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18 Aug 2013 21:01:52
Looks like j-rod will lose his number 9?

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There's been rumours for weeks that Reading were sniffing around. I wouldn't be surprised to see them up that interest now we got our main target.

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I thought about this problem too. I think it is too late, right?

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No, Osvaldo will just get number 10.

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How do you figure? The numbers have been handed, and the #11 is available.

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Number ten gaston might be upset

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Surely they'll just give Osvaldo the number 11 that they've left free?

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The manager made the difference having managed the guy before. This is a needed signing, was worried SLR had too much to do alone, interesting to see the next team sheet.

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He's 11

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Squad numbers have already been submitted, we can only give him a number that's free so more than likely he'll be 11

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Its 11 or 17 which he had at espanyol

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They've already submitted the squad numbers, they can't change them. Like champ man, they'll be greyed out after the submission date, he can only have a choice if what's left.

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Oh ffs! Wanyama arrives so Cork is leaving. Osvaldo arrives so Jay-Rod is off to Reading! Simply pathetic.

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No chance JRod will leave. Management have high hopes for him. Worst case would be sending him out on loan but can't see that either

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Squad numbers cannot be changed once announced to FA

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This is my team thoughts? Boruc, Clyne, Lovren, Yoshida, Shaw, Schneiderlin, Wanyama, Ramirez, J Rod, Lambert, Osvaldo. Don't think Adam Lallana is sharp enough but would bring him on later with Jack and JWP for really fresh legs. Might put J Rod on the bench and bring him on for Osvaldo and start with Adam. Not sure. Any good?

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I know this is a rumour site but just want to know what people think. Our top front men were players like Phil Boyer, Steve Moran and Marian Pahars. I think Osvaldo will be that sort of player and to me that means goals. And what do goals mean? Everything, if you don't score you can't win.

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I'm sorry but with the team we've got now it's rotation rotation rotation. (Sorry for the cheap reference but it's sort of appropriate). We have plenty of options for that forward line now with Ward Prowse, Puncheon, Lallana, Rodriguez, Davis, Lambert, Osvaldo, Ramirez and Mayuka all being able to play there and all being quality players.

Also look at the midfield, we have rotation options with Wanyama, Cork, Schneiderlin, Davis and Ward Prowse all very capable in the centre of midfield. (I am aware I have mentioned Ward Prowse and Davis twice but they play wings and centre mid really).

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I don't really think he'll give a toss what number he is. Actually nor will we.

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Good teams have 3 strikers who can all get into their team. Look at all the great clubs, they have SQUADS, not 1st 11s plus any old bloke they can find. The fact that JayRod might lose out or whoever is part of our progression boys! And remember, Osvaldo won't be getting any freebies, this is Cortese we're talking about, he'll make sure he earns his place like the rest of the boys! Celebrate our squad depth and progress in terms of stature!

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Osvaldo will wear the number 17, will be confirmed tomorrow, the number 11 will be for a winger who we are after.


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It shows that we have a small club mentality still amongst some fans that when we strengthen the squad they start moving on existing first team players. SRL and Rodriguez are not in threat. What would we do if SRL got injured? For goodness sake some of you need to appreciate that for a club to compete for the league and two cups (plus a euro trophy some day soon) you need better than Guly, sharpe, Hammond, Forte, Barnard etc floating on the outskirts of the first team.

Osvaldo has played many times at Left wing and will rotate with our wingers and strikers according to tactics, form and injuries.


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Anyone who watched the second half of saints games last season will realise, however reluctantly, that Lallana wasn't cutting the prem league mustard, so I fear he may be the one to miss out most.

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Fact is, that this signing along with other recent signings prove that Saints are able to compete with any club in the yransfer market. Big club little club is now an irrelevent discussion. Other players will now look at our squad and realise they have to be damn good to get in and they will want to be part of this. Well done to all at Southampton from the signiging of Adkins, mto the signing of Mopo and a great Summer.

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I think he'll be number 17

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Lallana has been great for Southampton, he is definitely going to be a big part of the club.

