28 Dec 2021 12:56:15
Happy Christmas Rich and fellow posters - here's hoping for a win this afternoon.

We're up against an in form Spuds side who have a new found confidence under Conte. Their midfield looks a lot stronger now and they have far more players who pose a goal threat than us.

We are going to need to match them in midfield and for that reason I would want to see Stuart Armstrong back in because IMO he reads the game better than anyone else we have in the middle of the park.

Broja should start for sure and hopefully Tella.

Hopefully, we will make a game of it and if we can keep tight, and focus (no mistakes) we are in with a shout. We need Forster to be on top of his game today.


1.) 28 Dec 2021
28 Dec 2021 14:19:14
Miller : please now repost your thoughts after the team sheet has been announced….

So we gain 3 unexpected points at WHU and then play a very weakened team against Spurs.

Yes I agree with Tino being rested and KWP moving to right back and Perraud playing.

I have constantly criticised Ralph’s rigid use of two holding midfielders, regardless of strength of opposition; today was a day you could do with them!

This was an opportunity to get 4 or 6 points from 6.
Strange team selection ….

2.) 28 Dec 2021
28 Dec 2021 18:34:58
It felt like the Great Escape and the performance should make us all feel proud. Their resolve today and at West Ham has added a bit of steel to the side - great to see.

Like most, I was shocked to see Long start but to be fair, he was probably picked for his work ethic (running the flanks) than his goal scoring prowess.

We saw the best and worst of Forster today but it would have been a travesty to have lost to a soppy goal like that, however hard he tried to throw it in his own net.

There’s something about Spuds that really winds me up…. maybe it is their arrogance and sense of entitlement, but the truth is they lack the class of the bigger and better clubs both on and off the pitch. It was their attitude which let them down, strutting and posturing as if they’re superstars - Conte must be livid.

But back to Ralph, time will tell if our faith, or lack of faith (for the most part) is justified or not. However, for the time being I would say thank you to Ralph and the team for bringing some joy and pride to us Saints fans at Christmas.

Next up, Newcastle. Would anyone care to predict the line up, although we do know that st we will be without KWP and Salisu.

3.) 28 Dec 2021
28 Dec 2021 20:52:31
Having seen how much more dynamic and fast our team is without Romeu combined with three CBs, I’d love to see that formation again.
You certainly don’t need two holding midfielders against Newcastle. It was also a delight to see
JWP pushed up, instead of being around the heads of the CBs.

With Stu A and Diallo, we also had a much slicker midfield.

I’d like to see :


Tino Valery Lyanco stephens Perraud

S.Armstrong JWP Diallo

Brajo. Adams

4.) 28 Dec 2021
28 Dec 2021 22:08:10
Not a bad shout that Rich. I would try and find a slot for Tella (assuming he’s fit) in the starting lineup to provide some pace, probably at the expense of Stephens or Valery but it shows the range of options available.

Feel good factor tonight!

5.) 29 Dec 2021
29 Dec 2021 12:07:27
Oh yes, I forgot Tella!

Let’s see what Ralph does. I’m hoping that he doesn’t stick to his Romeu/JWP combination.
It’s certainly not needed against Newcastle.
I’m hoping he could see how much more dynamic we are with three CB’s
Not only did JWP push so much more up the pitch, but with the wing backs also pushing up, the options in midfield were many. It was actually enjoyable to watch.

It’s the dilemma: do we play two CBs and two holding midfielders… well this hasn’t been working for a long time. When we press in this shape, often Romeu and JWP are caught out of position and are too slow to get back; something the opponents have exploited for a long time.

Or play 3 CBs and JWP ahead of the them.

I would definitely play S.Armstrong, added so much.
Diallo is also very quick thinking and clever.
So do we add Tella to midfield and revert to the formation that hasn’t worked for a very long time …