23 Sep 2023 19:12:56
As the judge donned his black cap, he turned to the defendant: "Mr Martin, you have brought nothing but misery to many thousands of people - you have cast a dark shadow over what was once a proud football club. You are unrepentant and for that reason the axe must come down upon your head. May the Lord have mercy upon your soul".

Perversely, I'm hoping that we don't beat Leeds and Stoke because that would give Martin a stay of execution.

Far better to get rid of him and get a proper management team in.

I'm thinking South Hants Rich and 2408 (who could become the modern day Clough and Taylor) unless Poch gets sacked and fancies coming home!

1.) 24 Sep 2023
24 Sep 2023 11:06:14
It would be a dream for poch to come back. We need him our we will be vsing fricking basingstoke Fc in the non division at this rate