06 Oct 2019 18:05:59
15 home wins in 61 since Koeman left.
So on average we're getting about 19 home points a season.

It's probably going to catch up with us soon - go five at the back, solid two in the middle and then a let out 3 up top, don't concede and try and nab the goal like Sheffield United are doing so well. Yes I'm saying we need to be LOOKING UP TO Sheffield United.

The hope yet again must be that there are three worse teams than us - at this point that would be looking like Norwich, Newcastle and Watford.

The current flock clearly isn't working; my team for the next few would be:

Cedric Vestergaard Bednarek Danso Bertrand
Hojbjerg Armstrong
Redmond Ings Boufal/ Djenepo

Che has been poor and a little unlucky, Yoshida may be getting past it, JWP has been poor, Romeu has the odd good game in 3 currently, Gunn doesn't seem to move and maybe it's just worth playing Danso in his right position and judging him off that?

Armstrong has been good when he's played - play him some more maybe?

Granted bar Bournemouth and Burnley the results have been largely as expected, the performances have been largely poor.

Certainly not saying Ralph out, but I think he's overcomplicating things and needs to just pare it back a bit.

1.) 06 Oct 2019
06 Oct 2019 21:16:21
Our midfield is devoid of skill/ something different. I just can't see what purpose Romeu now serves? Yes I hear time and time again he breaks up play, BUT DO SOMETHING WITH THE BALL! AS for WArd-Prowse, what has happened to him? he went through a stage of being more aggressive, tacking more, but it has completely changed the skill part of his game. He is chasing around like a headless chicken trying to tackle. His positional play is awful, his vision has disappeared.
As for playing Danso in position, now that's a novel idea and a good one!
Gunn . absolutely awful!
Ings movement and positional play is superb . how about giving him the ball!

And as soon as Boufal was introduced back into the team, we were a different team! much more mobile, dynamic, quicker . smarter. WE needed him today!

As for not making the two last substitutions until near on ten minutes to go, bizarre .

2.) 07 Oct 2019
07 Oct 2019 02:52:53
Why does Romeu need to do something with the ball? You're not moaning that someone like Boufal or Djenepo won't put a hard tackle in, so why must Romeu be everything? Players like him and Wanyama are important because their job is to protect the defence, they don't have to be the most skilful player in the team, because that's not a part of their job. Now, if you'd said something like, he lacks a bit of pace or he's sometimes a bit rash with his challenges - I'd agree but not for something that's not a part of his job in the team

I agree that JWP is trying too hard, he needs a few weeks out to get back to the player he was at the end of last season

Playing Boufal without another winger is going to ruin him, he can't be popping up on both sides and taking on the defence for 90mins each week on his own, ain't going to last long doing that. Once Djenepo is back fit I'd imagine both play most weeks

Gunn awful? How? I know goalkeepers mistakes are seen more often and so seems like they make more, but he's been our best keeper for a long time now. You seem to forget how many mistakes McCarthy made.

3.) 07 Oct 2019
07 Oct 2019 09:02:35
'not part of his job in the team'?
When i say do something, I mean do something other than pass twenty feet left/ right/ back. He is too slow, gives away way too many fouls, often unnecessary and in dangerous spots. It has to be part of the modern day footballer skill-set to do more than tackle (badly), pass (badly) ,

4.) 07 Oct 2019
07 Oct 2019 09:22:38
by the way, VW only played twice this season - the modern footballer needs more. When was the last time you saw OR make a defense splitting pass, over the top ball for some one to run onto?

If one of our midfield is never going to make defining passes, that gives the opposition a huge advantage as they can concentrate on closing down our play maker.

5.) 08 Oct 2019
08 Oct 2019 05:49:22
Agree with most recent posts and “Houston We Have A Problem”! The SFC Owners and Board have duel responsibility for a below par squad. With consistent poor performances from both Jimmy Prowse and Hojbjerg (who both seem to tweet themselves up for automatic selection ) and games that should have been won we’re lost so. Now is perhaps a good time to blood a couple of young Mids (and maybe they will rise to the Occassion ) ! Meanwhile we will limp on crutches towards January for a thorough review and overhaul of our Players in particular.

6.) 08 Oct 2019
08 Oct 2019 17:40:24
I'm not sure whether 'new' players will make any difference. I am starting to wonder whether Danny Rohl was the mastermind behind RH. Bayern Munich don't just employ anybody. RH looks totally devoid of ideas at the moment. To not tweek the team in any way at half time and then continue with the same formation/ tactics almost to the end was bizarre. It was obvious we were being outplayed, out thought .
Very strange .

7.) 08 Oct 2019
08 Oct 2019 20:37:30
Yes the performances have been crap but I’ve had a little reflect and looking at our results so far, I’d have expected probably only one win from SHU and BHA, but a win against BOU and a point against 10 man Spurs.

The manner in which we lost to Burnley, Spurs, Bournemouth and Chelsea is obviously damning and we should be doing better than we are, but considering Brighton just hammered spurs at home and SHU have won at Everton and drawn at Chelsea, we still aren’t that far behind the 8-ball after such a torrid start - I’d even say we’re probably only one win behind where we’d expect to be - level with Wolves.

There are opportunities in the coming games to haul ourselves back against teams we’d expect to be competing with - Wolves, Leicester, Everton - so only after that will I start to man the panic stations for another year!

8.) 08 Oct 2019
08 Oct 2019 22:21:59
Personally I don't think we'll get much over the next few matches. Wolves, Leicester, Man city, Everton, Arsenal. Hopefully we can pick up a point against Watford after that run of games, by which time we'll most likely be 19th or bottom. Just seems like too many of our top players are going through a bad spell at the same time.