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Lallana is an amazing player! He is one of the best we have and gaston didn't do a thing last season! Team should be. Boruc, clyne, lovren, fonte, shaw, spider, wanyama, LALLANA, osvaldo, jrod, lambert

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I have been a season ticket holder (proudly) for over 40 years, been there and seen it all but to be honest what is happening now is mind blowing. We as a club owe everything to Marcus Liebherr and I think at the end of this season a statue of Marcus shaking Ted Bates hand outside St. Marys would be a great tribute to show how we supporters will never forget what they have done, in their own ways, to our great football club. Both heroes and will live forever.

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Adam Lallana is a great player but needs to find some kind of finishing form. Can't believe that people think Ramirez should be on the bench. GR will show everybody this season what a great player he is. Team bonding for the for the first time this year will show what he's got. Adam must improve his goal ratio otherwise I can see him on the bench for a while.

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18 Aug 2013 19:51:14
Osvaldo has signed. on official saints website! Fantastic work Nc and Mopo! Get in!

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My only worry now is that we'll be phasing Rickie out. Just in the season he needs to prove himself. I can't see us playing both at the same time. Great signing however.

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Gotcha! welcome to Southampton, can't wait to see this guy & our Rickie together.


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After a total of 28 goals in 57 games for Roma, Osvaldo now moves to Southampton for the next stage of his footballing career.

Sweet, hope he beats a goal in every two games for us!

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Let's hope it's a good signing, he seems a proven goal scorer. Only time will tell but it shows the drive the club has.

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He likes the stones and has some Pink Floyd tats, probably my new favorite player. Will get 15+ this season too

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We are NOT phasing SRL out! Don't be ridiculous! They will both play a massive part.

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Apparently he agreed terms about a week ago, it was all the legal issues that needed sorted, so the Spurs Link was prob always nonsense!

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As much as I think this is a fantastic signing, I cannot see how both him and Rickie can line up on the same team sheet. They both play the exact same position. Anyone any thoughts?

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That is a poser! Maybe RL can play slightly off the main striker, he is more than capable imo but it is a worry, u don't spend that much time and money on a back up.

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I think Rickie could play in the hole just behind Osvaldo. With Lallana on the left and Ramirez or Punch on the right it would be a cracking front line. Jay Rod would then be cover for several forward positions.

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Osvaldo played out wide for Roma, with Totti being played as the target man. I expect he'll play on the right for us.

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I think Osvaldo likes playing with another up top, I could see us going:

Cyne Yosh Lovren Shaw
Spider Wanyama
Gaston Lallana

Gaston and Lallana to tuck inside and play more as RAM/LAM alongside Rickie. Our width is provided by our fullbacks, for the inevitable ones who will jump on me for saying we either need wingers or don't play with wingers. I think as Rickie is getting older he is being groomed more as a CF playing in behind a striker, we saw this a bit last season after MPo came in as he held the ball up more and was more of a 'creator'. In my mind we're not stupid enough to drop an Enland International who's still doing the business and winning us matches. Also, a thought to consider: we know how tight and passionate Cortese is, I'm sure he's let Osvaldo know in no uncertain terms that he won't be getting anything for free and that he'll earn his place just like everyone else! 'The Southampton way' was Cortese's idea remember? Chill out and celebrate what should be a great signing for us.

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SRL spends most of his time on the wings when he moves into the channels anyway. I don't think we do play with 'one up top' at all. All forwards seem to rotate and move quite freely to me.


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Clyne Lovren Yoshida Shaw
Schideirlin Wanyama
Ramírez Lambert Rodriguez
Or: 4-3-3
Clyne Lovren Yoshida Shaw Ramírez/Lallana Schideirlin Wanyama
Osvaldo Lambert Rodriguez

All with squad rotations. Lallana will lose his place as he did not look sharp enough in the WBA game nor for most of last season.
Towards the end of the season Lambert may be faded out because at the end of last season he wasn't playing to the best of his ability as he was very tired. Youth players will feature in these club rotations like Ward-Prowse etc.
I have been told that 4-3-3 is poch's preferred formation and is training the youth teams to play it for the future.

