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22 Apr 2014 08:35:03
Pochettino off to replace Seedorf at AC Milan rumour now doing the rounds.

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Yep with cortese

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Mopo off to man utd?

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Dsj I actually thought the same, I hope not though


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MoPo to Ac Milan has being doing the rounds since NC left.

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21 Apr 2014 22:19:59
Eds we hear a lot on the outs front do you see any outs as likely. I agree shaw may go IF a stupid amount of money is offered I don't see lallana going though as he's had plenty of chances to go and I don't see him getting a free role in a top 4 team tbh. Would like to know if any of the speculation in has any legs.

Eg. If shaw was to leave I know cresswell has been tracked along time. if lallana did go I can't see who we would get to replace him if anyone has been eyed as a replacement. Also as Osvaldo has proven to be as useful as a chocolate teapot I don't see us commanding much of a fee if we do get rid. think much will happen on the striker front. With mayuka returning and not doing to much on his loan spell surely we will be dipping into the market

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{Ed001's Note - Southampton were looking for a left back, regardless of Shaw staying or leaving. You can't rely on him being fit for every game of the season, Targett might not adapt etc, so that is one area the club were looking to acquire in. Cresswell has been looked at, as has the option of buying a more adaptable player, who can provide cover in a number of positions, such as Tootle from Crewe.

Speaking of Crewe, the club were also monitoring two of their forwards closely this season, Max Clayton and Callum Saunders. There is definitely a move to add up front, with some discussion over sending the young lad, Gallagher, out on loan for the season. He would have had the second half of the season out on loan but for the Osvaldo issues. I do expect that to be the main area the club explore. Though I don't expect Clayton to be among your arrivals, he seems to have set himself for a Championship move, though Burnley and Celtic are showing an interest.

As for Lallana, I know of absolutely no plans to sign a replacement for him, nor anyone even considering him leaving right now. It would be a major shock if he were to move on this summer, though a good World Cup and a big fat wad of cash dangled under his nose might change everything, I guess. Even a level headed lad like him can be tempted in those circumstances. But, if I was placing a bet on it with my own money, I would put the lot on him staying.}

Great insight ed. Is centre back also a position we will strengthen in the transfer market. a lot has been said about turnball and stephens but I don't think they are at that grade yet. Laporte is it spelt from bilbao has been mentioned but he seems way out of are price range whos the more realistic target

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{Ed001's Note - I really don't know what is happening with regards to centre back. If it was me, I would say the club look to need strengthening there, but I have not heard of any particular attempts to begin conversations with regards to one. Whether that is just because I haven't heard of it, or whether there isn't one, I really couldn't say. If I was to give an opinion, I would suggest that it is most likely the plan is to spend the money on as good a striker as possible, plus an extra back up option (which is where I would see one of Crewe players being a possible, though I would personally go for Colclough if I was to look at a forward from them, as he looks more suited to playing the Saints' style of play, imo). That would leave little left for a centre back, especially if a left back is brought in too. The planning does seem to be focused on Shaw being there next season, from what I am told. Which is why the look at a more adaptable player has become a consideration, with Clyne then being much more easily used as cover at left back, as there would be more options at right back.

Nearly forgot, I got so carried away with the talk of young players, forgot to mention the two names put forward as the possible main forwards, though both are adaptable to be able to also play as a wider option as well. There is interest in Eduardo Vargas, the Chilean on loan at Valencia from Napoli, and, surprisingly, Pedro of Barcelona. Pedro seems highly unlikely to me, but his gripe is lack of playing time, so it could be the shock transfer of the summer, if it can be pulled off, but I can't see it as he is looking for a team playing in Europe. As for Vargas, I am told Napoli are open to offers. To me, that would suggest at least one more season for Rickie Lambert up front, as he would offer something different than either of those options.}

Thank you for your time and insight Ed. The reason I've been on this site for so long.

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{Ed001's Note - not often I get the time to post much these days, sorry, been busy with a move abroad and trying to add in some upgrades for all the sites. I do intend to spend a bit more time adding input on the sites, and chasing up people for information too. Thankfully these days with the phone and the internet, I don't need to actually be in the same country to talk to the right people! Plus half of them come here for their holidays anyway, so should be able to meet up and really grill them for more info over the summer. Well those that aren't in Brazil that is.

Oh and thank you. That is what the sites are for, trying to pass on info and debunk the nonsense, at least that was why I started the original site anyway.}

Feel free to let us know any updates on southampton its going to be an interesting summer for us I feel. Your mention of pedro did throw me but good to see we are still overly ambitious

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{Ed001's Note - sometimes you have to try your hand, I mean no one thought Pablo Hernandez would go to Swansea or Vicente to Brighton.}

Vargas, yes please! Oh the Pace! :D

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