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24 Jan 2014 23:05:48
Saints are looking to sign Brazilian striker Eder from Sampdoria as a replacement for Osvaldo. Could be a good move!

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I´m sure he´ll be better than Osvaldo. Osvaldo prob just kicked off with Fonte in order to force through loan move to Inter.
Blatant liability, prob will leave his next club after just one season too. To##er!

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All this talk osvaldo will be staying fact.
shows the talent he has when teams like inter and others still chase him

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The mans a liability wish he was around when razor ruddock was around he would have laughed in his face before he tore his head off and eat him lol

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I wish he started on boruc, wanyama or big rick. They wouldn't have taken his s***

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I wish he started on captain balbosa and got deserted on that desert island again.


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Muriel from udinese would be a great buy in my opinion

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Osvaldo will be staying. Sure, he made a cock up but I would like to think saints are the better club here & rather than offload bim, choose to stick by him & help him channel thoat aggresion into something useful which is what I suspect we will do. He has another 10 days to sort this out with the teammates if this hasn't been done already. Reports are that he & fonte sorted out not long after anyway & were seen shaking hands & laughing. i'm also disappointed with luke shaw & his comments on twitter. i'm all for team spirit but should he really be posting comments like thT for all to see?

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For those of us who are not twitterers what has Luke been saying?

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^ref luke on twitter - not to be taken completely out of context but single or double word comments that could be take neither way in response to peoples questions regarding the incident. In my opinion what occurs on the training pitch should stay there & players shouldn't air their opinions publicly unless the full facts are known by the public. At this point all we have is speculation as to what did or didn't happen in the lead up to the incident. I fully expect the next game he lines up in he will no doubt get the flak from the supporters but become an instant hero with a goal.

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24 Jan 2014 18:50:35
Saints still aiming high it seems, heard an attempt to sign Mario Mandzukic may be on the cards. Don't see it happening any time soon but it's good to know the ambition is still there.

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Behave .

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Good mate of Lovren and may not be needed next season because of Lewandowski. Seems very unlikley though.

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Rickie Lambert's good mates now with Steven Gerrard. Gerrard was seen in the local area today (well, if you looked hard enough you'd spot him, lol) so I reckon we'll snap up the Liverpool and England captain before this transfer window closes.

And, Luis Suarez too. I'm basing thus on the hope that he could be's pals with Gaston Ramirez.

For a hat-trick of silly-season talk, we're also going to sign the Korean goal machine striker Win Ding Youup


Saint Etienne.

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You obviously missed the very unlikely part.

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24 Jan 2014 18:43:16
saints rumoured to be interested in yacob of west brom for a fee of £3m. MoPo is thought to believe he will fit well with our pressing game. Argentinian aswell.

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He would be a great signing. Him or Mulumbu.
Would probably ensure that West Brom go down if they lost either of them.

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Wow 10 disagree's. google it and read the article.

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We're not disagreeing with the article, just disagreeing with the overall rumour.

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24 Jan 2014 09:52:56
Great debate here guys. Here is my wish list. I have tried to make it at realistic as possible so here goes:

Hernandez (on loan - going to get so little game time at Man Utd)
Richards (on loan - as above. Can see Citeh buying another CB as well)
Lescott (on loan if above does not happen)

Osvaldo (out on loan - reasons we all know)
Shaw to Chelski but loaned straight back for rest of season. Bertrand in px.

Summer will be even more interesting :)

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Why sell shaw? Wouldn't make any sejse whatsoever. Bertrand is on loan at villa anyway

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I can't really see any of that happening, other than Dani going out on loan, perhaps. I would like to see a CB bought soon, as cover for Lovren until he's back, then to replace Fonte. In an ideal world we'll get Astori, Banega/Diego and a world class striker. in reality we'll probably get a couple more letters from Liebherr stating her good intent, and nothing more. Why would Shaw leaving be on your "wish list"? It's having players like him that will encourage others to join us!

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Sorry my Shaw comment was a realistic one not a wish list. Believe that Chelski want him so will do the deal now - loan him back until the summer and then we get Bert for next season. Don't want to see Luke go either.

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Well I'm afraid Jesus Perez who takes over managerial duties on FA Cup weekends has said that Saints would not be signing anyone to replace the injured players. Just to keep fans happy he said 'but you never know'.

Personally I think this is a bit silly as we have sort of proved if we lose anyone from the back five we immediately look poor. Perhaps with a proper board keeping an eye on things we need to reign in our expectations and prepare for being the good mid-table club, as lots of people like us to be?

I love my club, Saints, but they do spout some cr&p sometimes.

Respecting the FA Cup? I think not. We'll put out the usual suspects and keep winning until we draw someone reasonably good and out we go.

I am losing interest in football a bit nowadays as we seem to have lost our way, on and off the pitch, and having been swept up in all this 'how can we win the Premiership' stuff I've sort of realised we will just be good old 'Southampton' and never really much more than that. Our brilliant academy will continue churn out gems for other clubs I'm sorry to say. Think about Shaw, he's going no where at the moment but he'll be gone soon enough - if he goes to Chelsea he's guaranteed to win trophies, play in Europe and play the highest standard for years probably - with Saints it's a BIG maybe. What would you do?

