02 Apr 2024 11:27:51
Fully agree Millertime!

Since the `Huddersfield Wobble` and the end of our unbeaten run, we have taken just 10 points from 8 games.

Better teams are finding us out and there is no point RM saying we were the better team last night when we LOST.

The writing was on the wall when Ipswich hit the post. We did not adapt to the threat coming and we have to defend better because we are just not clinical enough up front. Even AA needs 3 chances to score one goal.

Yes we will be a much weaker squad and stuck in the championship unless a miracle occurs in the play-offs.

Even then would Sports Republic invest enough for the Premiership? I see our French sister club are also relegation material in ligue 2.

Not happy.

1.) 02 Apr 2024
02 Apr 2024 19:53:46
We aren’t cutthroat enough a club at any level, and I just cannot see that the board will replace Martin if we finish fourth and don’t go up. They’ll say ‘we got XX points (87ish), that would get you promoted automatically most seasons’.

Ipswich have done an amazing job and I want them to go up. We need to cherry pick from this league and League One and get Martin to see the error of his ways to this point. I backed the side when we went unbeaten, but the amount of times we’ve failed to kill off games has now caught up with us.

I’d like to think we can keep S Armstrong, A Armstrong, Fraser, Aribo, Smallbone, Charles and Bednarek, have Larios and Stewart fit, and sign a CDM - we won’t keep Downes - a goalie and another striker as a minimum. If we get money from KWP and Sulemana totalling £30m+, we can go and pick up several good prospects and build, because as people rightly say we wouldn’t stay in the PL with this squad.

I also don’t think the club is built on a ruthlessness to sack off Bazunu. I loved his signing but one could argue that with a hint of anticipation he saves all three goals last night.

I’d like us to go and look at the impressive players from this season. Whittaker, Szmodics, Simms, one of them would suit us. I think szmodics would be an amazing player for us personally. But I imagine we will dip back into the Chelsea and City youth pool again.