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Big sign of intent from the club, whether he did or did not want to join and is paid a fortune we will never know. Great signing on paper and will shock some quarters of the PL.

Welcome Pablo.

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18 Aug 2013 18:27:33
Osvaldo has signed for a fee of £18m Euros. He's in Rome today but will fly out tomorrow to complete a medical, following which an announcement will be made by the club.

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{Ed029's Note - BBC already announcing the signing on social media, and an article will go up shortly.

You're kidding? Why have we taken him when so many players would be better?

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On the Official site, he's ours!

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Some people are never happy are they! What an amazing signing cannot wait to see him play

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Agreed. I am the first to say I didn't think we would get him. I am genuinely impressed with NC to get a player like him. He could get us a lot of goals if he gets the service. He really shows the drive and passion of NC nad Pocahontas. REALLY proud to be a saint right now.
Brilliant news
S. p

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All we now need is a creative cm like banega and that will give us a chance of finishing in top 6

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I think that role is supposed to be lifted by Gaston.

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He can play out wide too, so he'll probably swap with j-rod for a few weeks then the form pair or Rickie, j-Rod and Dani will start

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Osvaldo can also play the jrod position. I would expect rotation between rickie, adam, jwp, gaston & jrod with osvaldo playing off rickie and rickie playing off osvaldo like they currently do with rickie. & jrod. Osvaldo's more versatile than you think.

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18 Aug 2013 16:08:55
It has become very clear that Osvaldo is moving away from Rome this summer. The only question is who to? AS Roma officials have met an unnamed club's officials in London recently to agree on an €18m deal where Osvaldo receives £3m per year

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That unnamed club is saints. We hooked up with his reps in London yesterday and today to tie up thems loose ends

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£3m a year?

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Checked him out on youtube hope this guy signs and prove ed wrong who quotes he's a terrible terrible player.

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Will be an excellent signing if cortese pulls Osvaldo out the bag!

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3 Million Euros I think.

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18 Aug 2013 14:13:27
Football Italia is reporting Pablo Daniel Osvaldo has agreed a transfer to Southampton.

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Why do 4 people disagree with this, it is factually correct! Football Italian website has said today that osvaldo has signed for saints. Ok the story "may" not be true but this rumour is factually correct

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The ones who disagree are scared Spurs fans

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Come on Osvaldo, sign the bloody papers so we can move on from this story. its getting boring now. spurs have come out and said there not after him so its looking good for us. coyr :) ps great result yesterday made my day.

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18 Aug 2013 10:45:25
Arsenal Enter Race To Sign Controversial Italian Striker osvaldo For 15 Million champions league football game over! As far as saints are concerned? If true!

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If he wanted to come to saints he would of been here by now

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Getting bored of this now let the spuds and goons fight it out for him

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The same Arsenal that lost 3-1 to villa yesterday. don't count on it.

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He won't be going to arsenal

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Wanting the best and wanting to be the best is admirable, but some of the players we're supposed to be going for are making Southampton look like mugs. Think we're trying to run before we can walk.
Let's go for targets that really want to come to our great club.

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Football Italian reporting that 'reports pouring out of Italy' that Osvaldo has accepted Saints' offer after series of telephone conversations with Pochettino. Is he on his way?

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Do you mean targets like Lovren and Wanyama, who are allegedly also targets for 'bigger' clubs than us and playing for Champions League clubs? My only question mark over Osvaldo is paying an alleged £17M for a 27 year old. That said, I ain't stupid or arrogant enough to argue with Cortese's t/f policy or Poch's assessment of a player.

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The Corriere dello Sport and Sky Sport Italia are saying osvaldo has signed for saints just read it on yahoo sport

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"If he wanted to come to saints he would of been here by now"

Have you ever been stuck in two minds over an important decision and taken your time about it? Have you ever spend a while to think about a decision but once you finally made it, you're glad you did?

I have.


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Lenny. Have you ever played Football Manager? These decisions should be made within minutes!.

