Be a great signing! Chelsea are also linked, although they haven't actually declared an interest but apparently a few places suggesting he may be going there. Looks class though!

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This would be a good signing. I don’t think that he would do better than Morgan defensively (who would) but he appears to be good offensively

He wouldn’t necessarily walk straight into the team but it would create a formidable unit that we could rotate/select to match opponents.

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Chelsea are not linked. Just one of their bloggers on SB Nation thinks that they should be.

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17 Jun 2013 11:07:31
Valencia have allowed Southampton to open negotiations with Argentine international midfielder Ever Banega after the clubs agreed a �9m fee.

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Looks like Chelsea might look at Ever Banega too.

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There is a big difference between Chelsea making a bid. and a Chelsea fan suggesting they should on a blog.

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17 Jun 2013 10:42:57
Any one seen sly sports latest: we've "reportedly" tabled a 7.6 million for Valencia playmaker Ever Banega. this would be a real coup if it comes to fruition, keep those eyes peeled!

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Not on tv.

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17 Jun 2013 00:04:18
Ed, you have us good insight into the Lamela saga a couple of weeks ago. Do you have a latest update? Cheers. {Ed001's Note - nothing new, I wouldn't expect anything until it is either done or completely given up on. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up or dash them as I have nothing more either way.}

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