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03 Jul 2014 15:55:13
Apparently we are leading the chase for 23 year old Swedish winger Nabil Bahoui. 4 goals in 11 appearances so far in this season (their league starts before ours) and he has apparently been quite good.

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I've never heard of him having said that, that doesn't mean anything. i'm liking Koeman's drive to bring new players in.

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He looks quality! Watch the YouTube video of all his best bits - Keen dribbler and crosser of the ball - Reckon he could fit in well :-)

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YouTube made Delgado, his mate & Steeeeeve look good too.

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I'd rather have grenier

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The only thing is he looks good
in that league which isn't that good
but he looks to have a lot of potential

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No, we don't want Bahoui.
Way way from the quality we want, rather use some youngsters from U21 instead.

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Looks average.

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We've just got £60m from player sales so I assumed we would be more ambitious than this

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If you think the club will spend all £60 million and won't look for bargain buys who could turn out to be a quality find you're being naive. I know very little about this guy I grant you but the club will seek to be financially successful as well as on the pitch so don't expect them to spend very large amounts. They may spend a fair bit just to rebuild this summer but don't expect them to blow £60million just on transfer fees.

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Agreed saint Phil. I think £30m is a figure I wold be pleased with. 3 main targets and a few for more future

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We were told that the money received in sales would be reinvested in the squad, I don't expect it to all be spent in one or even in one window but when we've lost players as good as Lallana, Shaw and Lambert we need quality replacements and ambitious signings to convince other players to stay and also to give us something to cheer about, for me this wouldn't show ambition to get to the next level, he may well be quality but for me we were more ambitious with our signings last season when we got Lovren, Wanyama and Osvaldo, ok Osvaldo didn't turn out to be great, but now we have the funds we should be replicating that level of ambition or going further

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So we are the same old feeder club we were under lowe. I think we the fans deserve better targets than what we are being linked with! and if we don't have our stripes back.

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04 Jul 2014 08:57:44
SaintGibbs. don't listen to who we are being linked with. just be patient and all will be good PS Lallanas a C##t

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Bid for bony campaign on our FB page anyone??

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To be fair he's been linked with other PL clubs too like Everton and Sunderland so could be a good signing but I want a bigger name personally so we can make a statement of intent for next season

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03 Jul 2014 15:19:03
Matt targett is set to get the chance in Southampton's first team, sly sports understands. They also go on to say that this will save us millions in the transfer Market and that he will be getting a new contract before the start of the season. COYR! Hopefully he can replace Shaw.

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If true I will be impressed, great commitment to such a talented young player and continuing to show off our youth system. Although I would be a tad worried as who would be his cover if he picked up a knock? We only have 3 fullbacks in total if we include him do we not?

But overall would be great news to bring this kid through.

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Clyne will cover again

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Confirmation that all ambition has been abandoned. Targett might become a decent player in time, but at the moment he's miles behind Shaw's level.

To sell Shaw and replace him with someone so obviously (currently) inferior can only weaken the team.

And yet the board continue to peddle the line that progression is the aim for this season. Name a side in the history of football who have progressed by selling their best players and bringing in inferior, cheap and cheerful replacements.

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What are you smoking quertyell? If it wasn't for an injury, Targett would have been our left back and not Shaw. The staff have said that Targett has even more potential than Shaw and I would rather use a youth player than buy a poor foreign import. Have a bit of faith with the board. They haven't really done wrong at the moment. You might say, we have already sold Shaw, Lallana and Lambert, but Shaw is now the most expensive teenager; we couldn't reject that money, Lallana is nowhere near worth £25 million - PLUS he REFUSED to play for us. Lambert was good business. Southampton are the envy of the Premier League. We are supplying England's future and I would rather use the youth and let that continue. With fantastic new coaches and training facilities, who knows. the next generation of youth players could be much better than we have ever produced! Have a bit of faith please.

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03 Jul 2014 19:00:17
I love the way people get excited over being offered a new contract. Guess who signed a new contract last summer on his 18th birthday.

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By the way I would say athletico pulled it off after selling Falcao. just saying

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I've seen Targett play. He's promising, but not anywhere near PL level at the moment.

IMHO, it's ridiculous for the club to imagine they can get away with not replacing Shaw by bringing in a guy with no senior experience, not even some minutes towards the end of last season when 8th was secured.

That's not a recipe for progress and I'm amazed anyone would argue otherwise. Would you be happy if they didn't bother replacing Lambert and Lallana and trying to make do instead with Gallagher and Isgrove?

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03 Jul 2014 21:00:55
Because Targett is likely to be given a go it is DEFINITE we will NOT add another LB?? We need two players competing for each position so I expect another LB will be signed. Talk about Clyne covering is rubbish-he and Chambers will be after RB slot for England and will not be happy to become a utility player in the squad.

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Where does all this information come from. Why do you expect us to believe all this stuff which is all obviously made up. Maybe Targett will be given a go ( seriously doubt it ) but nobody knows at the moment not even Koeman.