On a serious note, a lot of people saying he is a trouble maker. He is a guy who has confessed to wanting to feel loved. We have the perfect setting for that.

The guy was putting his family first with him wanting to stay in Italy or back to Spain first of all, which is admirable. His wages won't be much higher at all should he come so, once again, well done to NC and Poch for selling the club. Southampton really are at the start of the greatest era in its history.

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Be patient, he will come. Arsenal have been "linked" with loads of players and osvaldo isn't one that's been officially linked

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He has not signed yet

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People keep saying he is too old at 27. I thought a striker is at his peak at about that age, experience etc. If he scores a load of goals this season his fee and wages will be paid for by finishing in a high league position. Plus it will put Saints well and truly on the map. Still think we will get Banega as well. Does that sound a bit greedy?

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"Southampton really are at the start of the greatest era in its history" - This is true. :)

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Just as an extra to my post about 27 year old Osvaldo, isn't Rickie 31?? Enough said?

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I'm not saying that he's too old at 27 to be a great player. In fact, it's when the average man hits his physical peak. However, purely from an investment perspective, you don't buy at the peak unless, like you say, other factors are taken into account e. g. a shed load of shirt sales. Rickie 'only' cost £1M and is not, therefore, a direct comparison. As I effectively said, if the deal is good enough for Nicola and Poch, then it's good enough for me. In answer to your 'extra', would you rather sign Bale for £5M at 18 years old or £85M at 24? Enough said?

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Saint Gazza I read a lot of your posts and I agree with you most of the time but come on. We paid a million pounds for Rickie when he was 27 and he was signed from Bristol Rovers when we were in third tier football ourselves. Very different ball game now and if Osvaldo does it for us for 2 maybe 3 years the money means nothing. The NC way is to the top and if he fails, too bad, but he has this vision that Marcus gave him and he will keep going till he gets it. I believe he will.

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I think our general policy is to buy young and develop. However, Osvaldo is a game changer in the same way that Lambert was.1m was a lot for L1 but we also convinced players like Fonte to drop a division on the back of the ambition that we had demonstrated.

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Apart from the Rickie comparison, I agree with everything you've said, mate. Now that the true/lower cost of the deal is being revealed, I also no longer have any question marks whatsoever. He even looks like my favourite actor!

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18 Aug 2013 01:07:23
reported Pablo Daniel Osvaldo is reconsidering the Southampton offer, as the Roma man would receive over �3m per season.

The striker is wanted by Southampton, Tottenham and Atletico Madrid, but until now had been frosty on accepting a move to the Saints.

According to Sky Sport Italia on Saturday evening, Osvaldo is now prepared to consider the proposal, mainly due to the impressive wages.

This includes a contract worth �3m per season plus performance-related bonuses - which comes out as over £2.5m.

Osvaldo was dropped from Roma's friendly against Ternana today due to a muscular problem, though many expect it is a smokescreen for his transfer negotiations.

Southampton won their opening game of the Premier League season this afternoon, squeezing a 1-0 victory away to West Brom in stoppages.

Play the world's most challenging fantasy football game by selecting players from Europe's top five leagues and competing for prizes.

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You clearly didn't wath the game then, saints had a goal disallowed for a phantom offside hit the bar and scored in normal time and southampton goaly boruc made the save of the season, doesn't sound like they squeezed anything

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First reply you're being massively biased there.

Both keepers were unchallenged for most of the game. Hitting the bar wouldn't of counted anyway due to a foul.

Yes we had a goal controversially disallowed (was Jay Rod interfering with the Goalkeeper, who initially came out to meet him, is debatable). We played the better football but ultimately we got a penalty on 90minutes, and which ever way you cut it that is fortunate and could be considered squeezing a result, because we did only just get the win in the final minutes.

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'Squeezing' may not be the OP's opinion. The whole post is a copy and paste from another web site.

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The fact remains they absolutely battered us for 180 minutes last season and this year they didn't get a sniff. That's progress in my book. and now we have a first class striker to add.

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18 Aug 2013 01:06:31
Osvaldo reconsiders Saints offer?
By Football Italia staff

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