26 Jun 2018 17:49:26
Well we now have our first signing in Stuart Armstong! As stated on a previous post, our past record with Celtic players has been really good, so things are looking up! There has also been increased rumours of signing Mohamed Elyounoussi, which I presume is the Tadic replcement. What are everyone else's thoughts on Armstrong.

1.) 26 Jun 2018
26 Jun 2018 18:26:33
Think we are going to be very pleasantly surprised. Don't focus on the £7 million, if you look at some of the best Saints buys - Ricky Lambert £1 million from Bristol - Steve Davis next to nothing - McCarthy cheap as chips, Romeu £4 million all earn their corn.
Mercenaries (and there are plenty of them) don't have the work ethic it seems.
We do need a good striker - I see we are looking at Danny Ings, ok, he was injured but he could still give us 3-4 good years, he was quality and can be again.
Great season awaits those who are positive!

2.) 26 Jun 2018
26 Jun 2018 19:20:41
Lets see what Armstrong offers to the team! 😊.