01 Nov 2020 15:26:42
We were very lucky and clinical. Thank god for Prowse's right boot.

I don't think there's any other way I can describe that performance. We look very good going forward, very fast interchangeable play with our front four. We still looked sharp on the break.

Fairplay to Villa, they really gave it a go in the second half, even after conceding the fourth. I expected us to control the game after half time, the same we did against Everton but Villa didn't stop pressing until the end. Still don't know what happened and how Villa managed to create so many chances.

5 games, unbeaten. We've jumped right up the league table, since getting smashed by Spurs. Hoping the injuries to Bednerak, Bertrand and Ings aren't too serious.

1.) 01 Nov 2020
01 Nov 2020 21:41:17
We were unbelievable for an hour then a bit of the old Leicester bashing crept back in. Most teams would do it, 4 up, concede, look to just play the game out, and to be fair we did fine until added time when we probably thought the game was over.

A lesson learned and not at the cost of any points, and brilliant to see a team of 7 English (8 British plus another homegrown) players doing so well and flying up the table. We’ll be fifth at the end of the week and after those first two games, and several bigger clubs in disarray, let’s have a bash!

NEW, wol, MUN, bha next four - all there for the winning in my opinion!