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23 May 2014 18:35:39
Luke Shaw insists he is ignoring speculation linking the Southampton defender to Manchester United.
Funny thought it was a done deal! Lol what a joke these plastic reporters are?

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Lol just been on the united mobile rumours website and they all still think there going to get shaw, haha no chance

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23 May 2014 22:14:56
Probably the same plastic reporters that are saying Hull Tigers are going to bid £3m for Jose. where did that come from, a joke along with Dejan going to Liverpool for less than we paid for him.Complete rubbish.MOPO to sign a new contract in the next week.

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The Shaw transfer is still a possibility, but he is not desperate to go and so far no bid has been high enough to satisfy Southampton.

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24 May 2014 14:21:38
Has anyone seen Derek McGovern column in the Mirror today (Saturday 24th) the guy has to be the biggest joke I've come across. I think he must be a Pompey fan & completely deluded. Apparently once we have sold Adam, Shaw spiderman & Mopo goes to Spurs we will be left with a load of crap. His words. Mass Exodus on the cards. let's wait & see you plonker. COYR

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Pochettino to stay? Please let it be so.

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23 May 2014 18:18:39
Apparantly Poch has snubbed spurs and is close to signing a new contract? Any truth in this? Also Ed 002 don't leave us permanently the majority of us very much appreciate your insight as it's truthful and reliable whilst some of us get frustrated as it's not always what we want to here!

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Any truth in this Eds?

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I'm not sure why you are expecting eds to comment as you don't like what you are advised. Just like with my post on the banter page. I've searched the internet and no word of this!

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Reality of it is, the only person who truly knows is poch himself. Papers get hold of the fact spurs are interested, they run away with it. Then when a rumour says he may stay, they make a u turn to cover their ass.
I wouldn't rely too much on eds advice either ( no offence). I remember last year one scoffed at the fact we were interested in wanyama, saying he was only after CL football. Basically there will be interest in all our players, just have faith in the board to make decisions with sfc in their best interests.

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Saints mid absolutely spot on with everything you said.

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I didn't say I didn't like what they advise, if you read it I said that I appreciate their insight even if it is bad news for Saints, because it's honest

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Yes sorry it wasn't you personally I was just saying the eds have stopped responding because when they or someone says something people don't like there is a lot of negativity.

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23 May 2014 18:03:13
Talk sport today have listed a few articles from various sources suggesting mopo is staying. They also suggest lallana and shaw transfers may now be put on hold or scrapped. These sources are from the same papers that have listed all our players for sale at some point. So no confirmation but interesting non the less. Does anybody have more on this, private sources?

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I've asked around and everything I've heard says that Poch is 'more likely to stay then not' but nothings finalised. The more I hear about the Shaw deal the less I know as none of it corroborates in any way, everybody seems to have different information. And what I know of Lallana is that he is more inclined to stay then leave, but that really all depends on the potential offer from Liverpool, especially in terms of his role in the squad.

Again nothings been decided yet, and it could still go either way, but cautious optimism is the flavour of the day.

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Pochettino has been offered new terms and it is believed that he will accept them and sign a new deal.

Shaw and Lallana were not moving yet anyway, both players had not had offers accepted by Southampton so the "nearly done deal" talk was not very true.

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23 May 2014 16:05:29
Omar Rowe has signed a one year extension all by himself! No one in the picture to hand him the pen or shake his hand!

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Only Les Reed. That is admittedly quite worrying.

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^ MoPo never poses with youth team players

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I'm pretty sure MoPo was in the picture with Jake Hesketh a few weeks ago. I wouldn't be worried though, I believe the club have allowed Mauricio to have some time with his family, perhaps gone back to Argentina for a few weeks. And that is the reason there has been no contract news concerning his stay yet. It's fairly normal for some managers to take the odd week off at the end of the season, the players will have their pre-season program's set and won't report back for training until late June/early July now.

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23 May 2014 14:01:19
Poch is staying. Official.

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Hmm, starting to question eds editing lol

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Wow, you seem to know this before anyone else in the world! What's your source? (Or secretly are you Les Reed!)

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Have you got a link, or where did you hear this

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Where does it state this?

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Well, it does appear something is stirring. Odds on Pochettino leaving for Tottenham is rising and De Bears odds are falling quite steeply as I write this.

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^ betting odds are hardly ever right though ;)

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If you believe the Express or the metro. This is true

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23 May 2014 12:39:45
There seems to be a lot of reporters outside St Marys right now (lunchtime 23/05) Anyone know why? Surely good news.

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23 May 2014 12:21:50
Heard there is a lot of media outside St Marys today with an announcement expected? did anybody else hear or see this? Please don't take my word for it but there's been a few rumours going around MP signed a 3 year contract so hopefully this could be it! Again please don't take my word for it, could be another meaningless rumour.

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Cameras were there at about 9 when I drove past, but left by the looks of it at about 11, could even just be a South Today report

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23 May 2014 11:20:12
So the rumours i've heard recently are the following

Saints are considering a bid for Lukaku for up to £10million. Lukaku is said to not want another loan move away from Chelsea. He wants first team football at Chelsea next season or he could be on his way


Saints could be lining up a bid for young Schalke attacking midfielder Maxamillian Meyer. The young lad is valued at £6-8 million and is said to be keen on playing in the premier league.

