06 Dec 2021 10:13:21
Help what and who are running our football club, last Saturday only one of our top seven earners started the match, we also have a third goalkeeper Harry Lewis who allegedly earns over one million pounds a year but Ralph doesn't use him to replace an injury and I now see a report that we are bringing in 40 year old Willy Cabrelero as an emergency loan, you could not make this up

1.) 07 Dec 2021
07 Dec 2021 13:03:34
Ralph and the goalkeepers . or should that be goalkeeper.
Firstly, McCarthy. it seems no matter how badly he plays, no matter how many mistakes he makes, Ralph picks him. That is the real issue here!
The chances of Forster being injured at the same time were pretty remote, considering Ralph never picks him for PL matches! Even after his superb performance against Chelsea in the cup, that wasn’t enough, McCarthy has made awful mistakes in several games in a row, but sadly Forster can’t grab his chance!
Ralph clearly has problems with man management, after a succession of players have left with not one thanking or mentioning Ralph. But his incessant picking of favourites has to stop, but by who? Is there no one at the club he answers to?

As for Winks, what a kick in the teeth that we bring in someone to play; or just maybe he will play with the new guy on the bench ……….

As for who’s running the club, it would seem Ralph!

2.) 07 Dec 2021
07 Dec 2021 15:39:36
Maybe some good will come from bringing in Caballero. If he plays and has a couple of really good games it could show Ralph just how bad our 2 first team keepers are. He might then realise that he needs to look for a decent keeper sooner rather than later.

3.) 08 Dec 2021
08 Dec 2021 08:59:51
Teejay : you know and I know, that even if Caballero kept 10 clean sheets, saved 4 penalties, made some worldly saves … McCarthy would be picked, even if caballero was still with the club …

4.) 09 Dec 2021
09 Dec 2021 23:15:24
You guys will literally whinge about anything!

I'm not sure where you got your player wage figures from Norfolk Saint but from what I've seen, 3 of our top 7 earners started the match v Brighton. 2 were on the bench (Walcott and Moi). The other 2 are injured.

In any event, contracts are negotiated between club and agent and their weekly salary does not always reflect simply their weekly importance to the club.

I think its great to have a manager free to pick the side he thinks is best suited to play the match rather than the binary input of picking the highest earning 11 players.

Figures I have seen don't back up the £1m pa earnings for Harry Lewis. Not sure what his contract allows in respect of bonuses etc but they are probably performance related and if he's not playing he's not earning them. But tying in with the first point, it matters little what he earns when it comes to RH selecting him or not. Given doubts over both GKs in the first team, if Harry was considered ready, he would be given a chance. RH has demonstrated on plenty of occasions that he is happy to give youth a chance so it seems there are doubts about Harry too.

Also, with 2 first team keepers injured, it makes perfectly good sense to bring in an experienced GK proven at this level and capable of playing to a high standard, on a free. There is no guarantee he will start ahead of Harry Lewis. If he does, it is because he is considered the best option. Full stop. It could be argued that either keeper may be a roll of the dice so let's wait and see who is picked and how they play over a couple of games before declaring the club has gone mad and the end of the world is nigh.

Only on this forum could Saints bringing in a solid, experienced back up keeper on a free be met with cries of the club losing its sanity (despite the entirely logical, reasonable and sane reasons for them doing so), RH selecting a starting line-up based on his knowledge of the players and his system rather than their salary be sneered at, and once again, RH rotating players and bringing in new faces to cover for injuries be met with howls that he keeps picking his favourites.

I genuinely worry for your collective blood pressure.