Review Of The Day 25th January 2022

26 Jan 2022 07:39:09
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1.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 12:05:38
Any truth on Deli Ali-Saints being interested. Only 25 but on big money which does not fit what we normally do but could make millions (our model) if he re gains form .

2.) 27 Jan 2022
27 Jan 2022 01:12:10
Haven't seen Saints name mentioned. Newcastle,Brighton,Burnley and Everton all have an interest from what I have heard. Not sure that Saints would want to pay his wages anyway.

3.) 27 Jan 2022
27 Jan 2022 01:13:48
He doesn’t fit in with the sort of characters we like at the club. Attitude and lazy …

4.) 28 Jan 2022
28 Jan 2022 17:40:54
Agreed currently attitude and lazy but he work with Poch and he did not tolerate lazy and he was one of spurs top performers. Loan with option could work .

5.) 29 Jan 2022
29 Jan 2022 14:11:02
The best of Ali would be an exciting prospect - the worse of Ali would offer nothing. We have no room for big time Charlies and so given his general apathy and form at Spuds over the last couple of years, it probably wouldn’t work out. Saints wouldn’t match his ego either - great talent but wasted.