Apparently West Brom want Steven Davis.

Lallana is going nowhere
Shaw is going nowhere
Lovren is going nowhere


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Lukaku 10m? Why not have messi for 15m seeing we are in lala land!!

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No chance

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23 May 2014 12:44:53
If Lukaku were to join us from Chelsea then it would take a fee wellin excess of 10 million to make it happen!

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I still feel lallana shaw and lovren will stay. But rumours of fonte going makes sense. He had a good season but made many costly mistakes in big games. I'm surprised there has been no paper talk of ramirez to go. A good £10m sat on the bench. Maybe waiting until after the World Cup.
At a long shot, maybe poch is looking at getting rid of fonte and open the door to an osvaldo return? No I didn't think so either

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Nah £10 plus first option on shaw when he finally decides to leave aha

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23 May 2014 07:30:21
Daily Fail is reporting that we want Scott Sinclair for 3 million. Not sure on this one. Had bags of potential but hardly played for a couple of seasons.

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Again? Seem to remember this one last summer - probably due to the link with his brother being at the club. Still at £3m he'd be a half decent buy.

He should never have gone to Man Citeh. Ruined his career.

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23 May 2014 12:01:46
This rumour has popped up everywhere in the last 24 hours! (I know the media normally put 2+2 together and come up with 5!) but there must be something in this. He's still young, his brother is in the academy and I for one think he'd suit playing on either wing behind SRL well ;-)

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Its probably risen because his younger brother got another year at Saints - all smoke hopefully, no fire on this one. He had potential but we should be looking at better players than this

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23 May 2014 19:06:50
I think 3m for Sinclair could be brilliant. I have probably played more football than him in the last 2 years but I think he could thrive at Saints. Good group of players around the same age plus the obvious family connections and general positive atmosphere about the place (if we keep our team together). So, If any club is going to get the best out of him I can see it being us. Everyone loves life on the Costa Del Solent.

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23 May 2014 00:18:54
So now according to the Mirror, Hull City want Jose Fonte.

This means if we listen to all the journalist trash we have

Luke Shaw to wherever he likes
Lallana to Liverpool
Lovern to Liverpool
Chambers to Arsenal
Spider-Man to Arsenal
Fonte to Hull
Rodriguez to Spuds
Pochatino to Spuds
Osvaldo to wherever we can offload
Ramirez back to Italy
Lambert to West ham

Not much of a team left.

EDs - which ones apart from shaw and Lallana have we actually had proper interest?

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{Ed002's Note - You need to get out of the "no one is interest in our players" and move on. The club and players have been doing well. This has led to offers (non acceptable so far) for a number of players.}

Fonte to Hull for 3 Million. Rooney to Hull for 4 pound fifty and a bus pass// anybody else got any good jokes

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Hi ED do you reckon we will sell anyone? I thought shaws bid was accepted?

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{Ed002's Note - You know what I think. You keep asking the same questions.}

23 May 2014 08:19:49
Don't be ridiculous, Hull could never pay waynes wages

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I didn't think offers got chucked around as much as the papers are reporting. If I wanted something, the first thing is ask if it was for sale. If yes, then I would offer a low offer with the intention of negotiating I higher offer. If it wasn't for sake, I know it would take a very large offer to change his mind. See where I'm coming from? Surely clubs speak before offering money for a player?
Also £3m got a premier league fort ballet is pretty lame

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Now liverpool what Nathaniel Clyne aswell! Please! The papers are losing all credibility and are fast becoming a real laughing Stock? Still got tears in my eyes lol

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23 May 2014 11:09:37
3 m sounds about right

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Ed2 - I didn't say I had my head in the sand regarding interest in our players, what I asked was if we had and official offers.

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{Ed002's Note - I have explained about the offers - read the posts.}

23 May 2014 12:07:59
After the shock of having to read the avalanche of reports linking just about every player we have except for Hooiveld and Guly with big money moves I have slowly come round to the view that perhaps the club meant what it said about not selling players. So far no deals have been agreed, there is growing confusion amongst the hacks who can't quite understand why Saints have not jumped to grab any offers, well hey welcome to the new reality, boys.I also disagree with Eds2 about whether haw will leave. He wont. And here is the reason. The game is littered with world class players who never won anything, the ones who did were in teams with a lot of other world class players. United for instance did not win all those titles by merely splashing out in the market, they had a hard core of class home grown to which all they had to do was add. The same now applies to Saints.Shaw will know and have been told that if he wants to win things he needs to stay for a couple of years at least and see where the club ends up. He may be pleasantly surprised to be playing champions league with Saints, it all depends on what they do this summer.World class players will come to us now, whereas last year they would has not gone unnoticed that the likes of Reus Hummels, Kroos have all turned down the chance to join United. United are no longer seen as a hot ticket. I wonder what the response would be if Saints moved for any one of the three mentioned? And by the way Eds2 I am not daft enough to think you have some kind of insider contact who feeds you info as to what Saints are doing with regard to transfers. Pull the other one!

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