23 Jun 2022 09:47:18
Do we play McCarthy against Spurs away first game of the season knowing he will ship in plenty of goals or put Bazanu in knowing his confidence could be shattered for the rest of the season?

1.) 23 Jun 2022
23 Jun 2022 13:30:48
Bazanu if he shows he has it in training

2.) 23 Jun 2022
23 Jun 2022 23:05:51
Pope to Newcastle for £10M - great business for them but would have made a great upgrade on McCarthy.
Who was the last ‘wow’ signing we made - Ings?

3.) 25 Jun 2022
25 Jun 2022 18:27:19
@Millertime were you ‘wow’ed when we signed J-Rod? Or Clyne? Or Bertrand? Mane? Tadic? Pelle? Kyle Walker-Peters? Livramento?
The best signings we’ve made since we returned to the prem (and even before that) have been moaned about because we’ve not gone for more established names
Give them a chance

4.) 29 Jun 2022
29 Jun 2022 10:29:13
My point is, with the squad we have, we have the look and fee of a championship side. Honestly, how many of our players would get into any other PL team - 2 maybe 3?
We need an injection of quality - especially in attack. Who are you relying on to get 10 plus goals? It can’t all be done by the right boot of JWP.
It’s all very well saying give them a chance but the reality is either the team selection isn’t right, or the players as a collective aren’t good enough at the top level or a bit of both.
Personally I blame a lot on Ralph, lovely guy that he is. But there’s a complete lack of confidence as players are constantly rotated.
I would take 17th spot now - in fact, I would bite your arm off to stay up. I hear comments about it would be best for us to go down, regroup and come back stronger. Really?