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04 Jul 2014 09:08:12
Qwertyell. Luke Shaw was brought into the 1st team without any experience, do you really think our management team would throw in a player they did not believe in.
Am I the only one that thinks Luke Shaw is vastly overrated. in 58 games he had 1 assist and scored no goals, for a marauding defender that is poor and his decision making is very poor.

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04 Jul 2014 10:48:20
Don't understand how people don't have faith in our youths. Luke Shaw came in first season we were in the prem with no experience. After 2 seasons he has been sold for 30 mill he impressed that much. Callum Chambers came in this season again with very little experience and was a class act. We have a history of producing very good youth, have faith in our youth system. I would have had Targett over Shaw to begin with.

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04 Jul 2014 11:07:01
how is a player meant to progress without first team experience? at some point every player needs to make their first team debut,without experience.

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What's the point in bringing him through? So he can have 1 or 2 seasons here and then leave?

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Jamie1885. what are we supposed to do then, just ignore the academy. You have a very strange way of thinking. If in two years a clubs offers over and above his value and its the right deal to take the Saints forward I again will no issue if he moves on like Shaw did.

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Haha jamie so we should never use our academy that has produced such great stars again? I know what you mean but Targett is actually a Saints fan so may be more loyal

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03 Jul 2014 13:18:33
we all know we have agreed to sign Dusan Tadic from FC Twente for a fee of £8.7million but Ronald Koeman is also looking to sign prolific Italian striker Graziano Pelle from Feyenoord and Ben Davies, the promising Swansea left back, to reinforce areas of his squad vacated by recent transfers.

anyone else heard that we are in for davies? first I've heard about it.
also napoli will offer spider £800k a season to sign for them. this could be paper talk.

is any of the davies and napoli intrest true ed?

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I doubt 800k a year would be enough to lure him away to be honest. That's around 15. 4k a week. He probably is paid more than that by us being a key player in the Premiership.

Dusan Tadic looks likely and that's a very good thing.

As for Pelle and Davies, very much depends on the price we pay for them. I am not sure Pelle is worth twice what we got for Lambert for example.

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Davies BTW not Spider

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My mate gave him a golf lesson a couple of months ago and he said there was no move happening.
That said it was a while ago.

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03 Jul 2014 22:40:29
Rumour has it Spiders on £9k a wk

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Davies is going to Spuds

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03 Jul 2014 13:06:03
Heard Osvaldo is going back to Inter. Don't think it's a loan.

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03 Jul 2014 14:50:49
I read they wanted him too. Shame as I still. After everything. still think he could have done a job for us

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Osvaldo IMO is slow selfish and not a team player. Really happy never to see him again in a saints shirt. Why ever we signed him in the first place I really don't know.

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03 Jul 2014 16:48:37
Almost seemed to me that he was signed as a bit of a 'oh s*** the seasons about to start we don't have a striker'

I stand by what I said that he showed aspects of being excellent but it didn't really work for a number of reaskns

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Providing it wouldn't create any problems I would like to see koeman intergrated with pelle up front with ramirez behind. could be the way to get the best out all 3 playing together with the italian they speak.

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Koeman is a defender and well past his best lol

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03 Jul 2014 09:17:46
Lovren reportedly refusing to come back for pre-season training. Going well isn't it? Osvaldo 'ill' on a a Miami beach. Boruc getting married on the first day of pre-season and now Lovren. Anyway, I'm going to the Swindon game just to see how many players I recognise.

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Should just keep him and refuse to pay wages if he doesn't come here. I would rather watch him rot in the reserves for 3 years than let him go for having that attitude. He should be grateful for us for taking him from a team where the fans hated him for being there worst player

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All the players who were at the world cup have been given extra time off, as well as Boruc as he was still playing friendlies in June. Osvaldo probably was ill but it's all but confirmed he has no future at the club so does it matter anyway?

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03 Jul 2014 10:07:03
Jof33. Where did you get that info from

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03 Jul 2014 10:10:22
I think players who played in the world cup get a week or two off unless i'm mistaken.

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Lovren has not yet returned because he has additional time off as a world cup player, the article in the Basingstoke paper was idle speculation based on the fact he wasn't back already. There is a chance there is truth in his desire to leave but he is unlikely to pull a Lallana and refuse to show up to training when called in to force a transfer.

As for Osvaldo he seems to be very close to the exit door, not sure which way he will be leaving us but it is pretty much certain there won't be an attempt to bring him back in. Club doesn't seem to phased by his 'ill' no show.

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Lovren has tweeted that he's going to do an 'asklovren' session soon. It is just rumour based on the Echo's back page Tommo.

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03 Jul 2014 12:00:18
Hope we stick to our guns re Osvaldo and move him on. Would show some in the EPL how you deal with a violent individual, rather than continue to make pathetic excuses for them.

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