20 Aug 2023 10:27:18
We got 3 points against a high energy well organised team who have an incredible home record, a positive. Still feel we're too slow in our build up but twice we broke with pace we looked really dangerous. I don't recognise Ryan Manning from his performances last season, he's made 2 mistakes leading to 2 goals, any more and Perraud or Larios should get their chance. I'm told Onaucha is leaving and we are taking a massive hit on him, not as much as Carrillo, but a considerable sum. Lots going on, never a dull moment until we get on the pitch!

1.) 20 Aug 2023
20 Aug 2023 20:09:27
Think Perraud is off and Larios is injured, but also far from impressed by Manning. If KWP goes, our strongest outfield area on the pitch (full-back) will probably become our weakest!

2.) 21 Aug 2023
20 Aug 2023 23:15:35
I’ve been underwhelmed by Manning.

We must do all we can to keep KWP.

This ‘all must go’ sale is out of control - when the window closes we will have a much depleted squad which individually and collectively are much weaker than we would have hoped.

Let’s put our foot down - say no to Everton - Adams is with significantly more than £15m in todays market.

Tell Arsenal where to go with KWP. We need to keep the quality we have left, otherwise there will be nothing in the tank come Christmas, inevitable suspension and extended injuries.

We need to keep Tella too.

I’ve just watched fhe Burnley Mission on TV - it’s a fascinating watch. Shows how they bounced back after one season in the Championship and their footballing philosophy.

Vincent Kompany is a class act.

3.) 22 Aug 2023
22 Aug 2023 09:41:59
This allowing managers to bring in players they have previously worked with, is just bizarre. Instead of looking back, they need to be looking at what’s in front of them.
Bree first, who is average at best, Marshall who is not that great . no wonder Perraud isn’t happy and his attitude has gone down hill!
It’s all very well these players having fitted into Martin’s system at a previous team, but the team and system wasn’t successful . so it makes no sense.

4.) 22 Aug 2023
22 Aug 2023 10:30:16
Manning! Not Marshall!

To add to the Manning debate.
he may have looked good within the Swansea setup
But the southampton team is a different dynamic.
His positional play, his tracking and man marking are all suspect. Add to that, he doesn’t seem to want to drive forward often.
He was much more protected at Swansea by a slower and tougher midfield. with a fast attacking midfield, if we lose the ball, you need to be much better with your reading of the game .

Not surprised Perraud isn’t happy.
bree coming in affected his place
And now manning . Perraud is the perfect left back to play behind a fast flowing midfield .
Imagine him combining with our midfield now compared to Ely, Djenepo and Diallo!