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28 Jul 2013 17:27:41
Supposedly a few English clubs linked with the Malaga right back Jesus gamez one of the clubs are rumoured to be southampton

Rasker mouse

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Old news, doesn't look likely.

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Kinda old, this rumor, from May 19th:

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Funny thing is I read it in the Spanish newspaper only last week.

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Could be a posibility as clyne is injured

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Chambers is our cover for right back!
Clyne first
Cork third
Yoshida 4th
Why being chambers on tour if not in pochs plans?

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28 Jul 2013 09:20:12
Southampton representatives to travel to Lisbon to push through two deals which will see Tiago Llori and Arminda Tue Na Bangna join the saints with a fee of £14.5m agreed already for both players

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Yes please!!

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I think you'll find it's Ever Banega who we are trying to sign.
Negotiations are set to continue this week as they were put on hold when are reps were pushing through with the Wanyama deal.

Source: a website

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I don't know either of them and rather look at youtube, what could they bring to us?

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Nought but speculation, who Saints are after at Lisbon is as of yet unconfirmed.

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I thought Tue Na Bangna played for Fulham not Sporting CP?

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^^ Ignore my last comment, i'm confusing him with Buomesca Tué Na Bangna

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Hope not to both

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No, idk where these rumours are coming from. because we know our top targets are Leandro damiao and ever Banega. we apprentley came back for Banega and we have supposedly agreed a fee of 23 million! For Damiao, and a 9-10 million offer for Banega. I think that NC is determined to get his top targets this season and to get all four would be a massive massive coup for the saints as well as making clubs in thr top 8 look at us in a morr respecting way because we would be showing we aren't affraid to compete with the best and the best is what NC wants and what NC wants he gets we all know this


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Armindo Tué Na Bangna, AKA Bruma, has cancelled his contract with Sporting and should therefore be available on a free. Chelsea are extremely keen.

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£14.5m for 2 players who only made there senior debuts in feburary this year seems unlikely. they have less than 40 apps between them in the 1st team. bad rumour!

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Tue na bangna
sound bit fishy to me

Saint neil

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I think the Bruma you are thinking of is jeffery and not the one refered to in original post.

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Hope this has some merit as Tiago Llori is on the radar of Liverpool and Chelsea, he is a strong pacey CM and at 6. 3" has the height needed to handle the prems Aerial teams like West ham, Stoke etc from everything I have read this is a very talented young player and we would do well to snap him up befor one of the bigger clubs do.

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Nope he means bruma from Lisbon.

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Liverpool out up a bid of 8.5mill and it was rejected for iloris! 14. 5 for both seems a bit low!

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Bruma hasn't cancelled his contract, he's trying to but hasn't yet. Besides he seems to want to go to chelsea, so I doubt we'll get him

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That doesn't mean he couldn't be persuaded to join Saints instead. He must know he's got little chance of a regular game for Chelsea with Hazard, Mata, Moses, De Bruyne all filling his positions.

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27 Jul 2013 23:43:40
We are in talks with Sporting Lisbon over an UNCONFIRMED player. Many are speculating/assuming it is Eric Dier as this would be the most obvious but nothing has been released to prove this. Those stating it is definitely Dier are merely speculating. It could be any number of players; Viola, Bruma, Cedric, Rubio, Capel, Ilori, Rojo, Andre Martins, Adrien, Labyad, Dier, Carillo. You get the point. There are many players there who fit our transfer policy and fill positions we need.

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It could be Diego Capel because when Pochettino was with Espanyol Capel was attracting a lot of interested from teams like Barcelona, Espanyol, Valencia and Atletico Madrid

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Which strikers and ATt midfielders do they have that are any good lol

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I know it has been speculated that we are interested in something Portuguese but nothing to get excited about. Portuguese football is in a financial mess and clubs owe huge amounts of money to their players, staff, creditors etc. I also feel there are bargains to be had but since very little information has been forthcoming I feel any real interest will be in the January window.

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Lets hope its a striker because were very light up front, only takes a couple of injuries and were screwed big style and no goals means relegation battle fact

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