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23 Nov 2012 15:08:42
Southampton are looking to make an Audatious swoop for highly rated German Goalkeeper Marc Andre Ter Stegan according to European media - Personally I can see Davis leaving/Retireing at the end of the season Boruc being forced out and Gazzaniga isn't up to premier league standard yet.

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How much is the price cause i think hes worth about 10 at least for a player so young and good as him

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Any sources rather than just saying euro media? i can't find one for my life!

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Not heard anything leading to this yet. I imagine we're back at needing 2 keepers again with Gazzaniga being our only real option atm.

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Only keeper news regarding saints is Butland from Brum not heard of any other. he would be a good buy, but can't see BCFC letting him go.

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How many kepers do you lot want? i know you concede a rediculous amount of goals but. come on!

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We want a total of 3 keepers. But with Davis a little past his prime and Boruc not exactly on terms with the management it seems... Maybe we need to get 2 new ones, sell Boruc and wait for Davis to retire. I reckon Andre Ter Stegan could be an interesting signing. Hopefully we'll find out more about these sorts of stories in the weeks to come.

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Anyone know how the young American goalie we signed is doing?

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Cropper (the American) is a regular with the Under-21s. I don't think he's expected to be any more than 3rd-4th choice for a while yet.

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23 Nov 2012 14:42:13
Southampton FC are struggling to pay their bills and will offload three players in January. Rickie Lambert looks set for a move to Newcastle for 7 million pounds will the interest in midfield player Adam Lallana from Spurs for the 10 million pounds, with Artur Boruc looking to leave on a free.

Saints are struggling financially following the Liebherr family no longer placing anymore money into Saints.

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I can tell for a fact that is pure rubbish! The amount of accountants and lawyers saints have they wouldn't of part with 12.8M for Gaston Ramirez if they thought there was a risk of money issue's, just another Jealous Skate!

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If we were then why hasnt anyone found out and why are we looking at so many players if we have no cash bs think you need to stay off the beer

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Haha...what a joker! You haven't got a clue have you.....literally not a clue! Are you a Swiss chum of the family?! Brilliant!

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If you're going to attempt to wind people up, at least make it remotely believable you stupid child.

Probably a skate just jealous because with our wealth we could buy Portsmouth FC with all it's debt about 200 times over.

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Your wealth?, is that why you have taken out a loan against NEXT seasons payout.OP is spot on.

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We haven't taken any loans? This is what amazes me! When it says saints have taken loans it's From the Liebherrs, who own the club, it's another way of saying the clubs budget for the up coming season, something all these jealous Pompey fans won't have to look forward too!

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I really do not see any basis for this post. The saints are not in financial trouble. They have a shroud business man at the helm who wouldn't allow them to spend beyond their means and they have a reasonable wage structure. This is utter nonsense. The saints have had plenty of money put in as well not in loans. The only issue this season saints have had with loans was Bologna needing a loan against the signing of Gaston Ramirez. That was on their end. Don't come out with nonsense because you don't like Southampton and at least try to be constructive with your time.

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There is no basis for this post. It is from a skate who thinks he is a financial expert, but would even have problems with managing his pocket money!

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It was in lierberrs will, that saints get money for the next 5 years to help us reach europe. were sat on just about the same kind of money man city have. our problem is attracting the right players, but with the way we have played so far and hopefully survuve, we will attract class in the summer ready for a euro place next season. go home back to fratton jealous skate, enjoy league 2 next season

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Seems like some ones touch a nerve

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Owners don't put money in to their clubs they loan it! to them. dream on.

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I've never known an owner to leave a club and say, " please can I have the money back that I spent on them 7 players I paid for, I know they cost me 40mill " dream on , they don't loan money

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The loan was 40 mill , and from the same company that everton borrowed from, amazed that soton fans dont know this, they are seriously in the red , and relegation would be catastrophic, the new portsmouth

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They all do mate keep dreaming lol

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Ignorance must be bliss for skates, it just looks like ignorance to the rest of us.

I suggest you concentrate on the difference between administration and liquidation. That should be much more of a concern to you.

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Talk about denial, keep reading about soton gonna buy this player and that player, and they're up to their neck in debt, relegation will ruin them, but who cares,lol

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saints wont sell lallana or lambert

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Well, we did buy the players., didn't we?

And if you want to read it as a debt, please do. But hardly up to our neck-more like below our big toe. Perhaps you would be better debating finance with our Chairman, that ex Swiss banker Mr. Cortese, I'm sure you have a lot more knowledge than him, LOL

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We're in debt that's not linked to the stadium but the 120m tv revenue that clubs in the prem get this season. I work in Europe and know a few chairman who say southampton are in a better financial position apart from Arsenal and Reading. If liehberr family stop spending money then a major investor is waiting in the wings. All i can say is he's a well known Swiss bio tech billioniare. And also their is deffinatly building work going on at their training ground apparently southampton wanted to restructure payments to the builders as they're currently behind the original schedule set.

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Rite 1 LALLANA and LAMBERT are not for sale
2 we r one of the richest clubs in the country
3 We had debts to the Liebherr family which they cleared
4 u Skates will be watching League 2 football well we are watching Prem football

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If they are loans then Chelsea and Man City willbe pretty screwed when their owners leave

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