19 Feb 2021 14:23:27
I just want to say something that I when say out loud sounds madness considering some of the results we've had and that is . For me I believe Ralph Hasshenutle is untouchable.

Don't get me wrong every manager can have their faults, but what I mean is, in the wake of certain results and recent run I think some around the world would consider that stackable. However for me the idea has never once entered my mind. When Ralph has the players he needs to field the way he wants to play you can see that it works. Depth is an issue, along with circumstances and VAR.

If we found ourselves in similar results situation with puel, pelliguno or hughes I wouldn't be saying this. With Ralph though it's different.


1.) 24 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 22:53:59
It’s time to take stock. Various reporters bumming us up when we are playing like a bottom three. team. International PLAYER status ( 8 ) count for nothing when week after week we are outplayed and outwitted by well structured teams without many recogniseable players. Whilst we have endured many injuries and poor ref. decisions it’s time to weed out overpaid pretenders for next season. Maybe Ralph could do with the shared support of a sharp no.2 to discuss substitutions player selection tactics etc. Future plans need to be activated right now in order to progress next season.

2.) 25 Feb 2021
25 Feb 2021 13:21:31
I believe a shake up of his coaching team is needed. I totally agree a stronger No2 may be required.

Untouchable? - No, but who would replace him? The only one I thought of was Benitez.

Any thoughts?

3.) 25 Feb 2021
25 Feb 2021 16:07:16
I think you’ll find Ralph is someone who likes to make the decisions. He stands up the whole game and very rarely consults his coaching staff! He doesn’t even stand near his coaching staff! Richard K the assistant is a very knowledgeable and experienced man.

4.) 25 Feb 2021
25 Feb 2021 16:12:33
Overpaid pretenders : one standout pretender is Redmond, to be playing him upfront is bizarre.
Not quite good enough - sadly I think Bertrand is past his best by quite a way.
Stephens - simply not good enough

The bednerek and vestergard partnership worked very well, but now Salisu is on the team sheet, that partnership is gone.