07 Apr 2023 21:48:01
What do we think will happen with Tella next season? On the brink of leading Burnley to promotion with us going the other way - he could be pivotal to a potential promotion push, but would he be happy having done all of the hard work to still end up in the championship?

Burnley would probably be happy to pay £15m for him I'd think, just wonder whether it would be worth keeping him instead of taking the money and blowing it all on a load of crap.

1.) 08 Apr 2023
08 Apr 2023 09:20:07
Tella should only be sold for 20mil+, will smallbone doing well on loan we already have championship level strikers, take the money for jwp etc and build from there with these players we should be able to score our way out of the division

2.) 08 Apr 2023
08 Apr 2023 19:44:16
Somehow still think scoring will be an issue for us! The squad is ok, needs to be hardened - we will almost certainly lose JWP, Salisu, KWP, Lavia, and maybe a couple of the recent signings we’ve made who want a quick get out - and need a steely midfield and some players who can improve us and take us back up.

I don’t think we will be anywhere near the top two of the championship this time in a year, and don’t think we can conquer the play-offs, but maybe I’m just not used to us winning games!

3.) 08 Apr 2023
08 Apr 2023 20:49:55
As for recent signings .they were sat next to me in an ocean village restaurant this week, and openly discussing with his wife that Spain was where he wanted to go, as in next option WHEN he leaves ., so I’m guessing he had a relegation clause added. Perhaps the Ed’s could confirm that such clauses are allowed
Happy to provide receipt of meal time and location if not believed!

{Ed002's Note - They are allowed but very rare and typically only apply to wages.}

4.) 09 Apr 2023
08 Apr 2023 22:58:44
Thank you Ed .
I was quite amazed how he and his wife were openly discussing his next move.