20 Jul 2020 20:14:11
Hearing that we have signed Salisu for £10.9m and are set to announce it in the next week or so - very impressed we've beaten other sides to that if true! Ralph must really be invested in us and want others to follow!


1.) 20 Jul 2020
20 Jul 2020 22:46:29
Love for this to be true. He looks a really good prospect. Only 21 years old but just played a full season in La Liga so is no mug. Now sign KWP a striker and maybe a replacement for PEH, get rid of the dead wood and Saints can push on next season.

2.) 21 Jul 2020
21 Jul 2020 21:27:13
We have several strikers teesidejay, why would we sign another one? Keen on finding a replacement to PEH, but I reckon it'll be another young player as Romeu has played really these past few games.

What deadwood do we need to get rid of? At the moment I can only think of PEH and Vestergaard.

3.) 21 Jul 2020
21 Jul 2020 23:24:36
reckon Hoedt, Carrillo and Lemina would count as deadwood.

4.) 22 Jul 2020
22 Jul 2020 11:23:37
We have two keepers to compete for the no 1 jersey
Need a right back or maybe two - KWP and another
CB - hopefully Salisu, clear out Hoedt, maybe give a Yoshida one more year
CM - get rid of Lemina, Romeu can stay on, sign another
ATT - we could always do with one more - is Boufal still in the picture?
ST - Please get rid of Carrillo, but with Ings, Adams, Obafemi and Long I think we’re ok - even if Ings does get injured for a spell Obafemi and Adams up top is decent enough back up

Also does anyone know what is happening with Elyounoussi and Forster once they return from loans? Moi did indeed look shocking in a saints shirt and Fraser probably needs to move on. I’d like to see Danso made permanent as well as he could turn out to be a fantastic prospect in a few years.

5.) 22 Jul 2020
22 Jul 2020 16:02:38
I've heard that Elyounoussi is back at Celtic for another year. Not sure what is happening with Forster.

6.) 23 Jul 2020
23 Jul 2020 13:50:04
Don't forget we have Djenepo to come back from injury. I think if he can hit the ground running next season and find form without injury, he'll be a huge asset to the team.

7.) 24 Jul 2020
24 Jul 2020 23:26:49
McCarthy and Forster to compete for No. 1, Gunn will leave, can’t imagine him being happy at No.3 choice. Yoshida has already gone. Hoedt will go, so to will Lemina, Hojbjerg and Carillo. Vestergaard will go but only if the right offer comes in and he will be replaced if he does go, Salisu isn’t his replacement. McQueen should leave too. Be interesting to see how Reed, Boufal, Hesketh and Sims get on in pre season as it’s make or break for them at the moment. Don’t see us signing/ needing to sign another striker, with Elyounoussi out on loan for another year I would like to see a young wide player come in, another CB as Danso hasn’t done enough for a permanent move, a Hojbjerg replacement and 100% need another LB and RB. Vokins looks good but needs to go out on loan for me and Valery can’t defend.