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19 Aug 2013 22:51:23
anymore info on this possibly Bolton transfer for Danny Fox?

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Oh for fox sake

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Waiting on the sorensen deal IMO.
I think there is a general understaning that we are in for Sorensen and should we pull it out he can play anywhere along the back and fox will move on.

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Some of you people who slag off our team are tiresome. Is there no chance that we can give away some of our small minded fans like you to other teams to make us better as a fan base is it?

The squad is not such a one dimensional thing as to identify that this square peg fits in this square hole. Neither is it about whether "fans" rate a player in a particular position in their very narrow view of what makes our team effective.
If a squad player adds something to the team, maybe it is worth keeping them, whether as a "fan" you can see that or not.

I don't see anyone asking when we are getting rid of Kelvin Davies or Hooiveld. They were responsible for more points dropped than any other player last year. However, it is clear that they add to the squad too by their presence and involvement. Same as Fox for the time being. I am glad he is still with us, until MP decides that his future is best served elsewhere, along with every other player that we have.

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Totally agree with the above comment.

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19 Aug 2013 16:01:59
Hello all havnt been on here a while but I've heard from a few people about other additions. These are not players we are fighting tooth and nail to get as are major targets have been completed, what's left is further additions to add strength and depth to help us push on.

The 3 names I've been hearing will only be signed on are terms and if it doesn't work out how we want it will have a line drawn under it for the time being.

The names.

Scott Sinclair on possible loan with view to purchase.
Frederik S�rensen not a must buy but a player with great potential and can cover at left back.
Cheikhou Kouyat� long term interest but the most unlikely of the 3 also.

Clarkey Saint

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I don't think we'll get another defender.
We already have Lovren & Maya with Jos & Fonte as back up & Stephens & Turnbull coming up. I really believe that the 2 youngsters are in MP's plans so I don't think we'll sign anyone who would delay their chances of playing
I think it'll be that thing where we've got all of our main targets or at least filled out weaker positions & we'll only sign someone if someone special becomes available.
If we do, I would expect an attacking playmaker but I don't think that is a big priority for saints

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Any other positions we're slightly weak on we'll back up with our youth prospects. Which I prefer frankly.

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Think we will sign Banega or Sinclair for the number 11 shirt. Agree with the post above about defence thought Lovern and Fonte were class on sat.

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I think it's unrealistic to think we'll sign anyone else this window. We have money, but we still have FFP to think of and need to keep some in reserve just in case things aren't going to plan in January. I agree with above, that we'll be backing up positions with youth players, like Stephens and Turnbull at the back.

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Don't really see us 'needing' anyone now,

We have three capable 'keepers, three good RB's, 4 good CB's with two very good youth players coming up soon, three good LB's, 5 good CM's, 5 good AM's and a couple of youth players coming up and 3 good forwards each capable of getting 10+ this season

I think we'll wait until atleast January and evaluate what's working and what isn't and buy to suit then

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Can confirm that I have the same info although the 3rd name was a new one on me. Sinclair is looki g like a loan signing but man city are trying to pull the strings on the deal so we are not too bothered if it comes to anything. The 2nd one could still happen but again we are not pursuing hard like ghe others & interest may cool off until january

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Who is the second left back? Fox is poor and can go in my view

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Shaw, Matt Targett - 17yo in the u21's, supposed to go on the pre-season tour but was injured, can play at CB and RB too, looks to be just as good as Shaw and Chambers are. Jack Stephens - young CB can play at Rb or LB too. Fox is good enough for cover, made a few mistakes last season but that experience should make him a bit better

Reckon in about 10 years 75% of the England squad will have come up through our academy

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Like the Top Post:) Saints Academy!

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In how many years since Saint Marcus, have we bought more than 4 first team players?

Lets bare in mind we've already signed 3 players.

Come one guys, please be a little sensible. Other than when Marcus bought the club and our squad had been decimated we haven't. That's because we've tried to maintain the team spirit that we have built.

On top of this, Cortese has said he wants to have 50% of the team having come from the academy. So we need to leave a pathway for kids like JWP, Shaw and Chambers and maybe Rowe to get game-time.

When you add in the kids, our squad is starting to look a little crowded.
We aren't suddenly going to abandon the way we have worked, especially when it has been working so well.

