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30 Jan 2012 21:46:15
radio 5 live saying upson in tomorrow on loan

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According to Daily Mail Upson has snubbed loan move to Saints

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I know someone who knows upsons agent. he spoke with him and no contact between clubs or player have been made.

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Course you do. And Daily mail isnt a good source. they also reported a while back that Sharp would defo not come to St.Marys

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30 Jan 2012 21:02:21
Southamptons Loan deal for stokes danny collins has fallen through, so nigel adkins has enquired about the availability for Mathew Upson on loan who has only played 7 premier leauge games this seaon

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30 Jan 2012 20:56:45
Ed, is there any strong transfer romurs? {Ed001's Note - nothing mate, as it was with Sharp, Southampton are very good at keeping things quiet, unless they happen to bid for someone I know, I am very unlikely to get any prior warning of moves personally. Sorry.}

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Oooo - you sound connected Ed001! Come on, spill the beans - who are you? Who do you know? Can you put in a good word to get us some more quality players? I've heard rumours that either Ed002 or Ed004 is a really fit woman - is this true? Time to tell! {Ed001's Note - Ed002 WAS a really fit woman, but she is now a fair bit past her best I am afraid. I wish I had that much power to get you players in! Mind Adkins has not done badly on that score, Sharp is a good lad, treated right he can make the difference for Southampton this season.}

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Careful Ed001 - You're going to be in SOOOO much trouble if Ed002 reads that! {Ed001's Note - luckily she is too old for the time of the month, so at least she won't be hormonal......}

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OMG - living dangerously there Ed001! {Ed001's Note - 007 will be on here to defend her honour if he sees this ;o)

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Heh - hope he's more like Roger Moore than Daniel Craig for your sake! {Ed001's Note - he is defo more Roger Moore now than Roger Moore as Bond!}

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I shall await his comments with bated breath! Can he do that eyebrow thing? {Ed001's Note - he types with his eyebrows, at least I think that is what he does, it is the only explanation for some of the gibberish he comes out with at times!}

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{Ed007's Note - I'm a 6ft 2 Scotsman so I look more like a young(ish) Sean Connery. Ed002 is a beautiful creature, a goddess no less, that any red blooded man (or woman) would enjoy the company of! Ed001 is Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. He only does the sites to maintain contact with all of us plebs who don't understand the dynamics of quantum physics. Unless you are bored, lonely or suicidal, I urge you not to engage him in conversation. You WILL regret it!}

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Hey - Sheldon's my hero! {Ed001's Note - I find him annoyingly stupid personally......}

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But he's funny though! Think you made a fubar there Ed001....kinda verbalised what Ed007 was trying to say about you! {Ed001's Note - that was the point mate, 007 knows I hate that programme and had a rant about how stupid the character was for someone who was supposedly smart. He is just whiney because I always win the editor's quizzes even though I always give the others a chance to answer before I even read the question!}

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Yeh..heard that about Sean Connery..always been crap at quizzes! Is there anything going on between Ed007 and Ed002? If so, who wears the skirt in that relationship?! {Ed001's Note - they do have a bit of a thing going on, though it is more from 007's part, 002 likes to play the field so to speak.}

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30 Jan 2012 19:26:47
The Sharp deal has been confirmed, he will wear the number 11 shirt. 3 and a half year contract


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30 Jan 2012 15:23:42
Southampton are to make a late bid this transfer window for Nottingham Forest midfielder RadosÅ‚aw Majewski. Majewski has been vocal about his disappointment at Forest's recent form, and Nigel Adkins, Southampton manager, has been alerted to his availability, having previously attempted to sign him last summer. Majewski is believed to be available for £1.5 million, and should be signed in time for the end of the transfer window on Tuesday.

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He is quality lets av im

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Not exactly short of players in this department, do we need another midfielder, Centre back should be the priority

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Nobody has been able to replace Chaplow - so yes, we do need a combative midfielder that can carry the ball and get us going forward. Even with Chappers return it wouldn't hurt to have the option. Not sure Majewski is that sort of player or not - any opinions? Agree that we could do with a CB in light of Jos's injury but Jose is fit again according to saints website, so that's good. Still think we need a quality young goalkeeper - if Kelvin gets injured we're in trouble

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30 Jan 2012 13:14:21
Sharp medical being held as I write this, according to SSN. Anyone have any idea how true this is, or even how much the fee is supposed to be?


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Very true and not sure fee

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On Donny's website so it's happening, 1.8 million

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Its 100% true. I know a Doncaster player

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Its not on Donnys website lol

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SKY SPORTS NEWS have confirmed Dean Saunders has confirmed the deal is going ahead

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He has signed.

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