06 Oct 2023 13:41:39
Danny Rohl is out of a job now . The man who first worked alongside Ralph and there being a notable change in performances for a while after he left.

I say the board should go hammer and nail to get him. Sure we've won a couple in a row with Martins, but the cracks will soon show.

Rohl would be the ideal man to rebuild our club/foundations. he's got a footballing brain and also knows the club.

Would love the board to work behind the scenes and bring him in .but I think I'm dreaming on that one.

1.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 16:14:39
Whilst I agree I would like to see him in a coaching roll I do question the, knowing the club, that is always spouted about. Since he left the owners have changed, the players have changed, we are in a different league. So at best he might know the kit man still and where to park!