21 Oct 2020 11:29:36
What is the point of VAR and review procedures if the assault by Pickford on Virgil goes unpunished, if this had happened on the street he would have been charged with actual bodily harm, come on referees start using the monitors and get these decisions fight.

1.) 21 Oct 2020
21 Oct 2020 16:24:19
I agree. I think that referees should be encouraged to go to the pitch side monitors to double check their own decisions and those of the VAR team. The referees are the ones that ultimately have to make the final decision during the game but VAR is often making poor decisions which the ref goes along with because he is being told via his earpiece what he should do. I bet that when the ref looked back on the Pickford incident after the match he'll have realised that it was the wrong decision taken. VAR was put in place to clear up contentious decisions but I think it's creating more questions than answers.