Any club that thinks that Jos, Fox and few others are Premiership standard and can do a good job when called upon really is not as ambitious as they make themselves out to be.

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Not really sure about part ex deals, normally when I buy a car and give a part ex it is knackered. lol

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I believe Shaw when he says "I still don't want to go"
I believe Poch when he says "I'm not letting any key players go and they don't want to anyway"
And I believe Leibherr when she says "Nobody me and the manager wants to stay will leave this month"

Hence, Shaw not going anywhere. That's the Shaw thing.

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I agree with u Icelord, but to keep premier league standard players happy is not easy if some of them are only getting a handful of games a season. Only Champions League teams seem to be able to do that by payin squad players 60K a week plus! Do we really want that?

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Don't want Hernandez, personally don't really rate him, think we can do better IMO

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Agree with icelord on this one. After the past 10 days I fee like the heart has been ripped out of the season & its a good job we've got a decent tally of points on board. As far as i'm concerned hopefully we will limp towards the 40pt tally sooner rather than later & then for me that's job done for the season, then wait for what awaits us in the summer. What the club & players forget is that all the talk in interviews of european football, many of us fans actually bought into the vision & beleived especially after the start we had. Although i'll always support saints, I do feel a bit let down this season now.

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My wishlist which I hope is more realistic would be:
Samuel Umtiti - CB from Lyon
Diego - Wolfsburg
And a possible swap deal with Osvaldo for Icardi.

Granted the Icardi deal is unlikely, I'd really hope for it to happen.

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Shaw doesn't want to go because he is smart. He understands that at Chelsea he will not play - something that saints will definitely give him. He should stay for another 2/3 seasons and then he can fulfill his dream. He needs to be smart

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Don't get too carried away with the doom and gloom of the press. 1st half against Sunderland was arguably the best 45minsof the season. We will be nowhere near relegation this season.
As for signings, I think nobody in or out, finish roughly mid table, then reassess in the summer. And even if poch goes, saints will still be an attractive club to manage. Things are not all bad for saints. I think a lot if fans got carried away with the champions league cortese affair. You have to remember that if players do leave, and youngsters do get sold, I'm sure it will be for a good price then reinvested into the club. Rupert Lowe doesn't own saints anymore!

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Umtiti would be an incredible signing, he's world class on his day and is only going to get better and it would be pretty smart to sign him as he and Lovren already know how to play with each other and work well together.

How often is Jese Rodriguez being used at Madrid these days? He can play on both wings, down the middle in the Lallana role and upfront as a 'false 9' would be a great signing, even if it was just on loan 'til the end of the season.

Morata? Fallen out of favour at Madrid, Arsenal are looking at him Tello? Plays quite a bit a barce but could be worth a punt Cuenca? Not played since his knee injury, looks to have endless potential, Barce would probably be open to him getting game time.

Why are we not thinking of these types of players? If we have a serious ambition of playing European football and being a force in the prem these are the type of players we need to start convincing to come to us, not players who have never played above championship level, just because they're English and support Southampton

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I agree, need to start loaning some players looking to prove thereselfs to there own big club or other big clubs because they clearly have something or they wouldn't be there

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If we play Jos Hooiveld this weekend it will be a big problem, no pace and gives the ball away. Rather give Aaron Martin a chance.

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Why Martin? Cause he's English? If Martin can't even make the 25 man squad, in what possible way could he be better than Hooiveld?

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Even if we finish 8/9th this season that is still a massive step up from last year. Anyone who thought we would walk into a champions league spot this year was dreaming. If we keep our players this window then I think we can still look forward to a decent second half of the season. All is not lost.

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I am only mentioning Martin to emphasise how weak at the back we are without Lovren. Could try Jack Cork there he has done it before.

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24 Jan 2014 08:21:35
Anyone else think saints should enquire about Hernandez what a singing he could be. The sort of player that could convert all the chances we create into goals. Coyr give us fans something to smile about instead of all this doom and gloom.


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I'd be singing about that signing

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I thought about this too, but it would require him to put in a transfer request I reckon. And if that happened United might still reject it, plus a number of other clubs would be interested. Always a slim possibility of a loan deal if Osvaldo is on his way out. Otherwise I think Poch will just rely on the youngsters.

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He'd fit perfectly. Best signing we could make.

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Did you watch him on Wednesday - thought he was poor.

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Yes poor on Wednesday but has had very little game time. Give him a run and he will start firing again

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He's nothing more than an inconsistent super sub.

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Why not offer united osvaldo for hernandez i'd like to see him pick a fight with rooney lol

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I'm not keen on Hernandez never really rated him, all he seems to score is tap in from 3 yards

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It's the tap ins we keep missing.

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Utd won't let him go out on loan, rvp injured leaves shrek up front on his tod. Hernandez is a great player that utd will want to keep hold of if they want to stay in the premier league this season

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The more I think, the more I feel a player at least like hernandez would be good. For all our fine style and class we have in the past benefited from goal poacher types, barnard and sharp. some important goals there.

I can see hernandez picking up some of adams quick flicks and getting a toe to the low balls that come screaming across goal, but we keep missing.

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Would this not have been a chance to let Billy Sharp have a go against Yeovil?

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Also Martin couldn't do any worse could he? Did you watch Hooiveld against Burnley?

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