26 Dec 2021 14:48:39
Redmond AND Walcott . seriously?
One light weight is bad enough, but the two together?
Oh well, getting anything from this just got harder.

1.) 26 Dec 2021
26 Dec 2021 17:37:16
It wasn’t just Walcott starting, despite adding nothing to the team, Ralph kept him on.
Yes I know we won, but same ol same ol. West Ham
Came out the second half a different team and we
didn’t change a single thing, until the 81st minute.
So yes we won, did we play any better? No
Was it to quote someone on Facebook, ‘a Ralph masterclass’? Absolutely not

KWP on the left has run it’s course, he’s being found out too often and awful positional play.

Anyway, we won .

2.) 26 Dec 2021
26 Dec 2021 18:42:46
Wins can often paper over cracks and yes it was a much needed win but it was by no means an assured and authoritative performance. In fact, more than once we all but gifted them a draw courtesy of careless defending.

That said, very grateful for all 3 points but masterclass it wasn’t and I sincerely hope that Ralph doesn’t see Walcott and Redmond as the silver bullet.

Spuds on Tuesday and we will need to up our performance if we are to make it back to back wins.

3.) 26 Dec 2021
26 Dec 2021 23:03:51
Happy Christmas Millertime

Salisu is the outstanding defender. Bednerek was having a great game but then started to make very basic mistakes. I honestly think he needs to rest Tino, he is looking tired. KWP left back is now not working so well. Not only is he one sided with his kicking, he’s one sided with his tackling; this is now being exploited.
Time to give Perraud a chance and move KWP to right back. Tino will pick up an injury with one tired tackle too many.
With us playing Romeu and JWP every game, it means that only 2 of Armstrong/Ely/Diallo/Tella/Redmond/Walcott/Smallbone, ever get to play. We need to be more flexible with the midfield 4.

As for Walcott, absolutely awful!

Broja different class!

We lost the ball lots today, often when we were pressing. We were lucky today, whu wasted many of their chances! Thank god

But great win!
Like to see Broja and Adams up front, both clever, string players, both way more than target men.
To pick Walcott ahead of Adams and Armstrong was insane