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03 May 2012 20:56:54
Sky Sports are saying that Southampton, amongst other premier league clubs, are interested in Norwich defender Zak Whitbread, who is availible on a Bosman free transfer in the summer.

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No thanks

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No thanks? He's had a good season in the prem I think he'd be a decent signing. Open your eyes mate

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I'm a Southampton fan and see no harm in bringing onboard a player like Whitbread for free. We have 3 CBs at the moment. 1 of them is more of an academy player than a prem player and the other two are slow and coming up to their 30s. Would be an person to just disregard this rumour like it is trash and we don't want him.

End of the day its a free transfer for a solid prem defender which we desperately need. Main issue is that there may be better available, but we shouldn't be ungrateful toward experience players IF (not saying he is) they are prepared to work with SFC.

I'll be honest and hope we could do better than whitbread, but I wouldn't be so confident, arrogant and rude and just say "no thanks" to him, he deserves at least consideration if not a short term contract, we'd be lucky to sign him. Can't all be glitz and glamour unfortunately.

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03 May 2012 20:49:48
Southampton are looking to take Jerome away from stoke, seen recently that Jerome wants first team football and is fed up with life at stoke, because tony Pulis has no trust in him for the premiership games and only Europa league which stoke are not in next year, southampton looking for pace and power and feel jerome could be a good 4 million buy which would tempt stoke to part ways.

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Sounds as if he could be a hell of a signing,his present manager who seems to be doing a pretty good job has no faith in him for Premiership games.
Just the sort that Saints want then,not.

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03 May 2012 19:31:13
matt jarvis deal to be completed as soon as possible his girlfriend if from the hampshire region and he has family down here 4-7 million price bracket

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I don't think Jarvis would come, not a bottom 6 side or top 6 side player, maybe everton,sunderland or fulham.
fee based on what Liverpool paid for downing 6 -8 mill saints won't spend that, and wolves will not sell for 4 mill.

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Would be a good player but we will have to face contest as we will not be the only team interested, he was the only outstanding player at wolves in my opinion

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03 May 2012 16:17:04
Coming in

Wilfred Zaha
Matt Jarvis
Gary Hooper

Going out


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Why post such rubbish, hooper has once again turned us down saying yesterday "i wont be leaving celtic as i want to play in the champions leauge and prove myself against the best"

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Butterfield and richardson won't go but not sure about the rest

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Hope not cause we will have a small squad no RB's and very short in CM

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I really hope your right on this 1 as im thinking these players would be on my exit list too

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So you want to get rid of 12 players, smart move, not . I can see us getting rid of jaidi forte holmes and possibly barnard and connolly but not the rest, they may become squad players if we do buy some real quality but dont go destroying a squad that has unity as its core strength !

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Keep fonte and gully

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Finally some sense from a fellow saint! We need to keep the nucleus of the squad together it is imperative if we are to be successful. It's a cliche but footballs a team game and that is NAs main practice in management.

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Zaha ... Dream on dude ! Freedman said he's going NOWHERE unless a ridiculous offer comes in. He ain't joining relegation fodder anyway

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03 May 2012 14:03:08
Eagles from Bolton to Saints if Bolton go down .

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Like to see Eagles at SMS but dont think it would happen. Also he isnt the kind of player we really need - I'd say a ratter (if Chaplow doesnt regain form) is more critical.

I dont think Sharp is good enough and only got the end of season gig since Lee was injured. Sharp doesnt play the Saints way. Must get some pace down the wings and none of our full backs give that. None of our midfielders do either. It was OK in the Championship but not in the Prem

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03 May 2012 06:40:05
The Daily Express is saying Saints are set to sign Matt Jarvis in a deal worth around £4M

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WWFC in peace. Congrats on going up. Wolves don't need to sell but Jarvis deserves prem football, however 4 million won't be anywhere near enough. You will have to double that.

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No chance for 4 mill

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Apparently, Southampton are in to sign Dirk Kuyt from Liverpool for 1.5M

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