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I agree in some respects, but I think we are still light at CB.
If we did lose Lovren to injury for a period of time, it was clear from last season that Hooiveld or Fonte will struggle to keep clean sheets alongside Maya as they don't have the pace or composure for the Prem, respectively.
On top of that, our Under 21 CBs are far from ready.

It was a bit of a concern that although Turnbull and Stephens both initially went on the preseason tour for experience, that MP didn't see any place for them to actually get game time after the first friendly.

I'll be surprised if we aren't making some sort of effort to find a CB, even if young and initially viewed as a squad player, because we don't have suitable cover.

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If we get anyone it will be AM Banega or Sinclare. I don't think there is anything in Cortese mind regarding "too many new faces", "not a good time" if the price is right then a move will ahppen if not it wont.

One things for certain we need to be moving on some. We seem to be a bit stuck because of players wages, e.g Sharp. Not a Guly hater by any means but I can't help but think his goose is cooked with the way the club is going

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Welcome back Clarkey. Agree St Christopher but surely we won't turn up the opportunity of a 'steal' like Davis.

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Just a note on Matt Target, I went to the U21 game against Chelsea at St. Marys last friday ad he is nowhere near the level of shaw and not yet ready to step up to the first team. Was easily beaten, all game long.

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Seen targett play too, he's been quality every time I've seen him and the fact that MoPo was willing to take him on the pre season tour shows he sees something too

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Hello gazza good to be back. I have noticedalot of people seemed to skip over the part I said we will only go for if its good on our terms and if not we aren't desperate to sign anyone else.

by this I mean if they don't come are squad is fine as it is, also i'd like to point out our manager is known for taking youth players and given them a chance so expect more players given a chance

clarkey saint

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19 Aug 2013 13:33:32
Mayuka to be loaned out to either Bolton or Reading.

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Yeah we don't need him at the moment

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Erik-sorensen! Time will tell

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"Oh we just signed a new striker, guess another has to be moved on then. Better make up a rumour!"
Seriously guys, there is absolutely nothing on this. We'll sell Billy everyone knows that, and Mayuka will feature mainly in cups and throw out the odd appearance. I mean if Lambert or Osvaldo get injured he's our only back up, aside from Rodriguez who is more of a winger now.

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Don't you think it would be better for his development to go out on loan? If he could get a full season in the championship under his belt he'd come back a far better player

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Current Saints leadership don't really seem to buy into the loan system much, except for players we are looking to move on. It seems to me that promising players with a future in the team tend not to be sent out on loan. Look at Ward-Prowse, Chambers, and Shaw--no loans at all in their histories. Same with Ox before that.

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Well I hardly think Mayuka will improve sitting on our bench, I agree with what you are saying but Mayuka is 4th in the pecking order whilst the players you have listed are a lot more likely to be played as they play in positions we need.

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19 Aug 2013 12:48:47
now we have finally go osvaldo who is are next target a cb?anyone heard any targets?

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I heard we might get Scott Sinclair

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If Chelsea get Rooney (which is looking unlikely) lukaku for £22m as he can play am, st and, if needs be, winger.

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By the look of osvaldo, shove him cb haha. Looks solid.

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I think now it'll be a case of see who becomes available for a cheap deal to take another quality addition but nothing is desperately needed. Perhaps we may still see someone join if the previous Sporting Lisbon player comes to us. But not going to cost much.

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No chance, splashing 22m! Would be loan with a view for a permanent deal. But even that is optimistic

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19 Aug 2013 11:26:51
Lots of people crying that Cork and J. Rod will not get in the team any more. As a Saints fan we are not used to squad rotation, well if we want to play in Europe we better get used to it. You really expect SRL at 31 to play every minute of every game?
We can also give the cups a better go this year instead of putting out such a weak B-team. As long as we don't do it like Wigan that is.

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Agree with this how meny times do you here them say on mod strength in depth

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Finally someone has said it. We have now a serious squad with strength, and depth. Maybe not quite top 6 strength yet but with the players we now have I think we can get close. Plus the depth as mentioned could see us lift a trophy this season as we can afford the rotations. Barnsley, be warned.

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I agree if we rotate correctly we'l have a more or less 100% fresh team weak in weak out, especially in midfield and upfront defence should be kept the same as much as possible so it remains solid same with keeper

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Johnny depp has just signed for us for nearly 15million. rumour has it nc thinks ray Winston could do a job for us at the back

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Dont forget the yougsters coming through!

Anymore signings would reduce their playing time & hamper their development.

These kids are good, but need experience.

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