18 Mar 2023 14:16:45
Forster can play absolute immense at times and be almost unscoreable against .the reason why I use to laugh at the McCarthy/Forster debate, there was never any doubt who was the No1 .and that's why he's starting in goal today for a team high up in the league and why McCarthy is backup to a kid still learning his trade.

Forster can also have complete nightmares too though .I'm hoping for a nightmare display but I'm pretty sure he will have something to prove today and may well be hard to beat . giving that and our lack of firing up front it looks like we're be keeping the bottom of the table warmer for a bit longer .perhaps indefinitely.

1.) 18 Mar 2023
18 Mar 2023 21:01:58
Prowsey was always going to beat him all day long as he knows him inside out